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  1. They do not look like professional athletes in that picture.
  2. what are the rules on that? because that was clearly a trip. They say the devils don't practice shootouts. WELL MAYBE ITS TIME THEY fvckING START.
  3. Easy Parise


    I wrote it down. Anyone else want to make any bold statements?
  5. Easy Parise

    Paging Manta!

    Ctrl + F "Mantaray" was disappointed. I even brought popcorn
  6. so now can we play hedberg... broduer faced 17 shots, let in 3, and then let in EVERY SINGLE SHOOTOUT GOAL GLOVE SIDE.
  7. Easy Parise

    Travis Zajac

    All the talk about Parise's UFA and Zajac's injury has kind of pushed back discussion of our ex #1 center. Well, after next season his contract is up and he'll be free to roam the plains of free agency. Do you guys think we'll make a solid effort toward retaining him? His current contract is a 3.8 hit, but we're paying him 4.8 a year currently. There was a time when he was our only true center, but elias and henrique have been filling in just fine. Thoughts? Full disclosure: I'm going to buy a jersey soon and I don't want to buy his if he runs away after next season.
  8. I'm gonna have to go ahead and agree with the dog here. Start hedberg more.
  9. The first line is normally "let's go devils!" From there you have to use the words you know to fill in the rest, and then look at the remaining unknowns and try to piece together a coherent sentence.
  10. It takes a lot more than a puck to the face to stop the A-train.
  11. install add block, right click, add to filter. you'll never see it again. In fact I had already blocked it so I can only guess which one you are talking about.
  12. I'm sorry but that second goal was horsesh!t. I'm sick of seeing marty's lazy ass back there. Who cares if you can beat the atlanta thrashers twice in a row.
  13. to be fair he deserved the marty chant. that was fvcking awful.
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