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  1. Devs1965

    The Ilya Kovalchuk Thread

    Please, I would love to see Kovalbaby sign with the Rags for some crazy $$ then get home sick in November!!! Rangers " We are re-building with youth!,,,,, Oh wait Kovalchuk's available? "
  2. Devs1965

    We made the playoffs because...

    Because Blake Coleman drinks Pickle Juice!!!
  3. Devs1965

    Your New Jersey Devils are going to the playoffs!!!

    Love this! I work dowtown Fort Lauderdale at the Broward County court house with 2 Panther fans ( I think their entire fan base ) This picture along with Clinched is hanging in my office! LGD!!!!!
  4. Devs1965

    GDT: Montreal @ New Jersey 3/6/18 7PM

    #9 Captain Hall ASAP! A captain should lead by example!!!
  5. Devs1965

    GDT - Devils @ Panthers 3/1/18

    Really Excited for tonight's game! Living in South Florida I only get to see them play The Kittens in the Kitty Litter at the most twice a year, This year only once. At least my tickets are 5th row behind the NJ bench.. LGD !!!!!
  6. Devs1965

    GDT - Devils @ Penguins 2/27/18

    Wow,That's awesome. Kinky has a great sense of humor!!!
  7. Devs1965


    Interesting, But if your going to move Grabner to RW I would love to see a line of Wood-Zacha-Grabner just move Bratt to 3rd line. That second line would have some serious wheels!!
  8. I would love to see the speed of Wood / Grabner on the same line!
  9. Devs1965

    GDT: Carolina @ Devils 7:00 PM

    Great game and although Kinky makes me nervous he played well, But OMG was the 4th line bad!! Having Hayes and Stafford on the same line is not what I call a good match, I felt sorry for Coleman he deserves better line mates!!! Hopefully at least Boyle is ready for Saturday, and can we please finally give up on this experiment Hayes he is not worth even riding the bench!
  10. Devs1965

    GDT: Devils @ Philthadelphia Phailures 7:00 PM

    Taylor Hall is a beast who in my mind should be wearing the C. He gives 110% every night!!!!
  11. Devs1965

    GDT - Devils vs Flames 2/8/18

    Ok we need a win to go along with the Rags in free fall! Life would be almost perfect!!! LGD!!!!!
  12. Devs1965

    GDT: Devils @ Senators 2/6/18 7:30PM

    I get it the team is playing well with 8 D but calling up Quenneville so he can sit, instead of playing him in the Bing??????
  13. Devs1965

    Santini down, Quenneville up

    I would think its going to be someone on D. With the Defense all playing well Im not sure who, If I had to guess I would say Muller or Lovejoy but both are playing well.
  14. Devs1965

    GDT: Devils @ Sabres 1/30/18 7PM

    While I agree with you he is playing better than last year who would you sit? Im not a fan of playing 7 D for multiple games. I also believe last year we pushed Lovejoy outside his comfort zone he also could not find a good pairing on D. This year he has settled in well with Butcher. One of the D has to sit and I just can't see it being anyone else even though I can name a few Id like to see. I also feel a trade coming!
  15. Devs1965

    GDT: Devils @ Sabres 1/30/18 7PM

    I agree he should not be called up if there was no spot but playing 7 D there is an open spot on wing just who sits on D? I’d hope it would be Lovejoy. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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