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  1. puckrock

    Schneider Upset

    I made the exact comment about that situation in my twitter. Totally unacceptable for anyone to quit on a play, not mention a named leader.
  2. If the Devils do something to honor him on opening night, I believe a DE-NIS chant is in store.
  3. I've been wishing this for YEARS. Can we rally to make this happen?!
  4. As the Flames GM I've made an offer to Jose Theodore so I can (hopefully) drop Kiprusoff to coincide with his real-life retirement. Trying to keep it as realistic as possible but I'd go 0-82 with Ramo as my starter
  5. Just got in from work, will join the NHL GM league tomorrow morning. Looking forward to playing with everyone!
  6. Do you still have Calgary available for the Regular GM League? Ill take 'em: GT is sauceburn. Also, I may have a friend who is interested, you mind if he joins too? Thanks!
  7. 232 Row 3. Side by side seats. Asking $60 for the pair. Email tix. get me on twitter @joebechtel or email joe@josephbechtel.com
  8. Fairly certain I put "RUMOR" in the thread title. It's a discussion board. If you don't want to talk or read about it, then don't click on it.
  9. I'm not even believing there's even interest until a real reputable source mentions it. I'm not sure how I would feel if Heatley came to NJ. Maybe the Heatley from 5 years ago, but now he could end up Rolston 2.0 for all we know.
  10. Seeing this pop up on my Twitter feed a lot the last hour or so: Obviously I'm taking this with a huge grain of salt -- it could be nothing more than another "HockeyyInsiderr" just trolling us, but hey -- it's conversation! So, thoughts?
  11. puckrock

    I miss Doc....

    You've got to be kidding me.
  12. True about the playoffs, but the onset of Carter/Bernier/Gionta I think more than made up for Sykora. Keep in mind he did have a 20-goal year. With Parise gone, the Devils will need all the scoring they can get.
  13. Big thanks for all your dedication to your feed. I've used it more than once while at work or away. I totally understand you having to pass the torch. Enjoy the new digs, hopefully there will be hockey for you to enjoy very soon!
  14. FiOS requires all TV's to have a box as well, otherwise you get nada. I left Dolan-vision for FiOS a few years ago. I wouldn't go back if they offered me FREE service. FiOS really is THAT much better. Plus, NHL Network comes as part of your cable package. If I'm not mistaken, Dolan-vision still makes you add a sports package. Yes, it's cheap, but free > cheap any day.
  15. Cool idea, OP. You can get me on Twitter, too: @joebechtel
  16. The fact that Semin can score from outside the hash marks should be reason enough to go get him.
  17. Score early in the 3rd, take care of business our side of the blue line. Nothing more.
  18. Luongo for Lecavalier. Straight up.
  19. Strong feeling this one goes to OT... That being said, Sykora for the game-winner. I predict a 2-1 Devs final. Need a big one from you, Marty!
  20. The only thing keeping me going right now is Brodeur's track record in bounce-back games. Especially in the playoffs. He knows he sh!t the bed in Game 3, so expect a big game from him in Game 4. DeBoer knows this as well or he would have committed to Hedberg. The most frightening thing to me is not knowing how the forwards and defensemen will respond. I know how mentally taxing a loss like that can be, particularly during the playoffs. The series is only 2-1 -- a win tomorrow and it's a brand new one. If that's not enough to motivate the troops, then they deserve to pack up early. I'm trying my best to remain optimistic, but nonetheless I'm nervous about being in the building tomorrow for my first playoff game since the incident in 2009.
  21. Without a doubt, my favorite Stanley Cup Final moment in Devils history. Non-Cup clinching, of course SARGE!!!!!
  22. Tune-up game, boys. Would be nice to head into the playoffs on a big heater, though! Getting ready to make the trek out there for this one -- GO DEVILS!
  23. During the regular season. Devils have always donned playoff beards. Did you not see Danyeko in 2003?!
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