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  1. To quote a random person on Twitter "Zac Rinaldo has turned down a cheap shot for the first time."
  2. Is this the quality content you were missing yesterday?
  3. I just purchased the ESPN+ only but to upgrade to the bundle of all 3 was $13.99 I do have a way to watch without paying but I also just like to have the piece of mind that I am legal for most of the games other than blackouts.
  4. I was just looking into this today. It appears that the ESPN+ maybe the only option but there is no info on if they will be showing all the games (not nationally broadcasts) like NHL TV did. $69 for the year for ESPN+ seems cheap with all their content. Quick google found this. The out-of-market streaming service NHL.TV will cease to exist, with its functions folded into ESPN+. Starting this fall, all 1,000+ locally broadcast games will be available to ESPN+ subscribers, save local team games (which'll be blacked out). Cable's NHL Center Ice out-of-market service will still exist.Mar 12, 2021
  5. Do the Devils only have Hughes jereseys?
  6. IT is crazy to think Stern is still going. I used to listen to him in junior high school in the late 80s. I remember the TV show on channel 9 on Saturday night.
  7. The whole band are studio guys. Steve Lukather played on a ton of stuff through the years. JEff was such an amazing drummer sad he died so young. Their 3rd record Turn Back is an underrated record.
  8. Omg am so offended! No mayo is gross.
  9. Am a girl and I hate golf and I don't have a driver's license. So I don't know how to take this.
  10. What beer goes good with disappointment? I will be shocked if Luke is available and they don't select him.
  11. It is 1:30 where is all this trade action we were promised at 1?
  12. bostondevil11


    I love the neighborhood facebook groups cuz am nosy. It is the time of year "Is that fireworks or gunshots season!" I also have the citizen app which is citizens reporting crime. So that is a fun one living in Baltimore City.
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