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  1. I like our chances for improvement. The CBGB line is a confident line now and should add some unexpected scoring. I'm praying for Teddy to come around and barring any major injuries the chemistry seems to be there under Petey D. They shocked me last year and now I expect success this year.
  2. Go Princeton Tigers!!!! $10 tix. Worst seat, 6th row.
  3. It's a damn good rank, considering that no one even thinks of us for anything.
  4. I told Cablevision that I had to drop my phone and some options when I lost my job. I was paying $195 per month for the silver package. They told me to hold on--Ok, we have a deal for you: If you keep your triple play, we'll give you 50mb speed on your computer, and every channel we have available on your tv for a total (including taxes) of $136 for a year. That's where I am now. Just ask for the sales dept. DONT talk to customer service. They dont care. They dont follow the stock prices
  5. I'm a major fan of sand art. Rarely get to see it though. Been watching it for about 10yrs now and I cant stop watching it when it's available. It never get's old to me.
  6. Are we still first amongst gang bangers???
  7. Maybe it'll change if Crosby calls them a Mickey Mouse organization. It worked with Gretzsky and us????
  8. The third and fourth line. Maybe the opponents should've matched their top lines against them instead of Zack and Kovy!!
  9. Funny!! No where, anywhere did I see the word "dumbest" They must not be watching the games.
  10. That was the first thing that came to my mind. I heard ticket sales from the Southern teams just went up 50%.
  11. peteyvegas

    Shane Doan

    Doan would help me forget Parise real quick.
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