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  1. Three 2nd Round Flashbacks

    games like that elias natural hat trick game are the kind of games we should be seeing on MSG during the summer.
  2. Game 7 vs Ducks on NHL netowrk now (~3pm EST)

    since it was so awful outside today I actually stayed in and watched most of that game. the ducks didn't generate a single good scoring chance the entire game, what a dominant defense that was, every one of martys saves in that game looked routine.

    ken klee might be the worst defenseman this team ever had on the roster. he made special needs defenseman kurtis foster look like paul coffey
  4. GDT 2/3/13: NJ Devils @ NY Islanders 3PM

    i really hope the guy with the bill guerin edge jersey showed up on tv at one point.
  5. Robbie Ftorek fired from OHL Erie

    did he throw a bench?
  6. Hurricane Sandy

    a number of communities on long island got slammed, a friend of mine with the lindenhurst FD sent me a photo of houses on a block burnt down to the high water mark, the only thing that saved the bottom floors from burning was the fact they were full of sewage and gas filled water. nearly four decades living on the island and i've never seen destruction like that from a storm. we didn't even take a direct hit like folks in NJ did, we only caught the very fringes of the storm. i could only imagine what would have happened if the wind and the rain were stronger
  7. all of these likely wouldn't have happened: "FULLBACK - OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" the entire jets offense needs to be blown up and sent out other then d'brick and mangold, theres my expert anyalsis.
  8. John Madden Retires

    One of my favorite devils of all time, one of the top 5 centers in franchise history.
  9. Devils Fans in the NHL

    I'm looking at homes in the Sparta/Newton area, wonder what the local team of choice is...
  10. Back to the Future 2012

    madden winning a faceoff so cleanly that it flew down the ice back into the devils zone right before they tied the game is still a real moment
  11. NSFW: Cam Janssen interview

    Yikes. Bro Douchebaggery, homophobia, misogyny and admitting to targeting the head. This could get UGLY
  12. New TG post

    I still re-watch the play where he set poni up in OT against philly over and over, one of the most incredible shifts i've ever seen a player have in an NJ uniform. Happened on my birthday too. As far as i'm concerned the dude established himself as a warrior this spring.
  13. Sharks Hire Larry Robinson

    I doubt Larry travels at all with the sharks next year. I bet you he ends up being a practice and film room guy for them or something.
  14. Emotional Reaction to Parise Leaving

    zach parise is a good player, not a great player. you don't give good players 98 million goddamned dollars.
  15. Maybe if he does go to the wild stuntman dany can pick him and suter up