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  1. There is no real way to address the differences in taxes that doesn't penalize teams in high tax states and countries. It's enough that it ranges from states like Florida with no state income tax to states like California and NJ with high state income tax, but then you've got the difference in Canadian income tax systems from province to province. When you add in the fact that Canadian teams bring in revenue in CAD and have to payroll in USD (effectively, they actually pay in CAD adjusted to USD value) with all the fluctuations involved in that exchange this would be a nightmare for even a motivated league to solve. This isn't that motivated of a league to solve these particular problems. The salary cap system as it stands has brought teams within enough of a range of one another that it has alleviated most of the issues of teams declaring bankruptcy for the most part and the teams that are too weak even with the current system would remain too weak even if the tax and currency issues were fully addressed.
  2. NewarkDevil5

    Hughes or Kakko

    The biggest question to me is, what does @Jas0nMacIsaac think? He's been the most consistent prognosticator of draft picks on this board for the better part of two decades.
  3. It took a really tough concept for people to fathom and tried its best to make it work in a movie. It's been a long while since I watched it, but I remember feeling like they could've done a lot better but that considering the subject matter, it was decently well done. Ashton Kutcher in a serious role was probably the most difficult thing for me to work through at the time.
  4. Wouldn't that be the great irony. Us poaching Lou's UFAs.
  5. Whether their role was flashy or not, guys like Oliwa, Rupp and Janssen managed to have NHL careers. That's a lot more than can be said for Matt Corrente or Adrian Foster.
  6. It's not our fault, there are just other teams in the league that just suck too bad to let us be last.....
  7. Remember when winning 2 in a row didn't seem like that much of an achievement?
  8. You probably are taking the better odds overall and I'm inclined to agree with you that the odds are pretty good he'll continue to bust, but I would say there are better odds of him getting better than he is now than someone like Gryba who is 5 years older and has played all of 100 more NHL games.
  9. Fact is that I don't know what I'm seeing either because I've only seen him play one game with us, but he was good in that game for a guy who had no idea what the system was. His instincts were good, his skating speed was good, his passing was good. He's got a lot of good tools, but defensemen are finicky. The same defenseman who blossoms in one system flounders in another. I never rule out defensemen and power forwards until they hit about 27 years old. Murphy's close to that point, but he's not there yet.
  10. Our defense was already a problem which is why we drafted Larsson the summer prior and were so thrilled about it. These are our defensemen from that year: 29 Mark Fayne us D 24 6-3 209 R/- 1 May 15, 1987 2 Kurtis Foster ca D 30 6-5 225 R/- 8 November 24, 1981 2 Mark Fraser ca D 25 6-4 220 L/- 3 September 29, 1986 6 Andy Greene us D 29 5-11 190 L/- 5 October 30, 1982 21 Peter Harrold us D 28 5-11 180 R/- 5 June 8, 1983 5 Adam Larsson se D 19 6-3 210 R/- R November 12, 1992 24 Bryce Salvador ca D 35 6-4 215 L/- 9 February 11, 1976 7 Henrik Tallinder se D 33 6-4 215 L/- 9 January 10, 1979 32 Matt Taormina us D 25 5-10 182 L/- 1 October 20, 1986 33 Alexander Urbom se D 21 6-5 215 L/- 1 December 20, 1990 28 Anton Volchenkov su D 29 6-1 220 L/- 8 February 25, 1982 2 Marek Zidlicky cs D 34 5-11 190 R/- 7 February 3, 1977 As far as comparing Larsson to Murphy being from the same draft years, different players find their fit at different times. Defensemen by and large develop slower than forwards. Adam Larsson just happened to be on a team that was so starved for young defensemen that they gave him that role and kept putting him out there until the warts were gone. Other players don't always get afforded that luxury. He's obviously got some tools. Those were apparent even in the one game he played for us. Then again, maybe it's best for him not to develop with the big club seeing as how Nasreddine can't seem to help any young defensemen improve their game.
  11. I understand that the situations aren't a perfect comparison, but while the team was in better shape, defense was already starting to become an issue even back then and more specifically mobile defensemen as that was the direction that the league was heading. The issue here in some ways is more dire in every way. We honestly don't have that many competent defensemen to ice on a given night. Guys like Yakovlev and Murphy may wind up going nowhere, but right now they're our property and have more possibilities than the guys we're icing. That is not the right move.
  12. I agree with this. I don't want another Anton Stralman (although obviously the situation isn't identical in that one was a preseason look at a guy where we decided we didn't have room and the other was a KHL free agent from another country that we took a flyer on) where some other team winds up picking up a guy that we dropped that winds up being a very serviceable piece. We're not in a position where we can afford to do that.
  13. I'll admit that I was all in for Nichushkin that year, but then again rumor I've heard is we were most interested in Max Domi if we hadn't traded.
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