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  1. Anhkheg

    GDT: Devils @ Canes 5:00 PM MSG+

    Greene with a major brain freeze there. What the hell was he doing passing to the Canes player.
  2. Anhkheg

    GDT: Devils @ Canes 5:00 PM MSG+

    Zacha with a nice back hander. All Schneider can do is stand in front of the puck and hope it hits him.
  3. Anhkheg

    GDT: Devils @ Canes 5:00 PM MSG+

    WTF. Canes score two in 5 seconds. Sheesh.
  4. Anhkheg

    GDT: Devils at Lightning, 10/30/18, 7:30pm

    WTF happened? Just got home and turned on the game. Wow an 8-3 beating, hope we injured someone at least but we're probably too soft for that.
  5. Anhkheg

    2018 Offseason Thread

    I dont think we have any better option. I mean Greene was terrible with some of the passes which literally made me skip a beat. Agreed. 2y@5AAV, hope Shero buys him out or he retires after next year. Zajac is 3y@5.75 which is also way too high for a 3rd line center. 3rd D paring is the reason I was hoping for de Haan. I feel there are 3 key forwards who may need to be upgraded: MoJo, Zacha and Bratt. Mojo because of injury, Zacha/Bratt still have to prove themselves. Second line or top 6 players shouldn't be scratched the way these two were and/or they need more time (its more of a time will tell). Boyle could also be upgraded. On D, definitely Greene and Lovejoy should be upgraded with two top 4 dmen, this would give Mueller and Severson a chance to grow.
  6. Anhkheg

    Devils sign F Yegor Sharangovich

    Firstly, I love Lou and he will always be my favorite GM, its why I've loved the Devils since 1994 when I first saw them on TV. Does not mean I must agree with his methods. I didn't agree with him holding back on Neidermeyer and not signing his brother Rob. Had he signed Rob, we may actually have had another Stanley Cup or three. This is an old neverson article which I remember reading back in the day (https://nypost.com/2000/09/19/niedermayer-disgusted-with-devils/). N stands for negative because this writer was always negative against the Devils. Lou's heavy handed approach didn't always bode well for the Devils. 950,000 is no where near a 9,500,000 kind of pressure which definitely can yield negative results. The reality is that they have to earn that deal by making it to the NHL first and will have to work very hard to earn a permanent spot on that roster. So if they become complacent and less motivated, then really and truly, they weren't NHL material in the first place as such a contract has no negative connotations.
  7. Anhkheg

    2018 Offseason Thread

    Taylor Hall - Nico Hischier - Jesper Bratt Marcus Jo - Pavel Zacha - Kyle Palmieri Coleman - Zajac - Noeson Wood - Boyle - Joe Anderson/Kurtis Gabriel/Available D is pretty much set: Butcher - Vatanen Mueller - Severson Greene - Lovejoy Santini (RHD)
  8. Anhkheg

    Devils sign F Yegor Sharangovich

    This is the key difference between Shero and Lou. Shero gave this young man the best deal which in turn results in an initial positive experience with the first contract with this franchise which means more focus, higher sense of motivation, builds loyalty and overall feel good. Lou, with the old school style, actually hurt prospects and I am pretty sure that went a long way in a lot of prospects not showing their full potential and possibly seeking to leave in the future as their initial experience was somewhat negative. Shero says, "I am giving you what you want, you give me and the Devils what we want and I will throw the world at your feet." Lou says, "You don't deserve it, you have to first prove to me you are worthy of anything and then we'll see." Disclaimer: This is my opinion
  9. Anhkheg

    2018 UFA Thread

    So Dallas and Tampa both expect Ottawa to trade Karlsson for a bag of pucks? I mean if you want a generational talent, you have to give up a something, including a 1st round pick, top prospect and a top player. At the moment, I would say there are 5 players of such high calibre, Crosby, Malkin, McDavid, Ovi and Karlsson. I would trade a 1st, Point and a good prospect for Karlsson in a heart beat with a 8 year contract.
  10. Anhkheg

    2018 UFA Thread

    Cmon gentlemen, Kucherov is not going anywhere. On the contrary, Kucherov may go to the Sens in exchange for Karlsson before he goes anywhere else.
  11. Anhkheg

    2018 UFA Thread

    This is our lineup: Forwards: Hall-Nico-Bratt Mojo-Zacha-Palms Blake-Zajac-Noeson Wood-Boyle-Some4thliner The players I am concerned about are Mojo, Zacha and Bratt. Mojo for health reasons, Zacha and Bratt still have to prove themselves. Defense: Butcher-Vatanen Mueller-Severson Greene-Lovejoy We also have Egor Yakovlev and Santini. I am guessing De Haan will probably not be coming here based on this as Greene will not be sitting and Mueller needs to play so he can develop his game. If your Shero, what do you do? I do agree with you, this is something Shero does very well. This year, a lot of teams have cap room due to the increase so such a trade will be harder to make, it can still happen.
  12. Anhkheg

    2018 UFA Thread

    The problem this year is that cap went up by a considerable amount (4.5 mill) giving a lot of teams breathing room compared to the past few years (approx 2 mill) leaving Shero with some what limited options for trade. I didn't expect much from Shero during this free agency period and I don't expect any major trades as most teams are in a comfortable position cap wise. My hope is he signs De Haan as I feel D could use an upgrade.
  13. Anhkheg

    2018 Offseason Thread

    I am not talking about getting 4 Victor Hedmans or 4 Brent Burns. May be one or both of De Haan and/or Hickey may very well do it or they may be total busts and I put up the same ??? on D next year.
  14. Anhkheg

    2018 Offseason Thread

    Your responses are far more frustrating, we may have a made the playoffs, but we are far from being a contender, very, very far. Six free agents?? with TWO of them being FOURTH liners. Where did I mention free agents, I was careful to mention gaps. You make it sound like its a big deal. You feel Zacha and Bratt are legitimate top 6, while I don't completely count them out, as of today, they do NOT make us a contender. Hope they prove me wrong this year. We need two top 4 Dmen, I would even go as far as arguing 3. You think Andy Greene, Ben Lovejoy, John Moore, Severson and Mueller make us a contender? The jury is still out on Severson and Mueller, but Andy Greene is slow and has made some serious mental mistakes in front of the net. You are welcome to present your opinion by providing some concrete arguments. Work on your ability to carry a respectful conversation instead of simply attacking someone's opinion.
  15. Anhkheg

    2018 Offseason Thread

    No Zacha there either. Bratt was very good at the start, but declined considerably. Personally, not sold on him as yet to make us a true cup contender.

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