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  1. Requesting permission to staple this to my signature 🤣
  2. 🤣 Not smelly, I swear! I would love Brossoit as well and you pretty much hit the nail on the head as far as why. Allen’s performance after the deadline was really eye-opening (to me, at least). Almost as if he was the living embodiment of “and I took that personally” with regard to Fitz saying he’s the intended #2. Brossoit/Allen each taking a healthy share of the workload has me feeling good about the crease as well as the potential to improve what’s in front it. (Edited for formatting.)
  3. Would Brossoit be considered a “shocking” move?
  4. Always love the after-dark game nights. LGD!
  5. Optimism unbound; here's to the new journey - Let's Go Devils!
  6. puckrock

    Schneider Upset

    I made the exact comment about that situation in my twitter. Totally unacceptable for anyone to quit on a play, not mention a named leader.
  7. If the Devils do something to honor him on opening night, I believe a DE-NIS chant is in store.
  8. I've been wishing this for YEARS. Can we rally to make this happen?!
  9. As the Flames GM I've made an offer to Jose Theodore so I can (hopefully) drop Kiprusoff to coincide with his real-life retirement. Trying to keep it as realistic as possible but I'd go 0-82 with Ramo as my starter
  10. Just got in from work, will join the NHL GM league tomorrow morning. Looking forward to playing with everyone!
  11. Do you still have Calgary available for the Regular GM League? Ill take 'em: GT is sauceburn. Also, I may have a friend who is interested, you mind if he joins too? Thanks!
  12. 232 Row 3. Side by side seats. Asking $60 for the pair. Email tix. get me on twitter @joebechtel or email joe@josephbechtel.com
  13. Fairly certain I put "RUMOR" in the thread title. It's a discussion board. If you don't want to talk or read about it, then don't click on it.
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