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  1. We'll see I still think we'll add another piece, but I honestly think it ranges from very bad to very good. They need to score. This team dominated teams last year at times when Kovy was out. Out-shooting Ottawa 34-14 and 33-11, Toronto 32-13, Boston 40-26 during that 10 game span Kovy was out. I know shot total doesn't mean everything, but those of us that watched those games know we outplayed all those teams significantly in those games. They were all playoff teams and one was in the finals. I think most of us agreed despite losing Clarkson, due to the additions this was going to be a better
  2. This is my theory on why he suddenly left. He obviously enjoyed it over there during the lockout, and expressed his sentiments to Lou upon returning last season. Still doesn't seem like a guy to just walk away from this huge deal on short notice like that. I think he told the Devils he'll stay for a few more years as long as they need him, but he does not want to stay in the US for this entire contract. I think the Devils told him to think about it and if he really wanted to go back to Russia it had to be done this year before cap penalties got worse and worse the longer he stayed without fulf
  3. I know most of us wanted the 6 seed to play Florida last year, but we didn't know how tough that series was going to be. I still think everyone was happy with the results. I know this thread may seem early, but there are only about 20 games left. I think Boston and Pitt finish 1 and 2. Probably leaves Montreal at the 4th seed. I know they're young, but they scare me a little. I think the highest we finish is 5th unless we get really hot. The 3rd seed probably ends up with a point total near the 7th or 8th seed. Still the way it may turn out I would rather them than Bos, Pi
  4. She's your friend? Post up some hot pics of her from her Facebook.
  5. I want Hemsky. Has had injury problems and hasn't produced as well the last couple years, but if he can stay healthy and play with his fellow countryman Elias i think he would be great.
  6. JustinZ

    Plan B: Now What?

    We need a top 6 winger. Really wish Parise would have told us sooner he wasn't coming back so we could have gone after Parenteau. He had 50 assists last year. Would have been great to have him feeding Kovy the puck.
  7. I just saw my a$$hole coworker wrote this on my account after I left work yesterday.
  8. JustinZ

    Stop the Panic

    I'm not gonna sit here and say we're gonna win in 7. Odds are we're not, but there's still a chance. Crazier/more unlikely things happen everyday in this world than a hockey team winning four games in a row. First we need to come out tomorrow night score the first goal and put a few past Quick so our guys realize we CAN score on this guy. Would be nice if we scored on the powerplay also. Then we need to go back home and get a win. That will break the Kings away streak and put some serious doubts in their heads. Suddenly all the pressure is on them for game 6 and we're playing on borrowed tim
  9. Detroit did it in the first round.
  10. The Overhead picture is awesome. I actually just got an email from groupon to put a photo on a 16 X 20 canvas for $29 bucks. I might do it with that shot.
  11. http://www.stonecoldgear.com/sports.html
  12. JustinZ

    5/20 Line Changes

    I've wanted Sykora on the 4th line for months now. Now that the 4th line is playing good there's not even room for him there. I like the guy, but he is just too slow and too weak on the puck. Would absolutely love to see Josefson score one tomorrow.
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