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  1. I was at that game too. I miss being so close to Montreal and going to games up there.
  2. I am 44yo gal who has moved around a bit. Grew up in the Poconos, went to college in Philly, lived in Boston for 12 years and now in Baltimore. I miss the hockey love in Boston but I actually really like Baltimore. Been in this board probably from the beginning. I found it via the njonline board. I passed there and on the ESPN boards back in 99-2000. Been a devils game since 93. So happy to have a team that is fun to watch again. Maybe in will start paying more. First game of the season tradition is to have wings. The cat shirt is actually a devils shirt. Cat has a devils collar and say
  3. Yes. Divisions will only pay within their divisions from what I understand as of now.
  4. Why do they keep saying this is Zacha's first 3 point game? Did they forget his hat trick??
  5. If Wood only put the puck in the net as much as he puts himself in.
  6. I have off today so glad to have an afternoon game. Win this one and get back on track. Let's go Devils!
  7. I don't know I think Thorne is happy just being drunk doing the Orioles games.
  8. Seems like that was what was going to happen with ESPN has been steaming some NHL games last and this year.
  9. Just get a win. I didn't bother to watch Saturday's game. Go Devils!
  10. Glad there is a game tonight so we can forget about last night. I got a full morning and afternoon of fun stuff and I would like to cap it off with a Devils win!
  11. Ha I met her years ago in Boston and CAA. That is awesome. I probably won't see the commerical being out of market.
  12. Excitement but all of a sudden the nerves hit.
  13. FYI I didn't vote for Zacha. I am going with Bratt.
  14. An apartment building washing machine so close. Also the is 15 year old!
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