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  1. Not sure how this pick was made, Maybe Fitz's relationship in Fla? Just seems like Devils are making me prove my Hardcore fan status... I guess its a wait and see and maybe this works out just seems like there were better choices. Who knows! I just feel most fans will have a very short leash if any leash at all if Ruff does not produce.
  2. They also had Panthers 20 min before that so I expect California team... lol
  3. So I'm assuming Jesper & Jack are Game time decisions? I was hoping for Jack to embarrass the new queen! LGD!!!
  4. Thanks Jag for the post. It is very important to me to hear and see others who not only want to help but also identify with SD. Holidays have always been a very difficult time for me especially my younger years in E. Rutherford. 6 years ago I hit rock bottom and got sober it really felt like I could not live another day. 6 years later I still suffer at this time of year but I also live in a solution today. I also help by volunteering for programs at the Covenant House which has help ease the pain of my younger years. Like Jag said if you need help talk about about it, Now one needs to be alon
  5. Nothing like a couple wins to make you go Taylor who? All kidding aside I wish him the best and he did give us some great hockey especially 2017 but I never felt he was a true Devil or he truly wanted to be here. Really hoping the new effort we are seeing on the ice gives us a better second half of the season. The last 3 games the players just look more focused and into the game. LGD!!!
  6. Doe this mean were not making the playoffs???? j/k All kidding aside, Whether you liked Hall or not it was a trade that needed to be made. Hall needed the change of scenery as much as we did, if there was any chance of him signing long term (which IMHO there was not) it was gone by mid October. Though I do not think he was a cancer I firmly believe the longer this dragged on the more negative effects on the other players there were. His next contract needed to get done, there is a lot of mental masturbation probably going on in his head, what if I get hurt, is this team I'm on any good,
  7. Nas as interim coach? Really? I hope temporary is as in one game! Oh I know hey Ray maybe we can bring back Joe Cirella to play defense!!
  8. Somehow I'm going to watch tonight's game. Its sort of like trying to look away from a train wreck, as much as you want to you can't!
  9. I'm not so sure about that. This coach (or even coaches) have lost the players. Many people have suggested that the coaches system or lack of is causing many players to regress. Last night it was evident that they could not get out of there own way. In the first period the Wild who played back to back seemed to have a game plan and were grinding and playing well, NJ looked stale almost like they were waiting for some direction on how to play. Many player Hall, Subban look as if they are they are trying to do it all on their own and Severson? What was that! Not sure where they go from here but
  10. It should be Hynes first, But everything I hear about Ray is he holds on until off season. My money is on Hall before Christmas, as far as trades go I like Montreal as a trade partner Avs are also loaded with D just not sure what their cap is at. Even the 80's came to an end This can't last forever! Can it?
  11. Sevs and PK, Not sure that's the best pairing? Please Win!!! LGD!!!!
  12. Devs1965

    Fire Hynes

    Agreed Hynes is a problem but I also believe he is only part of the problem. With really no quick fix in sight. The coaches around him are also an issue. Assistants Alain Nasreddine has reallly been a mess, Who replaces him? Many say Scott Stevens but not sure he would even take the job but he would at least demand accountability. Rick Kowalsky, lets face it as much as a popular choice he was, our PP has really sucked with him! Who do you bring in there? Changing just the head coach just does not solve all our issues. I get it its a start but this is a much deeper problem with no quick fix, I
  13. Devs1965

    Fire Hynes

    I have never been a fan of making a change for the sake of a shake up, I am more of a evidence based person ( probably due to my job) and everything is pointing towards this being a coaching problem. I say that very broadly it is more than just the head coach. Our PP has been stagnant for many years now, Our PK was not bad last year has turned upside down with no sign of repair. What is very worrying is when you start to lose the locker room that is I'm afraid when the coach is the one who is most at fault. Are we at that point? Do you blow up the coaching staff? Who is availab
  14. I laughed and cried all in the same post, never did that before! Hoping for some puck control and and please watch the turnovers.. Especially in our end! LGD
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