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  1. Just to pour some salt, he convinced me a long time ago, looks like he still has some ways to go with you. But I do like MB3, love the enthusiasm he brings to his arguments. I think @MB3 and @mfitz804 are real bros or definitely were in some previous life time, they think alike.
  2. Anhkheg

    2019 Offseason Thread

    I agree, I have no problem Bratt being packaged for a bonafide stud. Yes, I stand by my prognosis that Panarin's primary motivation was coming to a big market, more to enjoy the lifestyle rather than winning a cup. Everyone disagreed with me and that's absolutely fine, time will tell. I hope Shero gets Marner and via a trade, the forward core will be complete with this guy for years to come. https://www.northjersey.com/story/sports/nhl/devils/2019/07/02/where-nj-devils-stand-taylor-hall/1614685001/ Excellent article, as I said Shero is patient and is going to take his time with the Devils. Although Hall is a big part of Shero's plan, I know that Shero has a backup and a backup to backup as he is a shrewd GM. Best quote from the article: “This isn’t something to be rushed,” Shero said. “I want the information as well, the layout of what we’ve been thinking. That’s important to Josh and David. Some of the things we’ve done proves that we’ve improved the hockey team, not just for Taylor Hall, but improving our team is the most important thing. But we’re better than we were two weeks ago and we’ll see where we are in a couple months here.”
  3. He knows how to build a fan base and attract people. Amazingly outgoing persona, impressive. Hilarious 10 things about jersey, and yes he calls it Taylor Ham Egg and Cheese, lol. Puts an end to a lot of discussions here. Oh and read the comments.
  4. Anhkheg

    2019 Offseason Thread

    Oh sorry fellas, Panarin's primary motivation to coming to the Rangers was to play for a cup contender and win the Stanley Cup, the bright lights were just an added bonus. Time and time again he iterated how he would bring the Stanley Cup to one of the big market teams and sure as hell felt that the Rangers gave him the best chance to achieve his goal. The only way to find out how serious he was about winning will show in his production this year.
  5. Anhkheg

    2019 Offseason Thread

    From the forwards, dont know if I like anyone too much, I think we will get something a lot better via a trade for an RFA. From the defense, both Gardiner and Chiarot are available, I'd like Shero to get at least one of the two, again we can look for a bargain trade for an RFA. For goalie, totally in a bind, Schneider will determine what happens here.
  6. Anhkheg

    2019 Offseason Thread

    This is all about business, sales and marketing 101, sensationalization. This has nothing to do with winning, they are simply selling merchandise, season tickets, corporate booths and making the die hard uneducated wishful thinking Rangers fan feel they are doing something without actually doing something. Panarin is not going to be as good here as he no longer has any motivation to excel. Taylor Hall wants win a Stanley Cup, Subban wants to win a Stanley Cup, Simmonds has a weed up his ass as he has the most to prove, Greene is in the last year of his contract and last Taylor Hall likes Taylor Ham more than Pork Rolls which is only available in North Jersey.
  7. Anhkheg

    2019 Offseason Thread

    Shero's quote: "At the end of the season, we wanted to secure a top-four defenseman and get a little bit bigger on the right side on offense," Shero said. "Behind Kyle Palmieri, we didn't have any natural right wingers. We addressed our top-four with the Subban trade, and then when it was apparent that Nashville wasn't going to re-sign Wayne, we thought that would be a great fit for us." "I've always had a high amount respect for the way Wayne plays the game. He plays hard, plays honest and certainly plays for his teammates." There are still deficiencies on our top 6. Hope Shero doesnt fully expect Simmonds to be top 6 RW. If so, expect him to upgrade before the trade deadline. Secondly, we need to get bigger on D. Thirdly, our goalie situation is dependent totally on which Schneider shows up this season. I would definitely not, Gusev is russian, may want bright lights after 2 years, may not pan out or even guaranteed to play here. Everyone expects him to get traded for picks based on the rumors. Worst case, low end prospect as VGK cannot sign and keep this guy.
  8. Anhkheg

    2019 Offseason Thread

    Me too. :D. Daniel has cooled off a bit too much. Sorry bro, I dont see eye to eye with you here. Need some more entertainment since we don't have no bright lights Another reason for Dano to resign.
  9. Anhkheg

    2019 Offseason Thread

    I believe they should fix the whole RFA approach (the 5 year rule, compensation structure, etc.), then the cap issues related to taxes and currency fluctuations. At the least state tax differences should be addressed, so it could mean different teams have different caps while leaving standard of living out. The taxes alone will complicate things enough.
  10. Anhkheg

    2019 Offseason Thread

    Agreed. Shero, I said it before the Subban trade, is a patient GM, he waits for the fruit to ripen before plucking it from the tree. I am still flummoxed at the Simmonds signing but want to know what he was thinking.
  11. Anhkheg

    2019 Offseason Thread

    There's a lot of moves for Shero to make. These are the teams in near cap trouble, including the Rangers as well. Vegas Golden Knights2037/50$84,174,999$0 Pittsburgh Penguins2144/50$79,907,500$1,592,500 Arizona Coyotes2041/50$79,788,568$1,711,432 Dallas Stars2146/50$79,029,999$2,470,001 Edmonton Oilers2246/50$77,566,999$3,933,001 Washington Capitals2039/50$77,214,294$4,285,706 Florida Panthers1829/50$76,685,794$4,814,206 Nashville Predators2243/50$76,308,332$5,191,668 Detroit Red Wings2143/50$76,165,377$5,334,623 Chicago Blackhawks2042/50$75,463,461$6,036,539 San Jose Sharks1739/50$73,617,417$7,882,583 Tampa Bay Lightning1939/50$73,573,331$7,926,669 Toronto Maple Leafs2344/50$72,934,699$8,565,301
  12. Anhkheg

    2019 Offseason Thread

    The NY Rangers are the comedies of the tri-state sports opera. They finished 7th in the league last year so winning a Stanley Cup couldnt be the major attraction.
  13. Anhkheg

    2019 Offseason Thread

    Any chance Canadiens up the offer sheet to 9.5 million per year? Are they allowed to do that? Also, I'd like to see the league improve the offer sheet structure: 1. Reduce the compensation 2. Reduce max bonuses (to 50% or so) 3. Reduce time to match the offer to 24-48 hours 4. Max offer sheets should also be limited to 2 per team I think we'd see a lot more offer sheets and it would make the off season more exciting.
  14. Anhkheg

    2019 Offseason Thread

    These big words by the NY Rangers GM actually makes me feel good. It proves Rangers are all about showmanship, no substance. They will market these players, create hype to sell tickets and jerseys, relying on Rangers fans to believe they are going to win the cup this year. I dont doubt it one bit, but they will keep the Canadiens waiting 7 days. The two options are Yes and Oui, lol.
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