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  1. I just hope the NHL doesn’t cave to this BLM bvullsh!t like the other pandering leagues have.
  2. Then we can call the Devils the MisFitz.
  3. Maybe Jack Hughes plus. I am willing to do it, but Blackwood is untouchable. Eichel and Blackwood would be an excellent foundation for another championship team in NJ. I put together a very generous offer to the Sabres fans and they came back at me 50/50 about the trade.
  4. How about going after Jack Eichel, who wants out of Buffalo?
  5. Is it true that Mikko Rantanen is an UFA in 2020? That can't be possible.
  6. I ask this question to the experts on here............. With this recent surge, is the future not as bleak for the Devils or is all this a mirage?
  7. I am fine with Fitz and Marty running the show. What the hell they have to lose when the whole Shero thing turned into a disaster? And with these two trades, the narrative of the organization moving forward has shifted into a positive light. Building around Nico and Jack and, MAYBE, they found a number one goalie thru this miserable season is fine with me.
  8. They are building around Nico and Jack and Blackwood could a legit number one goalie, which would make the process of a winner become a reality sooner rather than later. If they can get that young D man from Buffalo (Pilut) for Palmieri, I am all for it. Would Palmieri go to Buffalo though?
  9. If you gonna trade Coleman, hopefully it's for Byram.
  10. I think the GM job is Marty's to lose at this point. Give him a shot and see what he can do. What is there to lose at this point. Marty should have a good building block with Nico and Hughes 1-2 down the middle. I think Marty has the understanding that this organization needs to start developing Dman prospects and go from there. I think the biggest reason Shero got fired is that he had 4+ years to develop quality defenseman and NOT ONE turned up during his time here. Just my cents.
  11. The Devils need to move on from Hall NOW. They could just as easily be in the running for the first overall pick (AGAIN) with or without him. Might as well get something for him now and if it's the top prospect from Colorado, so be it.
  12. njbuff

    Fire Hynes

    This team has been shut out THREE times in 15 games. And offense was supposed to be this teams strength? That in itself is freaking PATHETIC. I have flushed things down the toilet that have been more useful than this pathetic hockey team. They need to shake things up. Either a big trade or firing Hynes. Maybe both.
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