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  1. Steven M.

    Race To The Bottom II - 2018-19 Edition

    not hanging my hat on anything, merely correcting him that McLeod was not drafted in the same year as Dahlin, etc. Ty Smith was. I am of the opinion that McLeod will never be more than a 3rd liner at best. Hopefully, the Boqvist pick will make up for that but if not the Bratt pick is certainly something we can hang our hats on. Regardless, I agree with hoping for losses. I can't bring myself to root against Cory getting right, but he's not going to win every game he plays in regardless of whether I root for it or not so... Objectively, last night was a pretty good result for the Devils. Johansson and Bratt put on a show, Kinkaid continued commanding the tank, and the following happened elsewhere: AZ won, pushing them to 5 points ahead of the Devils, and also allowed EDM to take them to OT with a goal in the last 11 seconds so they're now tied with us at 54 points, but have played one less games (and still may potentially add at the deadline, which would be hilarious) ANA won, now 3 pts above NJD FLA won, now 6 pts above NJD NYR won, now 6 pts above NJD Other than maybe EDM winning that 3 point game I don't think it could have went any better. Tonight, we have two important games, CHI (59 PTS) @ DET (54 PTS) and WPG @ COL (59 PTS). The other two games on the schedule. So let's go Red Wings in OT and Go Avs... Thursday is a massive game for the tank... Ottawa coming in to town. I'm not going to be too upset if we win that game though, it seems virtually impossible that Ottawa would pass us, they're 5 PTS back, have already shut down Duchene, and will be moving Stone as well. They're pretty much locked into 31st in my eyes.
  2. Steven M.

    Race To The Bottom II - 2018-19 Edition

    I agree with your sentiment of wanting to get the best pick possible, but we got Ty Smith last year. McLeod was after the like 84 point season or whatever, Hynes' first year.
  3. Steven M.

    Devils 2018-2019 news and notes thread

    that burn and subsequent sh!t-posting about him has occurred like five different times since his trade here. it always resurfaces. which is fine cause it's hilarious, but I always laugh at the people on there who think they're special because they have stories of him being a douchebag. So you're telling me that a kid that was one of the best players in the world at something he does, who went #1 overall in the NHL draft, that got sent to a city where objectively (note: I have never been to Edmonton) one of the only 'cool' things to do as a 21 year old is go out and get hammered... was a douchebag? wow, what a shock. it's also completely mindblowing that he didn't want to engage with every single fan that wanted to harass him at the bar / club not everyone is going to be nico hischier at the age of 18... the dude went to a town where there was probably nothing to do but go out 24/7 and he had an ego that was propped up by being one of the best of the best in a media environment that treats hockey players like the US treats music artists / movie stars etc. of course he had a big ego. so he's come here and grown up. great! that's what everyone does. they do stupid sh!t when they're kids and they learn and mature. (this isn't directed at you... just don't feel like responding to the neckbeards on reddit that think they're special for having seen him out drinking once)
  4. Steven M.

    GDT: Devils @ Minnesota 8:30 PM MSG+

    Yep. I love Cory, a lot... have been a huge defender of his until this season where I have been pretty much just conceding that he may be finished as a top quality goaltender (which is still possibly... probably? true) and man was I happy for him last night but at the same time... a conversation I definitely had with my brother who is going to the game with me Sunday. (score 4-3 Wild) ME: Okay, this is kinda perfect now because Cory has come in and looked good, we fought back, but hopefully the game ends with the score this way. HIM: Why? I want him to get a win already. ME: because at this point the L is still on Kinkaid's record, and Schneider will obviously start Sunday so I don't know if I can endorse this team winning two in a row... I'd be fine with the game ending the way it has with him feeling good about his performance and us hopefully pulling out a victory at home. then Lovejoy scored and I threw that all out the window hoping for a W. but now I feel torn about wanting to see them win tomorrow in person... maybe we can get some favorable results today and feel less sh!tty if he picks up another W, lol.
  5. Steven M.

    You'll never win with Schneider

    Close the thread boys, our work is finished here
  6. Steven M.

