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  1. ok I try mine Clowe - Elias - Ryder Henrique - Zajac - Jagr Olesz - Loktionov - Zubrus Carter - Josefson - Bernier I Think Patty will play at center next season...
  2. hmm jedlička is really good source in my opinion hopefully lou dont overpay and will sign brunner too
  3. hey guys I am from czech republic and that source which is posted above (http://isport.blesk.cz) is not much reliable, but who knows
  4. same here...for the first time I buy nhl gamecenter. it works well, but only one thing is worrying me...and thats blacked out games. please can you help me with VPN? what I have to do for by-passing the blacked out games? Thanks in advance
  5. Dev.iL87

    Plan B: Now What?

    I think in free agency are only three choices left...Semin, Doan and maybe Huselius. I am not a big fan of Semin but he is pretty good player. Bad thing about him is that his cap hit will be huge (even after bad season I think it will be around 6,5 million). Doan for right price is good choice for few years and Huselius could be available for cheap, but he played in only 41 games in last 2 seasons. Anyway In Lou I trust
  6. yes it is really shame that he won this only twice...but he had bad luck that he had to compete against Jágr and that was really tough and when he had a chance then someone other had best season in career...lang in 03-04 for example
  7. :-D:-D he is 40 actually and this year he had debut on world championship in czech jersey
  8. Yesterday, for second time in his career (last time in 09), Patrik Elias won Czech Golden Hockey Stick award. Patty beat second Jágr by 185 points! If someone is interested here is top ten ranking: 1. Patrik Eliáš (New Jersey) 594 b. 2. Jaromír Jágr (Philadelphia) 409 3. Milan Michálek (Ottawa) 407 4. Radim Vrbata (Phoenix) 358 5. Petr Nedvěd (Liberec) 336 6. Roman Červenka (Omsk) 322 7. Jakub Voráček (Philadelphia) 310 8. Martin Erat (Nashville) 303 9. Tomáš Plekanec (Montreal) 279 10. Ondřej Pavelec (Winnipeg) 202 Congrats Patty
  9. UNBELIEVABLE!!! this is really sweet... revenge for 94 - job done omg I love it...STANLEY CUP FINALS guys! STANLEY CUP FINALS!!! LGD!
  10. you might want to change your avatar if you can, there is a board superstition of showing the silver shiny thing being hoisted during the postseason, please, thank you.LGD1

  11. FINISH THEM! btw. today I found this fantastic video which I must post here, its really great: GO DEVILS
  12. What a beautiful morning after great game...I still cant stop thinking about it, because it was really great effort by all guys, no errors and tactically well executed 3rd period. Absolutelly fantastic, dominant victory Oh and from what I saw at stream the atmosphere at the rock was awesome guys!
  13. hell yeah!!! absolutely fantastic game...zubie played great again! but all guys played great...I am so happy right now happy birthday Marty! lets gooo deviiiiiiiiils!!!
  14. YES it's finally here...Devils playoff hockey! I'm so excited Go get 'em boys. GO DEVILS
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