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  1. njbuff

    2019 Offseason Thread

    You folks are putting way too much stock in Kyle Palmieri. If you have to include him to get a good D man, you do it, plain and simple. Palmieri doesn't offer this team anything if he isn't scoring goals. The Devils can.always sign a winger to replace Palmieri. Getting a D man is tougher.
  2. The Devils will have three number one overall picks on their roster in 2019. That's gotta account for some sort of vast improvement , doesn't it?
  3. I hope the Devils don't stay irrelevant like the Oilers will all these number one overall picks Remember, the Devils also won the 2011 NHL Lottery too, but for whatever reason, they weren't awarded the number one overall pick.
  4. As great as the 2000-03 teams were............ there was nothing like the first Cup. The 1995 Devils were a juggernaut and they proved it by dominating in the playoffs. The other championship teams didn't dominate the way the 1995 team did.
  5. They might as well just wear clown suits out there instead NHL jerseys.
  6. Maybe I will get lucky. As in........... maybe the Devils have found their franchise goal as my football team has found a franchise QB (Bills with Allen). But I will shut up now and not jinx it on both counts.
  7. Thank God I work nights. i can’t watch this garbage even if I wanted to. What a mess guys. Is there anything to look forward to with this team? The future seems as bleak as the present.
  8. This team has been dead man walking for a long time. How is Hynes surviving this? Not that a coaching is going to matter much with this band of Misfit Toys.
  9. As I said in the thread against the Jets................. This is the product you get when you do NOTHING to improve on fringe 8th place team from the season before. This is what happens when you rely on young players who aren't NHL players and don't go out and acquire needed vets, all the while having ample cap space. I am not upset because I expected this. Now there doesn't seem to be an end in sight as this team is as flat as a pancake on a nightly basis. I wish I can paint a rosier picture, but I can't.
  10. The Caps will going back to back tomorrow night after an 8pm start with Vegas tonight. Hopefully that will make up for the lack of the Devils playing games. The Devils should be fresh as daises, the Caps, not so much. Hopefully, the Devils can take full advantage.
  11. I don't think the Devils have dominated puck control like this in a LONG time.
  12. If MJ can play like this, watch out.
  13. Doesn't matter if Matt Loughlin is still the play by play man. Awful radio is awful radio. I can't believe the Devils can't find anyone better to do play by play on the radio.
  14. How exacty is there no chance? If the Devils want to trade for a player and the other team accepts the offer, a trade is done. This goes for ALL teams. The Devils aren’t excluded from this process.
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