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GDT: Boston Bruins @ NEW JERSEY - 7 p.m.

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YES!!!!! PARISE with the 2nd goal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :dance:


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Boo Bruins fan. There is this kid who talks about the Rangers non-stop in class, he knows absolutely nothing too, he just wants to rag the Devils. Hes so stupid, he thought Jagr was a Devil because Gomez was a rag, wtf, i have no idea.

:wacko: That confused me just reading it !!!!!!!!!!

Hey not that I'm a big Mike Rupp fan, but why don't the Dev's use him or lose him???

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That save Marty made on Kessel when it was 3 zip is looking pretty big right now. Really cant blame him on any of the goals actually. 2 deflections and the 3rd goal was placed right under the cross bar. Could have just as easily hit the post.

Elias, Gio and Parise seem to be finding some chemistry. If that line starts scoring consistently, watch out! Lots of skill on that line and they look hungry as well. Awesome stuff that 2nd period.

Mottau has had it kind of rough tonight. He was pretty good on that last Devils power play but if I'm not mistaken, it looks like Boston has been intentionally dumping the puck his way during the game.

Win or lose, there is something brewing with this team. I can't exactly say for sure what that is but I'm getting a good vibe from this group.

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