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  1. From a game-watching perspective I hate this. If I wanted this kind of thing I'd have been watching simulated games on one of the EA sports games. But it will be interesting how it impacts scouting and coaching. All the advanced stats that we as fans keep track of were originally put into place for scouting and coaching purposes and have refined how GM's and coaches view players and the game. That's where I think this will have more impact. Younger fans might appreciate this on a viewing level, but I anticipate greater than FOX Glowpuck levels of backlash if they force it down the throats of those of us that have left our high school days behind.
  2. NewarkDevil5

    Berglund - Any interest?

    Not saying we don't need forwards; just saying that we have more glaring inadequacies in goal and on defense.
  3. NewarkDevil5

    Berglund - Any interest?

    Not that forwards are really where we need to focus on improving, but the Sabres and Berglund are parting ways, he's fairly young and was a pretty good player not that long ago. Any interest?
  4. NewarkDevil5

    GDT: Toronna vs Your New Jersey Devils - 12/18/2018 @ 7:00PM

    I just want to point out that if the season were to have ended today our team GAA would be 3.6875. Just for reference's sake, the last time we were over 3.00 GAA (although we've skirted very near to it the last two seasons) was in 1993 and the last time we gave up goals at a higher rate than we have this season was 1989. This is looking to be a historically bad season.
  5. NewarkDevil5

    GDT: Devils at Los Angeles 12/6 - 10:30pm MSG+

    While I absolutely agree with you with regard to the neutral zone decisions, I think the quality of chances LA was getting was far too high especially given the fact that LA wasn't playing at all well either. Also, it doesn't all boil down to coverage. A lot of it is decision making in the defensive zone as well. A lot of times they aren't waiting until the neutral zone before making their stupid decisions.
  6. NewarkDevil5

    GDT: Devils at Los Angeles 12/6 - 10:30pm MSG+

    I'm happy we got the win, because at the end of the day I am a fan of this team, but honestly this team is playing terribly and the only reason they won is that the Kings played worse. Kinkaid may have allowed 1 goal that was his fault, but he made lots of really tough saves throughout the game and got lucky on so many others (crossbar, post combo comes to mind among others). If this team can't start tightening up the defensive zone play then Hughes or whoever else they might draft with their lotto pick isn't going to do much to help. Honestly, as much as goaltending is an issue, the quality of chances against is an even bigger issue and that's on the coaches.
  7. NewarkDevil5

    GDT: Devils @ Maple Leafs, 11/9/18 7:00pm, MSG+

    This team has talent up front. The defense in front of the goal is an absolute horrid mess and needs to be fixed. Honestly, if that can be fixed, the rest of the team is fairly well-functioning.
  8. NewarkDevil5

    Devils 2018-2019 news and notes thread

    As did I (including in Lacrosse which is somewhat crazier than being as protected as you are in hockey). I still never in my wildest dreams thought about taking a snack break midperiod.
  9. NewarkDevil5

    Devils 2018-2019 news and notes thread

    Hadn't seen this article posted yet. Kinkaid's a funny bird: https://sports.yahoo.com/fueled-confidence-pretzels-keith-kinkaid-233923028.html
  10. NewarkDevil5

    Harris and Blitzer betting big on Newark

    I just want to say that it's so nice that I don't have to argue this particular subject anymore with the vigor that I did years ago. The arena has brought about enough change among enough people to where even if there are still a lot of people who maintain the old views about Newark, there are people who otherwise would never have had reason to take an interest in this subject that are noticing the changes and willing to comment in the positive. Beware TL:DR ahead: As far as gentrification and displacement is concerned, the only reason that is an issue is because of the flight of middle and upper class families out of urban areas in the first place. As far as Newark being a drain on the rest of the state and Essex County, Newark also takes on an awful lot of NIMBY-type important infrastructure and service to the state and county that, by virtue of the home-rule obsession of this state, people in the rest of the county and state use but don't have to deal with having within their municipal boundaries. The airport, seaport, prisons, rail hubs, government buildings, universities, museums, interstate highways, etc. are all used by everyone throughout the state, but aren't paying taxes to Newark's coffers (yes, I know the PANYNJ paid Newark for the usage of their land and the city used it to pay for the Prudential Center, but the details of that transaction highlight the fact that Newark is actually leveraging one for the good of the region NIMBY to bring in yet another one). In reality, home-rule has redlined cities like Newark on a socio-economic level. It allows the people of the suburbs to simultaneously use all the services housed in those cities and look down their noses at how terribly mismanaged those cities are--all the while not understanding that without those cities and the services they provide, their land values would be considerably lower and their taxes would be considerably higher. By segregating our municipal government boundaries on the basis of land values and trying to perfect the blend of children eligible for the very greatest school district, you're creating a system of enormous imbalances in services and opportunity. Mind you, this isn't on its face a racist issue, but it absolutely can and has manifested itself that way in many instances. Consolidation of municipalities like those that make up Essex County and other very dense areas of the state so that a broader spread of the socio-economic spectrum are all forced to coexist and share both the burdens and the advantages of the services offered by the area is the solution. Essex County was laid out as a single city, not 22. The vast majority of the major roads in the county run into downtown Newark. The county is the 14th densest in the country. It should all be one city.
  11. NewarkDevil5

    2018 Offseason Thread

    What constitutes a career-ending injury? Does a new-found allergy to hockey equipment qualify?
  12. I'm thinking we're not used to much effort being made to keep the farm team competitive under the previous administration of this organization. On a side note, btw, Lou's complete indifference to the farm team seemed to begin midway through his tenure in NJ. It coincides with Conte's inability to spot anyone of relevance in draft years that wasn't a first round layup after he late 90s early 00s. People may not realize or remember, but Albany won the Calder Cup in 1995 the same year the big team won the Stanley Cup and had very competitive teams up until the point of John Madden making the jump to the NHL in 1999-2000. They literally dropped 30 points in the standings that year and have been largely terrible ever since.
  13. NewarkDevil5

    2018 Offseason Thread

    It'd be worth going after a guy who's almost a PPG player 3 seasons into his NHL career.
  14. NewarkDevil5

    What’s your max offer for Tavares

    When you have time, you use it.....
  15. NewarkDevil5

    2018 Offseason Thread


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