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  1. Zen in the art of being a basement dweller fan...
  2. I think they should have gone Seattle Choppers.... 🤫
  3. Nope, they've been 6-4-0 in their last 10 and are on a 4 game winning streak and we've been 5-3-2 in our last 10.
  4. https://www.dallasnews.com/sports/stars/2020/01/03/former-stars-coach-jim-montgomery-checks-into-rehab-for-alcohol-abuse-says-it-was-appropriate-call-to-fire-him/ Seems Jim Montgomery was fired for issues related to alcoholism. I say hire him as soon as he steps foot out of rehab.
  5. Yeah, but I'll be honest if we're bringing back old coaches he did okay defensively but horrific offensively. We would be trading one problem for another.
  6. I don't want Pete DeBoer because we already know what he brings and it wasn't good enough even with a fairly stacked San Jose team. I want a guy who says we need to change the culture of mediocrity in Dallas because a culture of mediocrity would be an improvement over what this NJ team currently has.
  7. I don't know what Jim Montgomery did to get fired, but after seeing how the Stars played, that's exactly how I want the Devils playing. I'd take a chance on him as long as he could whip this team into that kind of shape. Actually, Butcher played under Montgomery in U of Denver. Maybe he could provide a reference to Shero
  8. I'm liking the long-term potential of a Bratt-Zacha-Boqvist line.
  9. We got 4 years of Taylor Hall for an Adam Larsson who had played 5 full seasons in the NHL. Once again there's a difference between a prospect and a player.
  10. I feel like I remember those kinds of predictions for Adam Larsson as well. I'm not saying we'll get an established star defenseman for half a year of Hall, but I am saying that half a year of Hall plus the edge of a easier re-signing that being able to offer an extra year provides is worth at least a blue chip prospect who has never played an NHL game if not that plus filler.
  11. For a guy who has never played an NHL game before? Yeah that's a bridge too far for me. NHL experience, even on bad teams, has a value. We had Adam Larsson and at the point before he'd played an NHL game many of us would have valued him in much the same way as Byram is valued, but all of us look back on trading him for Hall as a steal. He didn't develop into quite what we thought he would and that might have been partially due to coaching as well as some other holes in his talent arsenal that weren't focused upon at draft time but right now this team has not shown that it can coach to develop defensemen.
  12. Regardless of Byram's bonafides as a prospect, until he plays an NHL game he's still just that, a prospect. Blue chip, yes, but even blue chip prospects can crash and burn at the NHL level. I'm okay with retaining some of Hall's salary but at worst the trade should be one for one with conditionally more if Hall re-signs. Hall is an established star with an MVP pedigree. Byram has never played an NHL game.
  13. Mike Haviland. He's been coaching Colorado College for the past several years with lousy results.
  14. NewarkDevil5


    You could bring in Bobby Orr and with the way this team has been coached to play we'd be wondering if he was worth league minimum. If four other guys have their heads in their rear the fifth will look bad too. The team has been coached to force the dangerous play over the safe one each and every time (which would be unpredictable in a "no one could be that stupid" kind of way the first couple of times it happens but eventually teams catch on and exploit it).
  15. NewarkDevil5


    This team has a coaching problem. That is obvious and it is something that management is at the very least aware of to a degree. The troubling thing is that I am not sure after what was said in yesterday's press conference that Shero understands what is wrong with the coaching and philosophy this team has. The issues in the defensive zone pointed out by Stevens underscore a larger issue of how this team plays in all zones of the ice. Hockey is a game of risk/reward ratios and certain areas and plays have a higher ratio of risk to reward than others. This team routinely passes pucks to the slot on breakouts. Any two-bit mighty mite coach would tell you that's a higher risk area to pass to on a breakout than virtually any other option. This team relies on drop passes and doubling back in high danger areas of the neutral zone which lead to turnovers and odd man rushes the other way. Players don't have a great idea of where each other are in the offensive zone because there seems to be little real structure to our play in that area which leads to turnovers as well which is sad because that is actually the zone we're the most structured and systematic in. Players pinching don't get replaced by others dropping and when turnovers happen against the backcheck is lackluster at best. That last part is probably on the players, but the rest is on coaching. Blackwood is an excellent goalie, but he's young and the kind of situations he is in can really damage his confidence and psyche. We have a lot of good elements to this team but you can't succeed at this level without a proper system in which players know where each other are and are going to be. You can rely on skill and hard work without too much structure at lower levels but not at the NHL level. This was posted in the wrong thread, but regarding Subban, no defenseman is going to look good in this situation. Sami Vatanen has looked just as lousy as Subban even with the announcers singing his praises between costly turnovers and mistakes.
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