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  1. Our lineup should not have Rooney and Hayden in the lineup with the 2 Jespers scratched. Butcher scratched for Tennyson and Mueller ... no comment on that LOL @ EN. EFF Hynes.
  2. This guy doesn't know how to make roster decisions, horrible line combos and most noticeably cant coach. The only comparable to this coach is PDB, dont know who is worse ...
  3. Jesper Bratt and Boqvist scratched along with Will Butcher. This makes no sense. Is it that they are nursing an injury or is this John Hynes at his best?
  4. Anhkheg

    2019 Offseason Thread

    Taken from a comment (http://www.spectorshockey.net/2019/07/nhl-rumor-mill-july-31-2019/) Sellers who absolutely must make roster changes (whether buyouts, trades or delegations) in order to either sign key RFAs and/or, in cases preceded by *, get below the upper cap limit. * NYR – RFAs DeAngelo, Lemieux – currently $4,156,466 over the cap; * Toronto – RFA Marner – Horton’s $5,300,000 & Clarkson’s $5,250,000 LTIRs available – currently $2,897,199 over the cap); * Washington – no RFAs – currently $1, 364,294 over the cap; * Pittsburgh – RFA Marcus Pettersson – currently $157,500 over the cap; Calgary – $4,673,292 in cap space – RFAsTkachuk & Mangiapane; St Louis – $5,070,406 in cap space – RFAs Edmundson & Barbashev; Boston -$7,294,167 in cap space – RFAs Carlo & McAvoy (who is OS exempt); These teams will (might?) have the cap space needed to sign their key RFAs through roster maoeuvres but likely aren’t buyers at this stage Dallas – $970,001 in cap space – Stephen’s $2,350,000 LTIR available – RFA Honka; Nashville -$2,334,524 in cap space – RFA Grimaldi; Florida – $2,405,456 in cap space – RFA Malgin; Edmonton – $2,433,001 in cap space – RFA Puljujarvi; Buffalo – $3,115,476 in cap space – RFAs Ullmark & McCabe; Chicago – $3,336,539 on cap space – RFA Perlini; Vancouver $5,058,461 in cap space – RFAs Goldobin & Boeser (who is OS exempt); Winnipeg – $17,592,503 in cap space – RFAs Comrie, Connor, Laine; These teams could be buyers, either with available cap space or through roster manoeuvres, but likely to a limited degree – if at all Arizona – $178,099 in cap space – Hossa’s $5,275.000 LTIR available – no RFAs; Vegas – $1,025,001 in cap space – no RFAs; Carolina – $2,495,209 in cap space – no RFAs; Montreal – $4,044,524 in cap space – no RFAs; San Jose – $4,682,583 in cap space no RFAs; NYI – $8,653,334 in cap space – RFAs DalColle & Beauvillier; Tampa Bay – $11,126,669 in cap space – RFAs Point, Erne; Philadelphia – $13,417,421 in cap space – RFAs Provorov & Konecny; Colorado – $15,715,239 in cap space – RFA Rantanen; These teams COULD be major buyers Detroit – $5,284,623 in cap space – no RFAs – Zetterberg $6,083,000 & Franzen $3,954,545 LTIRs available; L.A. -$8,740,606 in cap space -RFA Kempe; Anaheim – $8,500,242 in cap space – no RFAs; Minnesota – $9,446,411 in cap space – RFAs Eriksson Ek & Fiala; New Jersey – $12,445,000 in cap space – RFAs Butcher & Zacha; Columbus – $15,765,918 in cap space – RFA Werenski; Ottawa – $20,640,000 in cap space – RFA White (OS exempt) – Gaborik $4,875,000, MacArthur $4,650,000, Callahan $5,800,000 LTIRs available; This doesnt take the Butcher signing into account but NJ has about 9 million in cap space now.
  5. Anhkheg

    2019 Offseason Thread

    Ken Holland is the GM of the Oilers, probably the best player the Oilers acquired. While this doesn't mean the Cup, I think the Oilers will start moving in a positive direction.
  6. Anhkheg

    2019 Offseason Thread

    I just really did a guestimate overall, I dont know any specifics for the team, was generalizing. The key point here is we will be getting another marquee or very good player for near to nothing, the question who will that player be and that's anyone's guess.
  7. Anhkheg

    2019 Offseason Thread

    Yes, I mentioned the bag of pucks which is essentially what I meant. The key here is to identify what players will these teams have to move to get under the cap.
  8. Anhkheg

