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  1. Im happy with mine, I got a Large, normally im a medium but it fits fine, everything about the T-shirt is fine.. I paid next to nothing so I like it.. its not a Boss shirt
  2. for going home? I dont think so.. I'd agree with you if he went anywhere else.. but not home.. Everyone wants to play for your child hood team, or your home team.. and I dont think he left for money.. 7.5/yr is what many of us thought he would get.
  3. Ordered Large.. Medium out of stock.. hope it fits good.. that is awesome ! thanks for the heads up
  4. DobaMB30

    Screw the refs

    you guys are talking about LA being quicker/faster/stronger.. sure all after the fact.. after the 5 min penalty.. after the Devils are beyond deflated and know its over.. after that point, the game has already changed and yes one team is defeated and the other one is playing on adrenaline knowing they’re the cup champs I have no problem losing to a better tem.. but not like this !!
  5. DobaMB30

    Screw the refs

    ya but its not the call its the missed calls around it.. seconds earlier Gionta gets hit from behind, the difference is he didnt even look, where the LA guy peeked then turned... the difference is ones hurt the other ne isnt.. so to make things clear.. Being hurt is the penalty!! .. then the puck goes down into NJ zone and right as NJ touches it in the corner the LA player turns and punches someone in the head. .. Oh but I guess thats allowed. its not the call that really pissed me off its the plays around it.. should have been evened up for at least the first two minutes of that 5min pp
  6. DobaMB30

    Screw the refs

    Theres a new chant on the streets of LA.. "our fans are better"
  7. I too had no problem with the call on the ice.. its with the non calls on the ensuing play.. like the punch to the head when the puck went down into LA zone.. or how about on the same PP later on koalchuck getting held at the blueline and getting rabbit shot 3 times to the back of the head.. where are the calls there refs?
  8. what crap.. someone highjacks my account and I cant even delete posts??? sup with that.. some loser is making me look bad !!
  9. why has some troll hacked my account !!!!!! get lost.. stop posting crap about NJ .. this is what I thought of this game.
  10. Admin... I am just speaking the truth.. The team is weak...Kelly clarkson...30 goal man reg season.... nothing in the playoffs.... 17,9 did nothing... you are lucky you had some talent from Burford Ontario... As the legend Billy Bean said.... its all for nothing if you dont win the last game! As the legend Billy Bean said.... its all for nothing if you dont win the last game!
  11. Wow you got a picture of them together...
  12. T minus 39 minutes.. getting antsy !! man I just hope we have a good game.
  13. Make quick move and raise the puck.. hit the net!!! weve seen good things in this series alone when just getting the puck on net..
  14. Being in Canada I dont have access to most games, I stream using http://www.thefirstrow.eu/ best site I could find
  15. New Jersey is now 10-1 in Games 4, 5, 6 and 7 in these playoffs.. that is a good record going into game 6, LA does NOT have a good home record.. Lets enjoy this win and the next even more so
  16. Well Done !! Marty is playing on Conn Smythe pace right now
  17. I'll try to pay more attention to it, how can someone hurt be playing 20:23 total minutes last night?? (3rd most) and full PP minutes.. that I dont get.
  18. I have to agree, he not only gives the puck away but cant hold a puck in on the blueline that he covers for the whole 2 minutes.. only part I dont get is this "being hurt" .. all I see is a typical Russian forward, its like with OV late playoffs, the more he sat the better the club did .. lol sorry sounds to me like a big excuse.. if hes hurt but willing to play is one thing, if hes hurt why the f^ck is he playing full 2 minutes on the PP
  19. Thank you Marty once again for keeping the team in the game.. well dont king henrique for raising the puck.. way to skate your heart out for the empty neter kovi.. its a 1-1 game with 5 minutes to go and slow ass Penner easily walks around Zidlicky.. wow was I living.. he got an ear full from me, I think he probably heard me too.. unreal Love predicting the score.. 3-1 like I said.. game 5 is ours 2-0 I predict.. but game 6 is where I draw the line and just cross my fingers and hope for the best... LGD
  20. DobaMB30


    I had to wait 4 games for someone to finally raise the puck and hit the net !! Congrats King Henrique for being the first.
  21. It worked in the Florida series, you guys might still think kovi was hurt.. I say he was benched for that one game and come back hot.. after that he went on fire.. if youre really injured that extra 1 day isnt going to do sh1t for you.. he was benched and as much Id like to see it again.. you just cant !! but you can change things up... this full 2 minutes on PP has got to stop !! and work him down low not on the point
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