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  1. I didn't see this posted here, and thought it was a good read, in the event that you missed it: http://www.tsn.ca/10-000-days-working-for-lou-lamoriello-1.371951 Step out of line with Lou Lamoriello and he’s the stern father. Stay in line, and he’s the loving father. “That’s probably a really good way to put him,” says David Conte, who served with Lamoriello for the bulk of his nearly three decades in New Jersey. The former executive vice-president of hockey operations and director of scouting with the Devils, Conte actually joined the franchise before Lamoriello in 1984, staying at his si
  2. Tim had a mini-featurette a couple minutes into the third period last night. His goal drought was noted, but Cangi made me cringe again how it was noted that Tim "gobbles up minutes". Shudder. As bad as Emrick was at overusing "gobble", Cangi brings it to a whole new level by using it as a catch-all substitute verb for "takes/absorbs/picks up/fetches/younameit"
  3. I was assuming it was a botched Lebowski quote: "Obviously youre not a golfer". With that said, I still didn't get it.
  4. I was watching the NHL channel the other day, just wondering how Barry Melrose is still commenting... I mean, how does he maintain the credibility to stay on the air? What atrocities have hockey viewers committed to deserve Barry Melrose looming over them as an authority?
  5. not much to say that hasn't been said before... still nice to hear Lou. enough questions about the shortened schedule though.... sheesh.
  6. Don't forget that he also gave Elias hepatitis, took naked pictures of Gretzky's daughter, convinced Scott Niedermayer to leave NJ, and forced Lou to sign Ken Klee.
  7. I don't like the title of this thread, but i was really surprised by Parise swatting the puck in like that. That was absolutely the worst possible outcome of the scrum that had ensued, and i really have no idea what he was thinking.
  8. I'm just glad that Pierre McGuire wasn't able to step on all that open space. Thank God Doc didn't ask a rhetorical question.
  9. I can't believe the rags are so proud of their goals: Marty handed them the first, the refs handed them the second and third. If there should be any discussion of lucky goals, you should be looking at the boys in blue.
  10. Same as last game... I'm almost positive he was spoken to by the league.
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