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  1. Well, for one thing, outside of hockey season, with VERY few exceptions, there's no longer anything on broadcast or cable TV that I want to watch. And the few exceptions eventually come to one of the streaming services I subscribe to, anyway. Secondly, when I cut the cord in 2017, my monthly Verizon FiOS bill was over $225. At that time, cutting the cord saved me $115/month. Six years later, with T-Mobile Home Internet, and taking advantage of deals, bundles, and/or paying annually rather than monthly, I'm subscribed to practically every major streaming service, and my price is still hovering around the same level. And during hockey season, when I have to subscribe to Fubo --or MSG, if it works this season-- I can choose to pause or drop other subscriptions to alleviate the cost. And conversely, outside of hockey season, I don't have to continue to pay for MSG when I'm not watching. I'm not a streaming evangelist. If you want access to live, linear TV 24/7, you probably should stick with cable. I think the best you can do with YouTubeTV or whatever would be to more or less break even. I just don't happen to be interested in that (live TV).
  2. We've used Fubo for Devils games since cutting the cord in 2017. In the first couple years, about the highest praise I could give it was to say it was acceptable. But over the years, it's been getting better and better. I would say now it's as good as the MSG channels were on cable. Of course it's also gotten quite a bit more expensive, so it should be good now. I'm planning to try the MSG app when the season starts, just because of pricing, but if it doesn't work for me for any reason, I'll be going back to Fubo again. It's obviously a lot of money for what it is, but it's roughly a third the cost of Fubo, so if it works well I'll be all over it.
  3. Jack Drury is the guy trying to shield himself.
  4. My wife and I grew up in NC (long before the Hurricanes were there), and both our entire families are there. Their excitement and enthusiasm during the 'Canes run to the Cup in '06 is what got my wife interested in hockey in the first place, for which I am forever indebted to them. Anyway, they all pull for the Devils any time we're not playing against each other, so we return the favor.
  5. Except for the fact that I never once thought the 'Canes would be easier to beat than the Rangers, I could have written this myself. Of course I hate watching them get stomped, and of course I hope they can fight their way back into this series, and I'd dearly LOVE to see them win it. But they've already far exceeded any expectations I might have had coming into this season. Just the fact that they made it into the postseason was plenty awesome; anything beyond beating the Rangers is totally cake to me.
  6. I'm amazed at how much my opinion of PK changed when he came to the Devils. I love the guy now. For whatever reason, or maybe for no reason at all, I always perceived him as an arrogant pr!ck. One of my best friends in Ottawa, who is a huge Habs fan, always tried to tell me I was wrong about him, and now I see that he was right.
  7. Unfortunately my wife and I have a prior commitment tonight and will not be able to watch the game. However we will be recording it, so please do not wait for us. Kick their @sses, and we will catch up later. LGD!
  8. Hahahaha. Thanks, but I think it’s possible for me to post “whatever the hell” I want and also be considerate of other people’s sensibilities at the same time. It’s all good….
  9. Ok, I remember the word in question. Although I would not interpret it that way, I get your meaning. Will refrain from that in the future. Thanks. I would have said the same thing about my post, too, if I had not gotten called out on it. I apologize to all. Thanks for your explanation and understanding.
  10. I don’t want this to seem argumentative; I’m asking a legitimate question so I can understand. Why is this comment ok, while the question I asked yesterday was not? I’m not superstitious, but I genuinely don’t want to step on the toes of anyone who is. Thanks.
  11. Aha. Ok, thanks. In that case I don't feel so idiotic. I'd have never figured that one out.
  12. I'm pretty sure I'm going to feel like an idiot when I read the answer to this question, but here goes anyway: What is "PWM"? I keep reading it, and from context it's obviously in reference to Kakko, but I'm not making the leap to what the letters stand for.
  13. I got an email this weekend saying my Disney+ renewal price was going up. So then I checked my Hulu pricing, and saw that I'd actually be saving $5/month if I did the Hulu/Disney/ESPN bundle. So tonight will be my first viewing on ESPN+. Still agree, though, that the blackouts are ridiculous. LGD!
