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  1. *sigh* I'll not speculate - just wait until thursday and hear an official report. *double sigh*
  2. You look really familiar for some reason I lived in Ramsey up until about 3 months ago - probably passed eachother on the street or something
  3. I don't really pay attention to baseball...but don't the Yankees have enough old farts? I thought I remember hearing that they have one of the oldest teams in baseball....
  4. Hells

    Surprise Surprise

    At least SOMEONE admitted it. But not like we didn't think he was on steroids anyway
  5. I'm a testicular bastard who loves to slap buffalo....now that one makes me sound mannish... or a horny sexy bitch who loves to flick samurais... this is entirely addictive...
  6. Is it just on FSNY or is it also on other FSN broadcasts? I don't know much about this whole cable deal and what not - I wanna see the Devs play too!!
  7. When my sister had my nephew a few months ago they asked her if she wanted to freeze the cord blood. She couldn't do it because it cost too much money a month to store it - it's a great thing and it pays off if anything should happen, I just wish it didn't cost so much so people with lower incomes could share the same luxury.
  8. I'm going to quit too!....some time this year But congrats! Big accomplishment! A lot of people don't realize how hard it can be sometimes!
  9. Hells

    Christmas Tree !!

    Ahhh, Christmas! I'm going all out this year since we finally have our own house! We usually put ours up 2 weeks before Christmas....and it doesn't come down until about....I believe the longest was April! We always get those cheap fake ones that you have to hook the branches in - last year our broke and fell on top of me while I was opening presents Christmas morn!
  10. How bout a scholarship for people who grew up in a house of maniacs and need a fast way out?
  11. Hells

    F-ing morons

    Yes, because the NHL purposely started a lockout, endangering their sport, just so some pompous basketball players could start a brawl with drunken fans. Wow, didn't see this coming.
  12. Hells

    My Pile of Bricks

    Congratulations on you "pile of bricks" - My parents and I just moved into our new house, and after living in a 3 bedroom 1 1/2 bath apartment with 5 adults (and now one newborn) it's a welcome change! Enjoy it during the holidays!
  13. Thanks! I just asked me dad to buy me some hockey tapes ( ) so I could start watching them with my nephew - granted he's only 3 months old but hey, never too early to start.
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