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  1. #firelouplz That's great that he should tell the team first, but this business of keeping the fans in the dark is getting really old. Where's all the people claiming that as "paying fans" we all have the right to know what's going on with the team? Now's as good a time as ever to make that assertion... What exactly are Lou's/The Management's motives here?! Just say F the rest of the season and start fresh next year? Firing PDB, if that was going to happen anyway, should have been done last off-season and a new coach installed before camp. There's no way this setup will come together in time
  2. where's Єklund (2.3% accurate) with his take on the situation?
  3. I agree with everything except keeping the shootout. All it is, is a soccer-style gimmick for the casual fans who want a thrill. Outside of a true penalty shot, it's just not hockey-like to decide a close game based on who can beat a goalie one on one. I'll just be happy if one day, they come to their senses, get rid of the shootout, and if you still can't get a winner after dropping down to 3 on 3 then just call it a tie already.
  4. F the Blues, Great that Marty got to play again if that's what he wants, but it didn't matter to me one bit what team he went to, as long as it wasn't the Rangers, Isles, Flyers or Pens. I'm not going to watch a Blues game even if he is playing, not going to root for them...I'll only watch if our team isn't playing and it's like a game on NBCSports or some national game. It's great people still show support for Marty, and I wish him well (though it'll always be an asterisk on his legacy because it was always talked about that he'd be a career Devil and all that) but i'd rather focus on our own team instead of bailing because we're doing lousy and a former player is playing for someone else now. But that's just me.
  5. I really have to wonder WHY we need corporate sponsorship league wide...is the league doing that bad, or is it just a huge money grab?
  6. Wow was not expecting to see a Brazzers logo for the Flyers, but it's pretty fitting....
  7. I don't know too much about soccer other than when I passively watch the World Cup or Olympics, but it sounds like Arsenal in the UK, you'd expect their jerseys to say "Arsenal" on them or have the official team logo...no, their jerseys just say "Fly Emerates" on the front...first impression from the ingonrants is "so they are the Fly Emerates team?" What I see this lead to as well iif it gets too out of control is worse than AHL level ads on the ice, more like Euro standards - pretty much every piece of white space is sponsored by someone so it's hard to tell where the lines and faceoff dots are. If the goalie wasn't standing on it almost the whole game, the crease would be one big ad as well. Even paint the goal nets with some kind of ad
  8. Well not the Devils themselves, but some guys watched a little too much disney before the game...
  9. I'm also a Giants fan, in the past couple seasons since their last beatdown of the Pats (for the second time in the superbowl!) they've had a habit of sh!tting the bed at the worst times in a season. Their biggest problem is consistency, but true the Jets seem to be regressing to the time when they were always a 1-15 team, or close to it. We have been spoiled growing up with having the greatest goaltender of all time saving our asses even though we have a terrible game, appearing in the playoffs almost as a given each year, and now that it may not always be a given, it's like the sky has fallen and it's a new age of despair... Some just have to take the bitter with the sweet, and not o looking for a witch hunt after a few bad games, or disappointing seasons. Part of the problem filling seats is the price but also of course the economy, everything getting more expensive all the time because, well 'reasons' and some of it has to do with the location of the arena - Newark. Despite what people have said about Newark 'revitalizing' and all that, that's maybe just within a few blocks of the arena, to around Penn Station. I wouldn't venture very far outside that area. Hearing stories in the paper about people being shot all the time doesn't help peoples' fears about going in there. Also, with weekday games especially, if you are like me and don't want to drive in and leave your car where (I at least) don't fully trust anyone near it, you take mass transit, usually a train. Those tickets aren't exactly cheap round trip and are just another expense on top of game tickets, food inside or outside the arena and whatever else. Plus you're at the mercy of NJT's schedule so if you don't make a train, you're probably screwed for at least half an hour. A lot of people working carrer jobs have to work til at least 5 these days if not longer and can't just leave early all the time to catch a train to the game, so they end up there late, or would love to go but aren't going to pay for tickets to a game they're going to miss the first half of. It used to be better back when we played at 7:30 instead of 7, it gave people a little more time to get there. But also, if you bring kids on a school night, you have to deal with getting home really late and all that. And don't get me started with the drunks on the train. Yes, many of them are amusing to watch from a distance, but they're obnoxiously loud, and you know if you make eye contact with them, you'll end up part of their shenanigans. It's a pick-and-choose, but many times it comes down to people being unable to go during the week because of timing, and the fact they gotta get up for work the next morning, price of everything, but some being able to justify it all if they know there's a good chance to see the Devils win...I hate to see that last one be a real factor but it is, no one's going to want to casually come to a game to watch a team lose.
  10. "I am Lord, ya ya ya" damn it that song is in my head, thanks South Park...
  11. well losing that bad sucks but it's better than hearing everyone complain how the sky fell because we lost in a shootout, and then see people get flamed for criticizing the league for even having a shootout to decide tie games... I'd rather hear bitching about a big loss in regulation than "how bad we are at shootouts" (that shouldn't even be a part of a game that counts for anything) But hey, it's all part of "the new NHL" right? more scoring, lousy defense, no ties, penalties for the puck going over the glass, trapezoids, people being afraid to hit like Stevens did because you'll get a fine and suspension if you hit another player anywhere near the head...I miss the days where you tied in regulation, went to OT, played 5 mins 5 on 5 and then if nobody scores, call it a tie and go home. Hockey just isn't the same anymore. We're also not a team that adapts well to big paradigm shifts like that.
  12. he's laboring under the idea that Henrique is French Canadian. He's Portuguese Canadian lol
  13. it's confirmed on the Devils website what the song is. Yeah the tacked-on chant is kind of off-putting, like the management is giving you a script and saying "this is what you're allowed to say, say anything negative and we'll kick you out", but the music isn't half bad. The biggest complaint people probably have with the "You Suck" is that the owners are trying to police what everyone says in the stands...I know some people are going to be like "well buying a ticket to the game doesn't give you rights to just do/say what you want" and to an extent, that's true, but it also sort of does...you paid good money to have a good time, and if you have to actively watch what you say, even if it isn't swearing but maybe a little PG-13 language, it kind of becomes a pain in the ass. Especially with everyone being offended by everything these days... That all being said, I can support this song. It's nowhere near as bad as I was expecting they'd try and make it. They actually did a good job now that I've heard it a few times, it'll grow on you.
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