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  1. Why? You were ok with them when things were going great
  2. Thats the worst take ever, shara is a great pker and has a great shot, wood and McLeod are fast that's about it. Also Mikey can't score to save his life
  3. Did McLeod or Wood outscore him? Wood has been mia physically and off the scoresheet, when we were winning everyone was getting 14-18 mins, and everyone was contributing, now he's back to riding Jack and hamilton
  4. I don't get why zetterlund and Sharangovich only get 11 or 12 mins, while wood and McLeod ger 15 16....
  5. I feel like he's playing scared, very timid. He's playing better without the puck for sure aside from faceoffs.
  6. Zacha needs to be benched for a game, how's he getting a pass?
  7. Ever since blackwood got vaccinated he's been awful
  8. He can outright dominate, but has been just okay
  9. What's up with zacha? Looks bored?
  10. He was good, but i think 3 of then made it work, he's definitely missed, but he played with others like palms and wasn't as successful
  11. Feels like Capitan doesn't want to score this year
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