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  1. February 24th Elias night

    I'm not sure, Idk what exactly was said / offered by either party. So for me it was just a little disappointing as a fan and I'll probably never get to know which side contributed more to Marty leaving. To tie it back to Elias, it's all the more special that he finished his career with the Devils. I find it unique and noteworthy and something I wish I could say for #30.
  2. February 24th Elias night

    Context is everything. Patty was told thank you for your time, go get yourself a contract from someone else. The Rangers were the last man standing after the field dwindled down and might have been it until Elias gave Lou one last shot. They are very different scenarios. Idk if I'm considered one of those people who "bagged on" Marty for those 8 games, but it did upset me a little. It still does. It would have upset me as much if Elias did the same thing. I'm extremely happy he did not and that he decided finished his career as a Devil. For me, to go the distance with one team makes it a little more special.
  3. Olympic Hockey

    There are probably a lot of upset Canadians right now with that loss to Germany. Hopefully the NHL and the Olympics find a compromise. Maybe move hockey to the summer Olympics?
  4. GDT: Devils vs Stars 7:00 12/15

    Travis should get an assist, his loose stick was instrumental twice on that play
  5. Devils name Roland Melanson new goalie coach

    Nooooo Tbone =[
  6. The Devils Uniforms

    Would have preferred no change, but I don't hate it. All things considered it could have been a lot worse.
  7. Things the NHL needs to fix

    -I'd like to see point distribution go to a zero sum game. My preference is to remove shootouts and go with Win / Tie / Loss = 2 / 1 / 0, I never found ties to be boring but I know I'm in the minority on that. short of that, Reg. Win / OT Win / OT Loss / Loss = 3 / 2 / 1 / 0 -Remove the trapezoid -I'd like to see the "puck over glass" penalty modified to either go back to ref's discretion or be challenge-able. -I don't really have a probably with challenging offside or goalie interference right now, but if it becomes abused a little too much maybe the punishment for getting a call wrong is a "delay of game" penalty instead of losing a timeout On the positive side, after thinking I would hate the hybrid icing I think it works great.

  9. GDT: Game 6 - Devils vs Coyotes - 7PM

    I think that clearing attempt hit a Coyotes stick anyway, so it shouldn't have been icing. They would have had about 10 seconds to turn it around into something, possible but we likely win anyway. If I was a 'yotes fan, I would be more upset with the phantom penalty.
  10. Isles considering moving to Queens, teaming up with Mets

    Technically still on the island. They could move to Staten Island a few years later and really round out the boroughs.
  11. Palmieri replaces Callahan on Team USA

    It's an NHL sanctioned tournament, but I don't think there is any requirement that you have an NHL contract to be on a team. Half the European rosters have non NHL'ers. If for some reason Kyle wanted to play in the KHL professionally he would still be eligible to play for team USA, no?
  12. Palmieri replaces Callahan on Team USA

    Not really, injuries are part of the game and the odds are pretty remote at that. He could just as easily get injured in camp. And the Olympic tournaments produce some of the best hockey I've seen in my life, I hope it stays forever.
  13. Palmieri replaces Callahan on Team USA

    Because of the team N. America thing? I agree it's doofy but it's not like there is a guaranteed chance this match up will even happen. I don't think it takes anything from the players who are representing whole countries.
  14. Palmieri replaces Callahan on Team USA

    These guys aren't our property, representing your country is a great honor.
  15. Panthers New Logo

    Feels "soccer-ish". I like it.