    GDT: Devils at Chicago 8:30 2/14

    I am not excited about it, but it's just a light at the end of the tunnel. These games are miserable and I feel like an idiot for even watching them because it's the same sh!t every night. Regardless, I doubt we come in 31st anyway. Ottawa has a massive head start on it and will only be worse when they trade Stone and Duchene. I just want us to have the best chance at picking in the top five. The "#RELENTLESS" year where they were semi-competent landed us Michael McLeod. The bottoming out of 2016-17 landed us Nico Hischier. If we're going to suck, then let's suck all the way. fvck it.
  7. Steven M.

    GDT: Devils at Chicago 8:30 2/14

    Except that isn't true. I wish it was, but we need a lot to fall into place. Unmentioned in my post was the fact that Detroit winning was at the expense of Ottawa who is still three points behind us, unfortunately I think we will fall somewhere in the bottom five for sure. Nights like this are especially helpful considering Chicago was so close to us. Just keep piling up these L's, who fvcking cares at this point.
  8. Steven M.

    GDT: Devils at Chicago 8:30 2/14

    Huge game for the tank. Chicago now 7pts clear, Colorado won, 7pts clear, Florida won: 6pts clear, Detroit won, 3pts clear of us. LAK tied right now.
  9. Steven M.

    GDT: Devils at St. Louis at 8pm 2/12 - MSG+

  10. Steven M.

    GDT: Carolina at Devils at 3pm 2/10 - MSG

    He hasn't really missed much time this year, was never an injury liability in Washington, and last year went head first into the boards followed by a flying elbow from Marchand. It's not like we're talking about Ryane Clowe in the last few years of his career. I do acknowledge that we will more than likely trade him, and the team receiving him would more than likely overpay. If we got a first of any sort I'd have to be happy. I'll miss him being a Devil though and always be a bit pissed off about how we squandered having him. Yeah, I understand he's not exactly Zach Parise who's going to grind it out and win those board battles or foot races every time, but his creativity and vision make him basically a poor man's Nicklas Backstrom. The difference being in Washington he had Evgeny Kuznetsov being on the receiving end of his dishes, here he has had Pavel Zacha or a Jesper Bratt that is still finding his way. Even just seeing his chemistry now with Bratt as he develops into a better player has been awesome to watch... That third goal last night is probably the best one of the season aside from the two on none where Vatanen stopped it on the doorstep and Palmieri / Hall went the other way. Hopefully it resolves one way or the other soon.
  11. Steven M.

    GDT: Carolina at Devils at 3pm 2/10 - MSG

    Marcus Johansson is more valuable to this team being on the roster than whatever he will fetch in the trade market. Just extend him while his value is perceived to be lower, and surround him with more talent, profit.
  12. Steven M.

    GDT: Wild at Devils, 9 Feb @ 1p

    I mean that would probably be poetic justice after us, Philly, and Dallas ripped them out of a top 3 pick when they had statistically one of the worst years in the past like 30 years or so but yeah, I don't want that to happen, obviously
  13. Steven M.

    GDT: Wild at Devils, 9 Feb @ 1p

    Yeah, I mean there's no point in defending him at this rate but I must have been watching a different game if the Devils had "life" at any point. They all suck equally and it's terrible to watch. I guess in the long run it was an important loss, Ottawa up big right now and LAK in a SO.
  14. Steven M.

    GDT: Wild at Devils, 9 Feb @ 1p

    I mean... Cory gave up 1 softie, and yes, the goaltending has been atrocious all year long, but what happened in tonight's game that would lead us to think "welp, wish we had better goaltending" in this specific game? the most threatening line all night was brett seney - kevin rooney - kurtis gabriel. just yet another putrid offensive performance sans like two shifts from hischier and bratt. two straight games where the entire offense is a no show.
  15. Steven M.

    GDT: Wild at Devils, 9 Feb @ 1p

    Minnesota is basically getting away with murder all game, just injuring all of our forwards, dumpster fire sieve Dubnyk throwing punches at Hischier... no response. Good thing we have noted enforcers Kurtis Gabriel and Eric Gryba in the lineup! They're really taking care of our guys.

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