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  1. GAME 4: Tampa Bay @ New Jersey. 730 PM EST, GOLF, MSG+

    Oh good opens up my Saturday night now I will try and set up a date. GO Devils!
  2. GAME 3: Tampa Bay @ New Jersey. 730 PM EST, CNBC, MSG+

    Enough talk about losing! Let's go Devils win this one tonight! I am excited for this team. My coworker is a caps fan who hopes they get swept so they hopefully make changes next year. I much happier being a Devils fan for many many reasons!
  3. GDT: Game 2 - Devils at Lightning - 14 April @ 3pm Eastern

    I am going to make Coleman chicken wings. Marinating them in pickle juice! Let's go Devils!
  4. GDT: Devils@Lightning, 4/12/18, 7:00pm, MSG+

    I can't root for either team just hoping they beat the snot out of each other and it goes 7 games (which 7 games might be a stretch after last night).
  5. GDT: Devils@Lightning, 4/12/18, 7:00pm, MSG+

    Well I am in Baltimore so it will be some Bohs! GO DEVILS!
  6. GDT: Devils@Lightning, 4/12/18, 7:00pm, MSG+

    I am so excited. It has been so long I forget all my superstitions for playoff hockey! I get out of work at 3 what the hell am I supposed to do for those 4 hours!?!?!
  7. We made the playoffs because...

    The jersey change!
  8. This Incredible Forum

    I joined 2003 but I think I lurked longer than that because I remember the board before this. I posted on the ESPN boards and NJO (that board directed me to the board before this). I don't post too much but enjoy reading all the content since I never lived in NJ and don't know too many Devils fans in real life so it is nice to have all these virtual Devils fans to sit in the corner and listen to their conversations.
  9. Playoff Beards

    Losers I have been growing my beard since 1995. It is just one long black hair under my chin.
  10. GDT: Devils vs. Rangers, 4/3/18, 7:00 pm

    Yeah I was trying to figure that out I can see maybe a misogynistic as in a female pad being called a rag..
  11. GDT: Devils vs. Rangers, 4/3/18, 7:00 pm

    Just win tonight!
  12. GDT: Devils @ Canadiens, 4/1/18, 7:00pm

    Ha am gay and a gal. It sounds better as a straight dude saying you would go gay for hall. GoDevils!
  13. GDT: Devils @ Canadiens, 4/1/18, 7:00pm

    I said to myself after the goal I would go straight for Hall!
  14. 2017-2018 Out of Town Thread

    It feels wrong rooting for Boston but gotta do it. Go BS and go Devils!
  15. GDT: Devils vs Pitt - 29 Mar @ 7p Eastern

    How much of this game will I be able to watch? Let's Go Devils!!!