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  1. I think the GM job is Marty's to lose at this point. Give him a shot and see what he can do. What is there to lose at this point. Marty should have a good building block with Nico and Hughes 1-2 down the middle. I think Marty has the understanding that this organization needs to start developing Dman prospects and go from there. I think the biggest reason Shero got fired is that he had 4+ years to develop quality defenseman and NOT ONE turned up during his time here. Just my cents.
  2. The Devils need to move on from Hall NOW. They could just as easily be in the running for the first overall pick (AGAIN) with or without him. Might as well get something for him now and if it's the top prospect from Colorado, so be it.
  3. njbuff

    Fire Hynes

    This team has been shut out THREE times in 15 games. And offense was supposed to be this teams strength? That in itself is freaking PATHETIC. I have flushed things down the toilet that have been more useful than this pathetic hockey team. They need to shake things up. Either a big trade or firing Hynes. Maybe both.
  4. I think it’s official that this is an awful hockey team and I really don’t know if firing Hynes will do anything. It would be like putting a bandaid on a decapitation. For me, Ty Smith not being able to make the club ON THIS dman core is all I needed to know as to how bad this team is. This team simply isn’t worth our time and energy. But when the Devils are bad, it makes me not care too much at all about the NHL and that’s really sad.
  5. Is it too much to ask the Devils to start a winning streak? I don't want this season to end before Thanksgiving, or any other holiday for that matter. A nice little hot streak gets this team right back into contention.
  6. I don't post much at all, as you can see, but when I do it's usually negative. I feel like the "Most Interesting Man on Earth" now. Anyways, unless things turn around in hurry, this thing is over by Thanksgiving, which really sucks.
  7. njbuff

    Trade Taylor Hall

    If they can get a quality defenseman or goalie, I am all for trading Hall. The only way to get out of this mess is to start fixing the backend of the team. Case closed. But, the Devils are in a pickle because Hall's value is pretty low right now.
  8. njbuff

    Fire Hynes

    This season is already over and it’s freaking October 14th for fvck sake. If you want a chance at this season NOT being over, there needs to be a new voice with a new strategy in there NOW. Not tomorrow or a week from now or a month from now.......... NOW
  9. So, they have blown 3 goal leads and 4 goal leads with relative ease. Can they blow a 5 goal lead just to outdo themselves?
  10. Well I guess 1983 called and they want their Devils back. Guess what, they have gotten that call answered.
  11. Being non-competitive on the road and constantly blowing big leads at home.............. AND WE ARE ONLY SIX GAMES IN.
  12. If Scott Stevens was dead he’d be rolling over in his grave right now.
  13. Kinda sad that interest is so low............... FOR THE 5TH GAME OF THE SEASON. Unless they start to win, there is no other end to this crapfest than to fire Hynes.
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