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  1. since marner is an rfa this can always be revisted mid july if trades and free agency hasn't gone well and marner hasn't signed yet. just thought it was an interesting thing to think about.
  2. How about a hall for marner trade? Sign marner for 5-6 years since he doesn't want 8 years with Toronto. This allows the rebuild to continue for another year or two and in a few years the team is ready for a run. Might have to add a bit since hall is a ufa after this season.
  3. Brilliant strategy after suffering through this pathetic season. I wonder if they even told those people earlier in the year that their grandfathered price would be no more?
  4. Perfectly said. I'm probably opting out after 8 years and going the stubhub/buying from others route. For many reasons the love you speak of is basically gone for me. So to not have to worry about upcoming games that I have to go to or try to sell, this just sounds much better. I'll pick a few per month at my convenience. I just went on a membership points tear so they won't be wasted.
  5. Wait until January/February. Then you'll see way more anger from the fans. The organization as of now is a dumpster fire with holes everywhere. There is no fix coming anytime soon. They stink on offense, defense, and goaltending. As a 10 year sth if they raise my price 1 cent I'm walking. This isn't worth my time or money. It's early December and already going to games is a chore.
  6. And the devils stole it from Carolina. There isn't much original content anywhere.
  7. Posters and retirement small red pins were at the den for awhile. At least past the 1st intermission. I ended up going back towards the end of the 2nd period and grabbed a few of the pucks that were used in the elias ceremony. It's a cool little keepsake which I put in the elias retirement puck case. It was a fantastic night, best in a long time.
  8. if you don't know already, some tickets were released at face value. a few left at ticketmaster.
  9. i'd be willing to trade the mini stick from last night for a brodeur banner. if anyone is interested let me know.
  10. I saw a pair during the amex presale in the 200s for around $65 a ticket. But be prepared to pay at least $15 more than face for fees and now a tax.
  11. It's their account number so I doubt anyone would just give it out.
  12. looks like the released a few pairs and 3s in the upper level mostly
  13. It didn't help that they went live at 9 but the email didn't come till around 9:40. Luckily I was able to get great mezz seats for this.
  14. nobody knows. supposedly an e-mail will be sent out tomorrow morning with full details with your password.
  15. devils744

    2017 UFA Thread

    so what's more annoying? lou's retreads or shero's penguin player fetish?
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