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  1. A reflection of 2014!

    So as it's the last day of the year, I thought I would look back and reflect on the year that's been, and some thoughts on the year ahead.

    I can honestly say this year has been a great one. Considering the last few years, I would be amiss in saying it wasn't a good one, and whilst I kept myself very busy I definitely had a great time and hope to expand on this in 2015.

    I crossed a few items off my bucket list:

    - I finally visited Canada which was #1 on my travel desti...

  2. Chargers are their own worst enemy today. What a terrible game so far.

  3. Which is exactly the same situation as John MacLean. There are so many problems within the organisation, the coach was one of the problems. I'm happy to see the firing, it was really needed. Next it's Lou, plus a fire sale to dump players before trade deadline and go in to the draft with a lot of picks, try and sick up on young talent and start moving forward again.
  4. Calgary is starting their backup, Ramo, so hopefully we can still pull out the win, although Ramo is decent enough and we know how the Devils play against a backup. The game starts at 2pm Sunday afternoon my time, will be at the pub watching the game!
  5. This. I was so waiting for the Caps to score and tie it. That would be typical Devils hockey right there and I was so relieved once we won.
  6. Met Colin226. He's now a good mate of mine and I'll be crashing at his house for 2 weeks when I'm back in town next February for 6 home games. Would be cool to meet others off the board too!
  7. Really? I know it's periods, I'm not sure why I typed quarter, but your smart ass response isn't needed.And it's mad not made, see, even you aren't perfect.
  8. At this point I hope we trade Larsson, because there's no way he's sticking around. He's going to be yet another one in our long list of players that have left in UFA.
  9. Watched the game after work last night (timezone difference), and the end of the second period was just horrible. Things that stood out to me throughout the game was Zidlicky's constant turnovers. There was a sequence of plays in the span of 30 seconds where he just turned it over 2 or 3 times in the defensive end. Also, the team has to stop doing blind passes, absolutely not a good idea and cost the team in turnovers. Didn't concentrate on Sal at all so didn't see what he did wrong, Zidlicky stood out to me as being horrible. I won't knock a first game win considering how we started last season, so I'm just glad we walked away with the win, rather than giving up a loss after scoring 3-0.
  10. my guess is they've just done it like that as it's before training camp and that's the number he normally wears, nor have they consulted the Devils about it either. In terms of team philosophy and numbers, we will know once training camp starts.
  11. Sounds like a plan! And yeah. It's starting to get scary how many games I'm getting to these days lol.
  12. I'd still like us to sign Gelinas, not too fussed on Carter. I think going back to old washed up players isn't helping the team. We're one of if not the oldest average team in the league and it's showing.
  13. It's not the first time and won't be the last, that I am sure of!
  14. Simpsons episodes lol. Somehow I think they will just keep churning them out.
  15. Just organised flights for yet another visit! Will be staying in Jersey February 13 to 28, will be going to 6 Devils home games! Will be at the following games: Tue Feb 17, 2015 Sabres Fri Feb 20, 2015 Canucks Sat Feb 21, 2015 Hurricanes Mon Feb 23, 2015 Coyotes Wed Feb 25, 2015 Flames Fri Feb 27, 2015 Bruins Can't wait!
  16. Yeah, this is the second jersey I've received from them, this was the pre-customized Daneyko, so I can't complain. Not used to the CCM material either, feels heavier, but very glad I got it. Half my wardrobe is jerseys lol.
  17. Whilst I am glad to hear that they're pretty good at their work, it wouldn't of worried me in the slightest if it was the modern font and not quite accurate - I guess I'm not a jersey nut like yourself! Haha! Anyways, I ordered it through Sportsk.com - they did the customization work as well. Unfortunately the option for sending it to Exclusive Pro just wasn't on the cards for me and was much easier for them to do the whole lot. But yeah, definitely happy knowing they're pretty good at their job!
  18. So this came in the mail today! Been wanting a white retro for a while, and who better than Mr Devils himself! Will have to get it signed when I'm over next February!
  19. Looks like I'll be making another trip for the 6 game home stand in February. Can't wait 2 weeks of nothing but Devils hockey.
  20. If someone from these forums ever visits Melbourne, Australia, hit me up, we can get drunk and talk hockey!
  21. I forgot about Philly for NHL, and Baltimore for Orioles/Yankees games, means I can visit closer arenas to see my teams, and still make the occasional trip up to NJ for Devils home games. Sounds good Now just to see what happens!
  22. Definitely. When I visited SJ to see the Devils play in 2010, their fans were nothing but nice. Was a nice venue, and even though the Devils lost 5-2, was still a good experience. Then when I visited LA and Anaheim to see the Devils play, the level of arrogance and inhospitable nature was unbelievable. I had a soft spot for LA, but definitely rooting for SJ to go long.
  23. Haha I was just basing it on Google Maps, and in 2012 when I caught a bus from NYC to DC, it was only 4 1/4 hours... Ah well. At least I could spend weekends in Jersey! Better than just watching on TV all the time like I do now
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