    2019 Offseason Thread

    After doing some research, these are the teams we can potentially end up dealing with VGK/21/85.0M - 80M after clarkson is put on IR, they still need 2 more Dmen and Gusev. Make room for 5 million NYR/22/82.4M - Buchnevich is arbitration eligible. Lemieux/DeAngelo are not waiver exempt. Make room for 7-8 million. TOR/23/77.7M - Even Horton on IR wont give them much cap relief, they need to shed around 8 million to sign marner VAN/24/76.4M - They have Boeser who is in line for a hefty raise, they may wing it TBL/21/75.9M - This is interesting as they have Point to sign and 2 more forwards, they need 8 million or so in cap space BOS/22/73.4M - McAvoy, but they probably need to make room for another 2-3 million cap space CGY/21/71.5M - they have a bunch of RFAs they need to sign, Tkachuk being the best, maybe 2-3 million cap space Now, I do understand that most of you think that these teams will figure out a way to bail themselves out, my take, that wont happen. If you take the total amount that needs to be moved, approximately 40 million, there just aren't enough teams to spread that kind of money around as the teams that are at the bottom still have their own signings to do, whether this year or the next. Whats happened here is that the sum total of all salaries seems to have tallied up near to or exceeded the sum total of the entire cap of all 31 teams combined. Basically, there will two types of trades, some involving multiple players going both ways and others where some major piece and picks/prospect is moved for a bag of pucks. The teams in the middle have some more signings and will most like be near the cap by the time their rosters are complete and may not be able to provide much cap relief. After all the signings and trades, if the only two teams left on Sep 30th are Devils and Leafs, the Devils will be in a position to practically demand anything as leafs would've run out of options. Shero, Sakic and Dorion are probably preparing for this moment, not so much as Sakic, I'd think. Shero might very well upgrade the D as well.
  9. Anhkheg

    2019 Offseason Thread

    To me it seems like our line up is near complete as guys have a lot of confidence in Boqvist making the opening roster. There still seems to be a spot for a RW. Hall - Hischier - Bratt Boqvist - Hughes - Palms Coleman - Zajac - Simmonds Wood - Zacha - ??? (Anderson) Rooney/Hayden Vatanen - Subban Butcher - Severson Greene - Smith Carrick Schneider Blackwood 1. Lots of teams are going to be in cap hell soon after their RFAs are signed. I think Shero does make a couple of major trades prior to October or acquires some really good players via waivers. 2. During the regular season, I think Shero deals Greene to go play for a cup contender as a "favor" and gets something in return. This will open up a spot for a younger player.
  10. Just to pour some salt, he convinced me a long time ago, looks like he still has some ways to go with you. But I do like MB3, love the enthusiasm he brings to his arguments. I think @MB3 and @mfitz804 are real bros or definitely were in some previous life time, they think alike.
  11. Anhkheg

    2019 Offseason Thread

    I agree, I have no problem Bratt being packaged for a bonafide stud. Yes, I stand by my prognosis that Panarin's primary motivation was coming to a big market, more to enjoy the lifestyle rather than winning a cup. Everyone disagreed with me and that's absolutely fine, time will tell. I hope Shero gets Marner and via a trade, the forward core will be complete with this guy for years to come. https://www.northjersey.com/story/sports/nhl/devils/2019/07/02/where-nj-devils-stand-taylor-hall/1614685001/ Excellent article, as I said Shero is patient and is going to take his time with the Devils. Although Hall is a big part of Shero's plan, I know that Shero has a backup and a backup to backup as he is a shrewd GM. Best quote from the article: “This isn’t something to be rushed,” Shero said. “I want the information as well, the layout of what we’ve been thinking. That’s important to Josh and David. Some of the things we’ve done proves that we’ve improved the hockey team, not just for Taylor Hall, but improving our team is the most important thing. But we’re better than we were two weeks ago and we’ll see where we are in a couple months here.”
  12. He knows how to build a fan base and attract people. Amazingly outgoing persona, impressive. Hilarious 10 things about jersey, and yes he calls it Taylor Ham Egg and Cheese, lol. Puts an end to a lot of discussions here. Oh and read the comments.
  13. Anhkheg

    2019 Offseason Thread

    Oh sorry fellas, Panarin's primary motivation to coming to the Rangers was to play for a cup contender and win the Stanley Cup, the bright lights were just an added bonus. Time and time again he iterated how he would bring the Stanley Cup to one of the big market teams and sure as hell felt that the Rangers gave him the best chance to achieve his goal. The only way to find out how serious he was about winning will show in his production this year.
  14. Anhkheg

    2019 Offseason Thread

    From the forwards, dont know if I like anyone too much, I think we will get something a lot better via a trade for an RFA. From the defense, both Gardiner and Chiarot are available, I'd like Shero to get at least one of the two, again we can look for a bargain trade for an RFA. For goalie, totally in a bind, Schneider will determine what happens here.
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