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  1. NOMINATION THREAD: The Glenn "Chico" Resch Award

    Pepperkorn all the way.
  2. Devils do not make qualifying offer to Salmela

    I will never forget Salmela scoring that OT winner on Montoya. His play is way too inconsistent for my liking.
  3. Hello all

    Welcome! It is always interesting to see new members from outside of NJ (like myself).
  4. RUMOR: Doughty Re-ups in LA

    Great signing by the Kings. Doughty is just about to mature and thrive and five years works for both him and the team.
  5. 10 Most Awkward 2011 Draft Photos

    A wrestling reference and nothing from Crasher?
  6. Kevin Bieksa Re-signs w/VAN

    A good signing for Vancouver. Bieksa is a character guy.
  7. TB signs Bruno Gervais

    I won't miss Howie Rose yapping about how great Gervais is.
  8. Craig Ramsay on radar if Winnipeg passes.

    I think Ramsay will be looking for work. The word here in Winnipeg is that Mike Haviland has an interview with TNSE tomorrow and is the likely new coach. He has a good friendship with GM Kevin Cheveldayoff.
  9. Volchenkov Appreciation Post

    His mom has a tattoo that reads "SON".
  10. Congrats to Boston, 2011 Stanley cup winners

    Agreed....we really can't ask for me ......other than a game 7 to happen....let's hope so as it shortens the amount of time we have with no hockey before the draft happens.
  11. TG Rumor: Madden to the Rangers?

    I couldn't agree more.....the dog has lost a few steps since he left the Devils.
  12. Devils early winners in free agency frenzy

    Thank you!
  13. Johan Hedberg to Devils

  14. Lou trying to Resign Mottau

    No, that's not funny!
  15. Trade Thought

    Well put. Well, everything until the Beauchimin crack!