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  1. Devs1965

    GDT: Devils at Anaheim 12/9 - 8pm MSG+

    Dano the Player vs Dano the announcer, Like 2 different people. Love to see him one day just go off and say what he feels........
  2. Devs1965

    GDT: Devils at Anaheim 12/9 - 8pm MSG+

    I'm so glad I moved and missed this game. After dealing with contractors and incompetence all weekend I would have lost it watching Greene bat one into our own net. Maybe our captain is pissed at Cory or maybe Hynesie should have asked for a replay. Greenes stick was clearly over the cross bar,,,, Oh wait ?? or Wait I got we need to investigate for collusion! . Maybe just maybe Ray will do something. Something's got to give....... LGD!!!!!
  3. Devs1965

    Fire Hynes

    I agree and maybe its my anger at the whole situation, But I also feel he has been a little complacent, I realize that FA was not a way to go this year. I would really like to see him hold his coaches a little more accountable. At this point bring up some youth and play them. I guess it would just be nice to see some accountability. Oh and please for christ sake can we practice more winning face offs...
  4. Devs1965

    Fire Hynes

    I always try to get up and excited for each game that maybe just maybe we are going to turn a corner. Last night was no different but by the time Cory went in and let in his first shot I realized I have lost that we will win the next one feeling. Not sure what the mood in that locker room must be, but it sure feels like they no longer believe they can win against teams like Tampa. Offensively we have lost more than a step from last year which is scary, Defensively, well its a Nightmare. ( I do like the way Yakovlev is playing ). Special teams is a mess and goaltending has officially hit rock bottom. I think Cory would have problems stopping a beach ball and kinky is so inconsistent. We went from a team that was rebuilding with promise and fun to watch to a team with no identity that's weak and it starts with the GM to the coach they have lost the players and the team. Time for some new blood as GM and Coach, But who? Do you go with a rookie say like Marty Who has been a GM in training for a while now. Maybe a coach like Scott Stevens who could preach toughness and would Never let the players quit. I don't know. But after last nights Sh!t show Its obvious the players are quitting on this team and the coach. My rant is over thank you for listening..
  5. Devs1965

    Schneider: done or finished?

    Done deal, and we throw in a bottle of Jack for future considerations!!!
  6. Devs1965

    Schneider: done or finished?

    A couple of shots of Jack and I think we could also get Larsson as a bonus, Schneider for McDavid and Larsson!
  7. Devs1965

    Schneider: done or finished?

    Still think that's how we got Hall!!
  8. Devs1965

    Schneider: done or finished?

    Maybe he would waive it for the right team and a fresh start, better than riding the bench or even being waived and sent down. But I still think it would be miracle to find a trade partner at this stage and we would have to retain salary.
  9. Devs1965

    Schneider: done or finished?

    Not sure we could trade him at this point, unless we retain $$...
  10. Devs1965

    Schneider: done or finished?

    While my opinion is just that. After watching Cory of Late and video of Cory in prime, There is a difference in his quickness on getting his pads down and positioning on the puck carrier. I noticed he seems to be playing further back instead of challenging the play. One thing he was always sound on was his positioning. whether he is done or finished I think he needs time to figure this out, something we don't have because our defensive play can not bail him out. Sending him to the Bing may help him figure it out and I don't think anyone will grab him off waivers. Whatever happens I only hope the best for him..... Lets go Devils!!!!!
  11. Devs1965

    GDT: Devil's @ Sens 7:30, MSG+

    Turned it off at 5-2, needed to get up early. Cory still has not regained his form, But what stuck out the most to me were those cross crease passes in front of our net and seversons head looked like a bobble doll, yes I agree you could say our forwards need to help out more but our defenseman have break that sh!@ up. It happened multiple times last night. Ottawa had guys planted in front of our net unmolested. That's Unacceptable. Its early but that is all mental aspect of the game. It was obvious we had a few players who were passengers.
  12. Devs1965

    GDT: Devils @ Detroit Red Wings, 7:30PM EST

    Very happy for Cory! Im hoping both Goalies perform well giving Ray a difficult decision come Trade deadline, its a good problem to have. Still not sure exactly what Rooney brings to the team over a few other options in the bing
  13. Devs1965

    GDT: Devils vs. Nashville, 10/25/18,

    No Debbie downer here! Last year we were picked to finish in the bottom of the league, we all know what happened. We far exceeded expectations and for this Devils Fan Last year was fun to watch! So far this year again all experts said we added no top names and our defense was filled with question marks that we would take a step back. What I am seeing is again a team that is noticeably faster and playing beyond expectations a much improved PP and PK , a B/U goaltender playing much better than last year (remember holding my breath on the first shots of the game on Kinky) A defense that does not look as bad as they say we are. We have played up to the competition in almost every game against the top teams in the league. I know its early But This Devils fan is enjoying the hell out of this rebuild. LGD !!!!
  14. Devs1965

    GDT: Devils vs. Nashville, 10/25/18,

    I know! Hockey Withdrawals kicking is full force! 🤪 LGD!!!!!
  15. Devs1965

    The Ilya Kovalchuk Thread

    Please, I would love to see Kovalbaby sign with the Rags for some crazy $$ then get home sick in November!!! Rangers " We are re-building with youth!,,,,, Oh wait Kovalchuk's available? "

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