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  1. Amazing how loose doc is when he doesnt have to be the man behind the desk all night, he seemed like he was entertaining a party, not a crowd of 17 thousand
  2. he took an impact test, he was forced to watch an episode of TNA impact and try to make sense of the booking and storylines
  3. Millers really getting the brunt of it this year huh
  4. either way you slice it at this point, we won the kovy trade.
  5. playing that mark howe goal was bad luck
  6. David clarkson is 100% in shootouts in his career
  7. Cam telling him to "come on!!" is priceless
  8. Preds remind me a lot of the devils circa 93/94
  9. fun game, lets hope these last two set the tone for the rest of the season
  10. Steve really isnt a bad play by play man
  11. sergei brylin does the horsemen run in and hits pronger with a loaded boot and throws the puck in the net
  12. When will the blood-debt to get Winnipeg back in the league finally be repaid?
  13. do the hurricanes still have that fat black bald dude who hangs out with the dancers? that dude owns and has the best job
  14. islanders were my team before the devils even existed, being a kid during the stanley cup runs on LI really meant something i'd really, really hate to see this team leave the island.
  15. Deke


    that number has been retired since huberto gabaguci wore in in the 83/84 season, he died tragically in a mysterious gardening ancient.
  16. get Schiavone and put big dust right next to him, WCW saturday night style I SAYS TONY SHEVONAY MATT TAR-OR-ME-UH SCORE THAT GOAWL RIGHT HERE ON THE MUDDASHEEP
  17. Deke


    rod pelley duh
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