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  1. Wow, that logo is just...so... ...underwhelming.
  2. Wow, it's strange to post here again. The Devs slogan: everything old is new again. I figured I would throw my two cents in: I'm very disappointed that they're back. We're losing a very good, very promising team who are proving that you can develop players AND be successful and competitive. That's all I really wanted from the Devils, and they flat out refuse to make it happen. The two ideas are not mutually exclusive. More than half the guys I will cheer on tonight will be full time NHLers within 3 years, and the Hurricanes will be a dominant team. Rowdy is voicing my feelings, only I'm more upset than he is. How often I post back in here depends on if I can stomach watching that team again. They have to make up for a LOT before I can fully cheer for them again.
  3. I'm starting to think Lowell is a cursed place for the Rats! This year it was the accident, last year the entire team caught the "flu" after a game in Lowell and could barely get a team together for the next game! The player with the 60 stitches is Nicolas Blanchard, who is remaining in the hospital for at least one more day. He apparently was sitting right where the bus landed on the guardrail. I've met Nick Blanchard and he is one of the sweetest people you could ever meet, so him especially being banged up so badly is really making me sad Casey Borer, Jonathan Paiement, Joe Jensen and John Hennessey were released from the hospital today. Borer is done for the year with a broken bone in his neck/shoulder area, and Paiement (facial injuries) and Jensen (concussion) should be back in 7-10 days. John Hennessey had a concussion and other facial injuries. Check out Phil Janack's blog for more info (link in Shtikl's post), and the Times Union has a big section on the crash. Some of the players met with the media today to give their reactions, and some of them still looked shocked (links to some vids below). Sunday's game vs. WBS has been postponed and will be played March 16. Unfortunately, the next game they will play is the first of a 3 game road trip, to Bridgeport, then WBS on Friday and Syracuse on Saturday before finally returning home on Sunday. The only good thing is that they don't (I believe) take the Mass Pike for that trip. WTEN Albany WRGB Albany 1 WRGB Albany 2 WXXA Albany Capital News 9 "Hockey Spoken Here" - hockey blog on TU.com (Big thanks to sandpiper214 on the Carolina Hurricanes forum for posting the majority of the links there!)
  4. Like Rowdy said, I was there. It was getting comical after the 3rd OT. When it hit 12:00, my friend and I were going around telling people that they had a game tomorrow, and they were looking at us like we were nuts At that point though, anything was funny to us! It really was cool to see history being made. I just wish the Rats could have been on the winning side of it. Another unofficial record was set that night too: Mark Cavosie is the only player in AHL history to play in 2 4+ OT games (he was with Houston in 2003 for the previous longest game). There is a picture of the scoreboard at the end of the game on the AHL's site. We were wondering what would happen if the shot clock hit 100. Now we know! Other than the outcome, the other thing that sucked was that they closed the concessions stands at 9:00!!!! Everyone in the arena was freezing (they've had the A/C CRANKED in there since the regular season) and all everyone wanted was a cup of coffee! We kept looking at the scratched Rats eating and drinking and getting very jealous! Here's a link to the TU's Rats section. Plenty of articles about the game on there: http://timesunion.com/sports/teams/riverrats/recent.asp
  5. I was actually just there today. My father and I know a guy who knows a guy who has seats in the clubhouse and sells off the seats for the days he won't use. I actually prefer sitting on the benches in front but it's nice to have the seats inside. Anyway, I thought the only tickets I was going to cash in were the ones where the horse threw the jockey right at the beginning, and they decided to give everyone a refund who bet on that horse. But then in the last race we stayed for, I hit the trifecta (first, second and third for those unfamiliar with the ponies) and a win bet for $55! I was thrilled! I'm definitely going back up at some point this year!
  6. I would say that Gionta lost that fight. Not too many punches thrown, but the Rats player, Pat Dwyer, wound up on top. The Rats aren't completely out of it yet, they're only 1 point behind Bridgeport, even though they have a game in hand. They will be out of it if they keep playing like they did last night. If Lowell makes it, congratulations to them, they did something they weren't even close to doing in 6 years in Albany (funny how that happened). But Lowell is in the other conference, so from the Rats POV, who cares? I'll care if we meet them in the Conference finals. ThreeStars, just remember tonight is a 5:00 game
  7. Hey, for your information Mr. Crasher, we're closer to the playoffs than we've been in the past 7 years with the Devils I'm up for Hill St after the game!
  8. The stunt Rowdy pulled mirror the feelings of a lot of River Rat fans. The fact is that the Devils did a pathetic job in supplying the Rats with a competitive team, and so the Albany River Rat fans got fed up with the losing and helped kick the Devils out of Albany. Why on earth would a River Rats fan (as opposed to a Devils fan rooting for the Devils minor league affiliate) turn around and cheer for the players and organization that almost ruined the River Rat franchise? If Frank Doyle was in net instead of Parise, I would have felt a little bad about the spanking we gave Lowell.
  9. I can't believe I forgot Portland. The arena wasn't my favorite, but the city itself more than makes up for it. I usually try to go there at least once every couple of years. Plus it makes a great road trip since there's some other stuff to do in the Maine/New Hampshire area and you pass probably 2 or 3 other AHL cities on the way.
  10. So after the Rats kick Lowell's ass, we'll all go throw back a brew at the Hill St Cafe! As far as the original post, my favorite arena is Springfield. I've never been hassled over there and the arena is updated but still has the "old time" feel to it.
  11. I was at that game and it was one of the best games I've been to in a very long time. It was amazing how the Albany fans and Glens Falls fans came together to cheer on one team in a preseason game. I really hope they get a hockey team back for next season.
  12. Aw, Crasher still loves me Well, he's kissing up to keep getting free Rats tickets from me anyway... Sorry, my heart lies with the River Rats. I'll keep tabs on Lowell, but I think I'm going to start swinging towards the Carolina side (I know, boo, hiss, lol). I still have a lot of players I like in the Devils organization, but all of my new favorites are going to be in Carolina or Colorado.
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