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  1. News in Sweden says that Jesper Bratt will play in the world championship
  2. Boqvist can still play with Devils, the contract he signed lets him leave to play in NHL.
  3. Jesper Boqvist collided with his teammate in a game and felled to the ice, probably hitting his shoulder/head. So it was mostly for safety reason he missed the last game of the season.
  4. Watching the Panthers feed and they where not happy about the decision from the referee
  5. I think it was a penalty. Stupid move of Hall making it so obviously that he was not playing the puck
  6. He loves tacos and have a tattoo of a taco
  7. Now I have been drinking beer with nicos father. It's a small world
  8. Almost Half half, but a little bit more Oilers. Probably because of Mc David
  9. Anyone from this forum in Gothenburg for the game? I'm here, but it's in my hometown Let's go Devils! = kom igen Devils!
  10. Bratt has broken his jaw and misses the start of the season
  11. Yea that's true, he said in swedish newspaper that he was going to live in San Jose and see if he likes it before signing a new contract. He don't want to move to a city that he and his girlfriend don't like
  12. hrasvalg

    2018 UFA Thread

    Yea the rumours is he is moving home to Sweden and play in Modo
  13. It's often like that with European players. but it's something with the water in NHL, give him a year and he will be bigger
  14. This was the third time they played for gold. So they have lost all three games
  15. They have now changed the penalty to be for the world cup tournament next year. And Dahlins is for world Junior next year.
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