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  1. As much as I want to say NJ, I think he's going to LA. Mike
  2. I'm glad we were able resign Clarkson. I felt he was a must sign. Mike
  3. I'm kinda glad I missed this. Doesnt seem like there were any players there signing and I would have been peeved if there were slim pickings on the sticks by the time I got in. Mike
  4. Anyone hear which players are showing up Sat? The Devils web site doesn't have the info. Mike
  5. I doubt it. I have never seen it on DVD anywhere. Mike
  6. I didn't become a Devils fan until 1993, so I missed Johnny Mac's goal. I went ith Arnott's goal over Pepe's simply because it won us a Cup. Mike
  7. I was able to meet Marty at the NHL store a couple of years ago for a signing he did and he was pretty nice. I got to meet Chico, Danyo and Marshall at a charity hockey game in Brigdewater and they were real nice, Chico even asked me if his auto was acceptable on the puck he sgned for me and I met Driver at a bar down the street from the Rock and got him to sign this huge 16x20 piece I was working on. Then I promptly got drunk and lost it during the night. Mike
  8. I too like Arnott and hope this move works out. I'm just thinking we should be getting younger. Mike
  9. Seems like everyone is forgetting about the guy who created the championship athmosphere the team enjoys today. When he retires, I'd like to see Lou's name in the rafters as well.
  10. Not really. I have seen people leave with ten sticks at a time.
  11. http://nhl.fanhouse.com/2010/06/14/mets-owners-working-with-real-estate-firm-on-queens-arena-for-is/ I'm actually in favor of it. It doesn't take the Islanders too far from their fan base and they get their new facility. The Town of Hempstead has been messing with Wang and the Islanders for far too long. They need a new arena. If the Isles can't stay on the Island, this would be a great second option.
  12. I'm hoping Sarge shows up as well. Stevens was there 2 years ago and I gt shut out on him. I may skip the line for the others and get on Stevens line early if he shows up. Mike
  13. Any word yet on who's appearing for the autograph session? I'm working on the 2003 chamiponship team pic and all I have so far is Marty.
  14. I'll fill out for free tix now, but I will probably pick up the VIP's next week.
  15. Man, I wish I could afford season tix. Congrats to all you lucky people.
  16. No player apperance for autos then?
  17. As soon as I saw that, I thought to myself; Great, now I have to hear it from Mets fans about how classless Yankee fans are. Sure enough, I got about 3 of my friends who are Mets fans laughing about it.
  18. Prince of Persia is probably one I will avoid. The accent on Gyllenhal sounds god awful. Probably just as bad as the one Keanu Reeves had in Dracula. I'll satisfy the kid in me by seeing Shrek this weekend, followed by Toy Story 3. Already seen Iron Man 2 3 times and enjoyed every minute.
  19. I'd wait just a little longer.
  20. I pray I'm hungover so I dont find myself watching this game.
  21. I saw this and was stunned that the Devils owe Newark over 200 million dollars. Hopefully, that won't affect the team staying there or having to be sold.
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