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  1. Wow, is it really 3 and a half years since I last was here?? well how about that. Haha do you remember me still? Anyway sorry for the record of the biggest bump ever, I just wanted to say Thanks and Ive missed those nights from 2003 chatting until 5am while listening to the game on the internet with an almighty time lag lol. Wish I could still do it. Maybe I will visit again sooner next time
  2. Gionta was great defensivly as well tonight. Very good game. Really happy that I got to watch this game. Thanks for the links.
  3. Don't use it up too soon though ;-)
  4. Mighty Grendel


    I wish I could grow the ultimate playoff beard. The Randy McKay but I can't get the mustache and beard join. Maybe if Ken Klee scores again, Everyone who can't grow one should pen one
  5. Very quick womens final, can't have been much over an hour long. What on earth happened to Davenport's game, 9 games lost in a row?
  6. Oh man, some funny news over at that site. I can't stop laughing at this one, especialy the 3rd paragraph http://www.ananova.com/news/story/sm_12020...irkies.badtaste
  7. gremlins huh. I bet it was the one with the white mohawk. sigh.. I just got 2 hours of sleep and now I have to go to work bye
  8. Hmmm.....an intriging mystery that begs to be solved. Oh Oh was is profesor Plum in the study with the PC
  9. That must be really tough. I'm sending you my super healing powers to help. You'll get though this.
  10. December 13th had a new record of 467 members online. That HAS to be a mistake right??? we've never had anything near that before and 467 members out of about 700 online at the same time sounds ridiculous. Or did I miss something really big happen in the hockey world?
  11. lol Thanks everyone. racking my brain trying to remember the IGOR chant. It went something like IGOR LARIONOV THE AGELESS ONE Oh and I still can't eat a hotdog without remembering the 2003 cup win. I dread to think how many I ate for dinner in all, every night we had a game lol great times. And the Stevens WILL score bet with chicoisgod, which created his sig after Stevens DID Score after like 70 games goaless, and then proceded to score quite a few more before and into the playoffs. That was funny too. Anyway hopefully we can have game chats again soon. I really do miss them.
  12. So sad, My prayers go to her family and friends. Rest in peace Claudia
  13. 0 flies on first try, 40 on second go before I got bored and just let the time run down. Top of the score board is 32767!!!??? How on earth anybody could play long enough to rack up those kind of score is beyond me.
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