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  1. Yes, Arnott's goal is easily the biggest goal in Devils history, also considering the monumental play that Elias made to create that scoring chance.
  2. I'm more impressed with these Devils in a loss than some of the wins.
  3. njbuff


    I just hope that the Devils haven't peaked and won't fall flat on their faces. It's just the Negative Nancy in me that comes out after this team has sucked for so long, sucking the life out of me.
  4. Do the Devils actually have a lot of NHL prospects in the pipeline or is that wishful thinking?
  5. Sarge was such an underrated player.
  6. If this trade truly is Bratt-Holtz-2023 1st round pick…… I think a lot would hinge on if they feel that Mercer can be a top 6 forward.
  7. I just hope the Devils don’t give up the house for Tkachuk. Can they really afford to do that?
  8. What could the Devils get for Severson?
  9. I’m fine with signing secondary players. What the Devils need most is Jack, Nico and Dougie staying healthy for the entire season. That will go a long way for the Devils being a good team or not. Hopefully some of the young players become good also. Oh, the goalies have to be healthy too.
  10. Bring back Doc and Chico and that’ll bring back the winning.
  11. Thomas got his share of points, but he never came off as a player that you want on a championship team. That was just my feeling. Doesn't I can be wrong.
  12. Getting back Steve freaking Thomas after dumping a playoff MVP is what really stuck in my craw. If you are going to deal Lemieux, they should have gotten back a helluva lot more than a marginal talent like Thomas.
  13. Bills will be a double digit favorites in their next 3 games. A lot went wrong last night, but the Bills still easily could have won. As for Miami, just think, for all the Dolphins dominance over the Bills from 1970-86, the Bills are catching them for all time series record. Drafting Tua over Herbert might haunt that franchise for many years to come.
  14. Being pissed off about the Bills loss last night, I could use a Devils W tonight.
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