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  1. That's what I saw... Thanks. I think we might see Zetterlund in camp but not so sure about Okhotyuk.
  2. Wasn't Okhotyuk listed as injured? Surprised to see him on the list. Hes 18 and plays a physical game on D. One of the D-men I was hoping to see more of.
  3. I can not see it being about money unless Ray really is low balling him, As someone else mentioned its most likely term, NJ probably does not want to commit to long term contract with his hot/cold play. I would really like to see him play this season he brings a defensive special teams edge that we could use but I wouldn't be to upset if he does a Kovy!
  4. He is a puck moving defense man and a PP specialist playing right side, even if he did not stand us up in free agency for the Rags there is no room on the right for a puck moving D. Only type of defense man we need is physical minded stay at home D-man preferably playing the left side!
  5. Its a Fair contract, I believe it will also gives Butcher time to show what he can do with a better supporting cast. Now on to the Hall watch! oh and Zacha!
  6. Good article about this off-season compared to 91, https://www.nj.com/devils/2019/07/is-this-the-devils-best-offseason-ever-hold-on-1991-would-like-a-word.html The true comparison can only be made with a championship! But excited for this season is a huge understatement!
  7. If Hall does not see this teams major increase of supporting talent then he has already decided to leave NJ and we will cash in with a very nice trade. I just don't see Shero doing a Lou!
  8. Love Chatter that comes true!!!
  9. Wow starter as chatter, Confirmed! Hell Yea! Lets Go Devils
  10. Yeah just looks like a lot of chatter.
  11. Neither do I, saw it first as chatter on Cordells post remarks, on Hockey Buzz.
  12. Is This True??? https://www.capfriendly.com/armchair-gm/team/1359715 Gusev to NJ. Looks Legit!
  13. Definitely not a fan of free agency. Simmonds is not worth 5 mil, Hes a player on the Steep decline. Now where is that trade NHL was talking about!!!
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