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  1. this completely agree. i also have a lot of respect for Lou and don't like to see him played. Bottom line is Parise did NOT want to play or live in New Jersey. NOT the person you want as Captain and leader of the Devils.
  2. I think this is a great day for the Devils simply because it forces them to move on in an appropriate direction, spending that kind of money and length for Parise would not be smart. As great as Parise is, I don't think the deal makes the Wild contenders, also with all the nonsense of wanting to play with Suter and planning out this endeavor makes me question his maturity.
  3. They were texting like BFF's"throughout the year" planning this... Zach is just a little whipped dog to his pops and girl friend. http://www.startribune.com/sports/wild/161345055.html “Ryan and I had talked throughout the year, at the time you always say to each other, ‘Wouldn’t it be great to have a chance play with each other on the same team?’ " Parise said. "Was it realistic at the time? I don’t know. Different teams have to have the availability. I know how great Ryan is ... to have an opportunity to play with a guy of that caliber is a great opportunity. We kept in touch throughout the whole process. You have to decide what is best for you.” Said Suter: “We were in contact, texting back and forth, asking about different places and differenct situations where we both could work. Probably last night and this morning it became realistic
  4. it sounds to me that Zach was influenced by external factors, his dad, his lady friend, playing with suter... to me these choices show that his leaving may be for the best. The Devils may have dodged a bullet. Especially investing in a player who has already missed a year with the bad knee. I can't help but think he is a bit whipped if you know what i mean... Can't wait to see Kovy with the "K" on his Jersey!
  5. bet he tossed it in a garbage can, either that or he gave it to marty. I would have burned he thing in a campfire.
  6. after 4 years he finally got the PP to be somewhat effective and now he's going to the craps! too bad he did not go to a western conference team.
  7. i would be worried if he did not look over at those giant tits.
  8. have not watched many rangers games and it just occurred to me, i thought the NHL made the Queen's pads illegal. Yet there he is with those refrigerator doors still strapped to his legs.
  9. always will hate the rangers, it's in my DNA. time to pay them back for 1994.
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