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  1. ilzz89

    2019 Offseason Thread

    Yak back Russia
  2. I dont know what to believe anymore
  3. Maybe our conditioning is crap? During lemaire this never happened
  4. ilzz89

    Habs @ NJD

    Seems like Bastian past his buddy McLeod on depth chart, seems like Mikey has some work to do
  5. ilzz89

    GDT: Devils @ Rags

    Exactly, and since we are tanking send back seney, sit gryba and Mueller bring back yak, bring in young blood from bing
  6. Gryba with another turnover that leads to a goal, how is he better than santini or yak?
  7. Did you even watch the game?
  8. Vatanen was really nice about it
  9. Devils missed on like 5 breakaways today
  10. So is there butt ending replay? And that penalty on vatanen was bs
  11. Zykov on waivers, 23 yo with similar skillset to zacha, with the right fit can be a solid addition.
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