  14. My story is kind of long. I grew up in NC during the '60s and '70s (long before the Hurricanes came along). I never saw a hockey game until I went to college and my roommates and I subscribed to cable. One day I happened onto a game on one of the cable channels, and I was completely transfixed. It was the first time a sporting event ever interested me in any way. I didn't know anything about the game at all, but that didn't matter to me in the least. It was fascinating. From that point forward I started looking for games whenever I could find them, but in those days in NC, they were few and far between. Several years after college, my job took me to Lancaster, PA, and suddenly I could see all the Flyers games I could handle, and a lot of Penguins games, too. This was during the days of Lemieux and Yagr. Anyway, I was able to watch much more regularly, and I started learning more about it. But even so, I didn't really have any team loyalty. I just loved the game. In 2003, my job brought me to NJ, and then in 2006 when the Hurricanes were in --and eventually won-- the playoffs, of course my family in NC was pretty wild about it, and my wife caught their enthusiasm. In a big way. At that point I said to her, "listen, if you really like hockey, we live within easy distance of three or four great teams." So the next season we watched every Rangers game and every Devils game, and went to a few as well. For the first couple years we stuck with both teams. Over time, we were gravitating toward the Devils anyway, but when the Rangers hired Sean Avery, who we hated, and then they got Tortorella, who we (especially my wife) don't like, and then they got Avery a second time, we dropped them. Next thing you know we were Devils season ticket holders for 7 years. I guess we still would be, but again I've had to move for my job, and although we're still in Jersey, it's just way too far to drive, especially during the week.
  15. Happy to help. Overall I like Fubo pretty well. The price just keeps inching up. But of course that’s true for most everything.
  16. I'm a FuboTV subscriber (only during hockey season), and just to give the complete picture, there is a $5 "regional sports" fee on top of that. So the total cost of the lowest tier is actually $70. That's pretty steep IMO, but I try to keep in mind what I paid when we lived in the area and had season tickets for 7 seasons. From that perspective it's a bargain. If someone is willing to share, I would be interested in a link to the streams, to compare the quality and ease of operation vs. the Fubo package.
  17. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prevent-getting-sick/how-covid-spreads.html The two most common ways to transmit COVID-19 are through respiratory droplets and airborne transmission. Spending hours together sitting on the bench and sharing the locker room, talking, yelling, laughing, coughing, sneezing, breathing hard, etc. It would practically be a miracle not to spread it under these conditions. I'm as happy as anybody to have some games to watch, but objectively, holding team sporting events -especially indoor sporting events- right now is kinda nutty.
  18. Last year mid-Feb through late March, my wife and I both had what, at the time, we thought was the worst cold we'd ever had. Our friends kept saying they thought we had COVID, and we kept telling them they were crazy. But we both got pink eye, which neither of us ever had before, and our respiratory issues lasted weeks and weeks. Then later I read that pink eye was one of the possible symptoms. So now I kinda think it's very possible that we did have it after all. Anyway, last week I found this about how the NHL COVID Protocol list works. It doesn't answer every question, but it covers the basics.
  19. Couple years ago when I still worked in the city, I was on the train home one evening and a guy across from me had the most impressive combover I've ever seen. His hair was parted on both sides, with the hair combed over from each side and sort of ... I guess "interlaced" is the right word ... on top of his head. So, from either side it looked perfectly normal. And honestly, it looked pretty OK from the front, too; it kinda took awhile to notice that something was not right. Gotta say, I was (and still am) pretty impressed. I can't imagine how long it must take to comb it like that. Pretty sure I wouldn't be able to accomplish it.
  20. Thought I'd pop in to say I just started reading Doc's new book. I'm only about 2 1/2 chapters in, but it's fun so far. It really captures his enthusiasm, and as I read I can almost hear him telling the stories. If you're considering it, I'd say go for it.
  21. I read that donations were pouring in the first couple days, but I have not seen anything in their social media about any specific fundraising effort.
  22. A friend of mine texted me a pic of himself getting lunch at Hobby's today, so they're open for takeout now. Told him best case scenario for opening the dining room is sometime next week. Again, that's best case.... On the topic of what great guys Mark and Michael are: A couple seasons ago I was to meet my wife there for dinner before a game. She drove from home, and I took the train from NY to Newark and walked from the station. It was POURING rain so hard that my umbrella was completely useless. When I got there I was soaked. Mark asked me what size shirt I wear, and gave me a free Hobby's shirt and a plastic bag to put my wet shirt in. Totally above and beyond the call of duty. Great guys, & a great deli.
  23. He said there are more than 20 autographs, so I’m guessing its the entire team. But I don’t know what kind of jersey it is. And certainly they don’t. He’s a casual fan at best, and I don’t think she’s a fan at all. She just bought a raffle ticket or something to support whatever the cause was. Thanks for the info.
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