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  1. The Islanders swept the Pens who were then swept by the Canes who were then swept by the Bruins. So will the Bruins con't this trend?
  2. Yeah and he has a life threatening infection https://ca.sports.yahoo.com/news/oilers-owner-katz-life-threatening-infection-183925895.html?fbclid=IwAR3IjvxibhkxDqpO4l4cqbmj3EkFbXW43ArcBcj_iShaXz55prNVV4NTDSQ
  3. I have lived in Baltimore 6 years now and I didn't see my first cap gear around time until late last June. I don't mind it too much as now i see more hockey on TV at bars and such.
  4. HA Yes I had it backwards! D'oh
  5. Yeah and the Cup finals with Boston and Vancouver. The home team finally won game 7.
  6. bostondevil11

    Hughes or Kakko

    I remember him playing pretty well when Vancouver went to the cup finals.
  7. Boy this really has been the longest preseason ever. When does the regular season start?
  8. The Tkachuk brothers also have very punchable faces.
  9. This really has been his only tweet so far.
  10. I guess we know something now other than why not have this done earlier?
  11. So I guess the Devils don't have to try and tank. Ouch.
  12. So what your saying our season could be worse.
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