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  1. He said there are more than 20 autographs, so I’m guessing its the entire team. But I don’t know what kind of jersey it is. And certainly they don’t. He’s a casual fan at best, and I don’t think she’s a fan at all. She just bought a raffle ticket or something to support whatever the cause was. Thanks for the info.
  2. A friend's wife just won a jersey signed by the 1995 team. Any idea what that's worth? Just a ballpark figure. They're not looking to sell it; just curious about it's value.
  3. I've been using FuboTV for Devils games all season. It's pretty good. There's occasional pixelization and/or stuttering during most games, but generally not enough to hurt my ability to enjoy the games. (And really, MSG has issues of their own often enough, so I don't always know for sure if the problem is Fubo itself, or my internet connection, or MSG's feed.) The only thing I don't like is that their DVR doesn't allow me to watch the recording before the game is over. So I mostly watch live and suffer through the commercials.
  4. I feel pretty sure I've shared this before, but years ago my wife and I were at the airport coming back from Christmas in NC (where our families are). The Devils had played the Hurricanes in Raleigh the night before, and we happened to be on the same flight as Chico and one of the TV production guys. I believe Chico would have been perfectly happy to sit there at the gate all day long talking to us. So incredibly nice. Several years later I happened to run into him in "Championship Plaza" before a game. We spoke a bit, and I mentioned having seen him at the airport. Suddenly a look of recognition came across his face and he said "Oh yeah! I remember that. And how's your wife?" Now, of course, he could have been faking it just to be nice, but the fact that he asked me about my wife makes me think he really did remember. I was pretty impressed. I can't imagine how many fans he must have talked to between those two encounters....
  5. Looking forward to having him back.
  6. Due to circumstances beyond our control we had to give up our season tickets this year, so I feel relatively confident this will be a Cup season. If so, you guys can thank my wife and me.
  7. Well, as a 6-year season ticket holder I don't think I qualify as "casual." But I will cop to not having much of an eye for (or interest in) fashion.
  8. Man, you guys are a tough crowd. I didn't see the game the other night, but I watched some of the highlights. If I hadn't already known about the change, I'm not 100% sure I would have even noticed.
  9. Nevermind. Further reading tells me it is not compatible with AirPlay, so I'm no longer interested. Sorry to waste everyone's time, but I can't find a way to delete the thread. At least, not from my phone.
  10. Wondering that the quality is like? And I read somewhere that it doesn't allow Airplay. Is that true?
  11. Just to be clear, my comment about her looks was in response to Satans Hockey's post, not yours. As you say, all I really care about is how she does her job, and I think she's fine at it. I'd agree she's nothing to home about, but she gets it done well enough.
  12. Ah, well, OK. I don't really see her that way, I guess. I think more in terms of how she compares to the other on-air hockey personalities in the area. Just one man's opinion, of course, but I think she fairs pretty well in that company. I guess I don't care so much what she looks like.
  13. What's the problem with Deb? (Not trying to be argumentative; legit question.) I think she does a pretty good job.
  14. Could be. My Ticketmaster login from within the Devils Account Manager is different from my regular Ticketmaster login, and for whatever reason the Ticketmaster app won't recognize it.
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