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  1. So Laviolette and Gallant are available, watch us promote Rick Kowalsky as our new NHL coach. I am surprised Devils haven't nabbed Laviolette as yet.
  2. With every passing game, Nas makes Shero and Hynes, both look bad. Shero for not pulling the trigger a lot earlier and Hynes for the terrible coach he was and all this without Hall.
  3. We are guaranteed the 2021 3rd round pick, which can be upgraded to the following: To get a 2nd round pick, Yotes have to win a playoff round OR re-sign Hall. To get a 1st round pick, Yotes have to win a playoff round AND re-sign Hall. Bottom line, do we want two 1st rounders (chances after 24th pick in 2020 and 2021 can be any way), or 1 early pick and a third rounder.
  4. Just having proper line combinations is producing better results.
  5. Tradeable assets IMO: Forwards: Woods, Simmonds, honorable mentions Hayden and Rooney Defense: Vatanen, Subban, Greene (I am pretty sure he will waive to play for a playoff team) Goalie: Schneider
  6. My take on the holes on the Devils: GM - need a GM with an attitude who expects the best from his players, doesnt matter how bad the team is, Shero seems to be ok with tanking Coach - one with a fire, hope Peter Laviolette becomes available and also hope he'd be the right fit Goalie - definitely need an elite goalkeeper, cant blame Shero here as Schneider just became a flopping bust, even Evan Cormier has better stats then Schneider in the AHL. Hope Mackenzie pans out, he is already outperforming expectations. Defensemen - this is the second piece of the team puzzle, we nee
  7. Thank god this chapter is closed. Chapter 2: The Banishment of Vatanen Upon the exile of the Duke of Ham, King Shero shrewdly shifted his focus to ....
  8. I'd like to see you here more often. You've been missing. Devs up 2-1. Hope we can keep the lead though.
  9. Atleast one good thing Nas is doing is sitting Hayden and Rooney.
  10. Could be possible Hall's agent isn't happy to negotiate during the season. It would be nice if there is a sign and trade, means we'll get a lot more in return.
  11. I think the key people worth protecting on our roster is really a very very short list. Shouldn't really have to worry about that. F: Hischier, Palmieri, Coleman, Zacha, Bratt D: Severson, Butcher G: McKenzie? Protected by default: Hughes, Boqvist, Gusev. Sad part here is that besides Hischier and maybe Palmieri, a well stacked team wouldn't mind exposing any of the other players we have.
  12. We need a veteran coach who holds players accountable, expects perfection, has fire and can be mean when needed. I really miss Pat Burns.
  13. Anhkheg


    Leave Daniel alone, I like him, especially when he is wrong at the end . But he is so damn passionate about this team, I love it.
  14. Our lineup should not have Rooney and Hayden in the lineup with the 2 Jespers scratched. Butcher scratched for Tennyson and Mueller ... no comment on that LOL @ EN. EFF Hynes.
  15. This guy doesn't know how to make roster decisions, horrible line combos and most noticeably cant coach. The only comparable to this coach is PDB, dont know who is worse ...
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