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  1. What a crappy happy birthday for Nico.
  2. And just when you get excited about the season again.
  3. My girlfriend got to experience the devils game experience blowing a 2 goal lead. In the 3rd period she goes to me "Look they are doing great" I said WAY too much time in this period for them to blow the lead. So I got a I told you so in there. I was also surprised at the amount of Devils fans in my section.
  4. I am going to the game today! First Devils game in 2years. Taking my girlfriend to her first game. So don't suck Devils! Let's go Devils!!!
  5. I don't know if I am ready for Devils hockey again. Let's Go Devils!
  6. The dude just fired himself I don't think he wants any part of this!
  7. I wish I had someone who believed in me the way Bettman believes in Arizona.
  8. I said they will go undefeated in them. So far I am correct!
  9. How much influence do you think basketball had on some of these new jerseys with that whole trend of have a 2nd nickname.
  10. I would guess one of those teams is Baltimore. When they do spend they do not do it wisley *see Chris Davis
  11. At least we don't have a cat butt on our jersey
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