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  1. This really has been his only tweet so far.
  2. I guess we know something now other than why not have this done earlier?
  3. So I guess the Devils don't have to try and tank. Ouch.
  4. So what your saying our season could be worse.
  5. Boyle skyway had a hat trick so it wouldn't be the first of the year.
  6. Maybe Mulbury is paying the Oilers to keep him on until he surpasses him as the worst wheel and dealer.
  7. Am guess they don't come close to Hartnell's farts.
  8. They wouldn't use him on the game day poster if he wasn't going to play would they?
  9. Tampa Bay only played one game as well that they won. So we are 1 of 2 teams without a lose.
  10. Looks like Q was going to play anyway. Dea is the other one that will be probably alternating with Q. So this is probably a chance for Dea to get a chance. PLEASE NO STAFFORD!
  11. Things get real wild at the piano bar!
  12. Yeah I was thinking it the same way you are which is why I was thinking a black 3rd.
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