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  1. https://torontosun.com/2016/04/14/hockey-is-luckiest-major-north-american-sport-researchers This may not be what sund is getting at, but most of the research points to hockey being the most random of the major sports. I have also seen studies that show that the NHL has the lowest probability of the favored team to win any given game of the major sports.
  2. Stay Safe up there. It's already turning into a Mad House here in Palm Beach County, Publix totally out of water huge gas lines etc. The Euro Model had it coming right at us, Hurricane Center at you all. No one seems to have an idea where it's going. Could be anywhere from Miami to Jacksonville at this rate.
  3. So having a right side line up of Subban, Severson, Vatanen and Carrick. Does Shero dangle Sami for forward or LD help?
  4. If they play in Albany it means they have turned pro and their college career is over. For NCAA guys there is no turning back due to NCAA rules.
  5. It wasn't just a hard hit and in no way was legitimate. That hit was 2 seconds late and a charge, that's a 5 + game every time, and likely a couple games off for him. Jaskin wasnt in the play and certainly wasn't eligible to be hit there. It was reckless and dumb. You want to forecheck hard go ahead, finish the check on someone you have engaged fine, this hit was a stupid idea and decision by Farnham. Change the timing and the circumstances of the game/play and you get away with it being a charge. But you cant, we add them all together and you have a bad hit.
  6. The issue is yea, it may get you back into the playoff discussion, and once your in anything can happen. But that team still has serious flaws with Kessel that make it a longshot at really contending. The sort of structural flaws that are going to dictate a full tear down of the offensive group to fix. So why throw good assets after Kessel when the upside is playoffs, not a cup, and the end game is quite similar to the position they are in now. Only the young defense is a couple years older, and further out of sync age wise with where the forwards should/could be without trading for Kessel.
  7. From the Sunrise area, it is a lot easier to get to downtown Ft. Lauderdale than it is Miami or South Beach. Try to his up Las Olas Blvd for some night life and a bunch of good restaurants. Rock Burger by the science museum is a favorite for something casual and delicious.
  8. Atlanta Spirit Group owned the Hawks, Thrashers, and the Phillips Arena. Word around Atlanta was what they really wanted was 41 more open arena dates that were not tied to losing money on the Thrashers. So no matter what alternative local ownership group may have come around, they were not going to make it easy to keep the team in the building.
  9. While the ECAC isnt full of traditional powerhouse teams like some of the other conferences, and is full of Ivy League schools dont let that lull you into thinking its a weak conference. Union and Yale are the last two national champions, Quinnipac, Colgate, and Cornell are solid programs. The top ECAC teams are as good as anyone in the country, and all the NCAA conferences have their bottom feeders. The league is also traditionally very defensive as the schools havent always been able to bring in top flight offensive recruits. Harvard also plays a strong out of conference schedule with a
  10. There have been two great takes on this over the years. http://www.downgoesbrown.com/2009/11/nhl-suspensions.html?m=1 And http://www.nhlwheelofjustice.com There's no rhyme or reason in most of these decisions. However in the carter Ashton case his penalty is dictated by the CBA.
  11. I was only addressing the forwards in that. The defense has been a better story, but thats come down to drafting mostly. The homegrown guys haven't had to spend full years down there.
  12. Looking at drafting, there is still a baffling affinity to marginally talented large forwards that play a north/south game that get picked to high on the hope that unforeseen offense develops. They have historically come from NCAA programs or the USNTDP, but lately have gone to chl leagues for them as well. Then you have the drafting of nobodies like a Mauro Yorg or Derek Rodwell type. But those happen so late as one cant totally complain, though i would bet there were overagers or others out there that could at least play in the AHL. Other than this past years draft disaster, the three
  13. It is only for his negotiating rights until July 1st, he is not signed for next year.
  14. Absolutely shocking. To think that the most secretive organization in the league does contract negotiations behind closed doors, all the while towing the company line in public. Never saw this coming...... Come on, anyone who did not think that this was the case all along was being delusional.
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