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  1. Aww, shucks! Thanks, Don! I keep meaning to break back onto the scene here and, you know, life just gets in the way. I do miss you guys.
  2. Have no fear, Poohbear is here! Thanks you two! I do pop in every once in a while but I usually pop out again just as quick! I know...sounds like a personal problem. Hehehe Now everybody is gonna wonder if I'm a man or woman! Hehehe "Pardon me, but if that really IS a woman it looks like she's been beaten with an ugly stick!" Anyway, thanks again!
  3. I'm here...I'm here!! Please don't take Marty from me?!?! I'll share...but don't take him, puleeeeeze?
  4. Happy WAYYYY Belated Birthday, to you!! Sorry it's sooo late.
  5. poohbear


    Happy Belated Birthday to you, Happy Belated Birthday to you!!
  6. Happy Belated Birthday to you, Happy Belated Birthday to you!! Especially Stic! Sorry I'm late!
  7. "Hi, I'm Darryl and this is my otha brotha Darryl." Classic! What? Nobody's gonna fess up to "The Brady Bunch"? I'll fess up to "Dallas" and "Falcon Crest".
  8. No, it looks centered, I think it's the way the sleeve is folded that make it looks wrong
  9. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you!!
  10. Freshman is first year, Sophomore is second year.
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