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  1. Not sure very many people will agree with me but still a proponent of trying to re-sign Mojo. Ray really needs to find out if he'd be willing to stay because we need more of him rather than the opposite. The Mojo we've been seeing the past ten games or so is the Mojo you get when you put him with actual skilled linemates and in situations to succeed. If we're still toast at the deadline (we probably will be given the goaltending situation), move Boyle, Greene, and Lovejoy to recoup some picks... not going to net you anything spectacular but it'll get something. I really believe in Mojo's capabilities... specifically if Bratt continues to develop nicely and if we were to have a competent 2C. (Zacha did have a nice game though) Regardless, fvcking mad I had to be at work for this (and my tickets didn't sell - awesome!) because that was a fun comeback.
  2. Steven M.

    GDT: Lightning @ Devils 7PM

    yes on all accounts. I spent the past few down years being a Cory apologist (still think that was fair given that he was the only reason to watch this sh!tty team for like three years) but he's done and Kinkaid with each passing game is reminding me why I posted on here that I "never want to see Kinkaid play another game in a Devils jersey" before he went on that insane run to help us squeak into the playoffs. I had to work tonight, so I put my tickets up. Front row on the balcony, great seats. Put them up for $15 a seat. Didn't sell. Yet it still felt better to be at work then to be stuck there watching that dumpster fire live. My buddy and I decided we weren't going to renew over the summer due to upcoming monetary commitments in life that need attention elsewhere... decision is getting easier by the game. I love going to the Rock and all the people in my section immediately by my seats but this season has been horrendous. I'd also love to know when Miles Wood is going to be fvcking scratched for a night. Smashes into the boards at 90 MPH before their first pathetic goal that practically any goaltender in the league would've stopped completely taking himself out of the play. Takes the obligatory Miles Wood penalty that he takes every single fvcking game. Creates seemingly zero offense anymore -- when's the last time he even got sprung for a breakaway? When's the last time he even beat out an icing? Tired of watching him play like sh!t and never be held accountable. Obviously, a lot of guys fit that description but man... tough season for him.
  3. Steven M.

    GDT: Devils @ Panthers - 11/26/18, 7:00pm

    https://twitter.com/cmasisak22/status/1067252100248285190 https://twitter.com/cmasisak22/status/1067252874038661120 look, the devils suck, but 3v3 hockey is a joke lmao. so blatant and the refs just sit there with the whistles tucked firmly up their ass. whatever
  4. Steven M.

    Adam Larsson traded to EDM for Taylor Hall

    Made this sh!tty MS Paint picture last night that I feel like is appropriate since we're all (rightfully) sh!tposting about Hall
  5. Steven M.

    Taylor Hall is the 2017-18 NHL MVP!

    what a great night for the entire NJ Devils organization. Stoked for the rest of the offseason.
  6. Steven M.

    2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs Thread

    If this was any other team than the Caps, we'd all have no issue saying this series is over. I am still blown away that this Vegas roster made it to the Cup Final. Now that MAF has came back down to earth, they are done.
  7. Steven M.

    2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs Thread

    I walked out of that game because it pissed me off to no end that we just basically let it happen, proceeded to get pummeled down like 4-0 or 4-1 or something and then 40 minutes later pointless Luke Gazdic, who never belonged on this roster (ever), finally goes to fight him and everyone starts cheering... I was like fvck this sh!t.
  8. Steven M.

    Andrew Gross leaving beat?

    Chris Ryan is leagues above douche Rich Chere though. I was impressed when he got Mojo to offer up some candid thoughts on the rat's hit on him. Amanda is awesome. The girl that took over for AG, I was willing to give her a chance but I found myself going to north jersey dot com effectively never because she rarely posts a story and it's always a day late and dollar short.
  9. Steven M.

    2018 Offseason Thread

  10. Steven M.

    2018 Offseason Thread

    Yeah, it was a montage of Devils and Sixers stuff. The person that posted it is followed by Amanda Stein and other photographers / etc. that work with the Devils. Also Sarah Baicker, who has left the Devils but was responsible for 82 game odyssey as well as the all access podcast was commenting on that video in question. I saw it before it was deleted, she was complimenting some cameo in the video by some other employee. It is more than likely 100% legit. Probably a situation like in LA or SJ where Dustin Brown gave up the C to Kopitar or Jumbo gave up the C for Pavelski. Doesn't need to be a disrespectful thing, passing the torch over the offseason is the right thing to do IMO.
  11. Steven M.

    Devils Report Card

    Not to mention literally every player on the team has cited how incredibly selfless and supportive he is.
  12. Steven M.

    Taylor Hall is the 2017-18 NHL MVP!

  13. A move with the best intentions and a seemingly much better fit than Maroon ended up being the opposite. Dude just couldn't get anything going, and when he's not scoring goals, he's doing nothing essentially. It's too bad. Thought it was a good move at the time.
  14. Steven M.

    GDT: Devils @ Tampa Game 5 4/21/2018 3:00 PM NBC, NBCSN

    All I have to say is thank you Devils for making my favorite sport fun again. Thanks for all the unforgettable memories. I will forever hold this season in high regard. What a ride. Here's to taking more steps forward next year after this year's gigantic leap.
  15. Steven M.

    GDT: Devils @ Tampa Game 5 4/21/2018 3:00 PM NBC, NBCSN

    I'm not ready for this awesome season to end. Going to the Rock and watching on the jumbotron because why not soak up every minute of our team being in the playoffs? Devils win 3-2, Hall with another goal, Severson with a goal to redeem that garbo play on Kucherov's goal, and Mojo with the GWG. Hall with 3 PTS... again. Not going to wax poetic on the season yet because the season is not yet over... but I just want to say I am proud of this team no matter what happens. Bring it back to Jersey! Let's go!

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