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  1. I'm not really sure I fully understand the hate behind the 1 for 1 for Fiala or DeBrincat. From a value perspective you are getting an ~80 point scoring winger for a prospect who might become an 80 point scoring winger in a few years. Is that not good value for the pick? I understand with Fiala that Minny is in a cap pickle so we should be able to give up less in order to make that work but from a strict value for value perspective is it actually that bad of a trade? Is it a player size thing where people are thinking we have too many small players and not enough big guys?
  2. I think of you keep 2OA you take Cooley and laugh all the way to the bank. People on here are acting like having 3 really good centers would somehow be a problem. I get that this team needs more scorers and better wingers but I just can't see how having ANOTHER potentially really good center is somehow wrong. Don't forget that centers have good trade value as well and that its usually easier to move from center to wing than vise-versa. Now if the reports are right about Arizona really really wanting Cooley and you can get something nice in return for swapping picks then I am 100% in favor for going to 3OA and taking Slafkovsky.
  3. What was Lehner even doing there. Didn't even react to Boq.
  4. Low grade MCL is pretty much the best news possible. No surgery, pretty much a 4 week recovery. 100% recovery from this kind of thing. MCL heals itself unlike ACL or PCL. really good news here.
  5. "What!?!? Do you want me to NOT put my stick directly between his legs???"
  6. Wow that is one hell of a fvcking save by Korpisalo
  7. Most people eat Turkey on Thanksgiving but I know for a fact most of this board has been eating Crow since mid October.
  8. How is it possible that this team is better at entering the zone at 5v5 than it is with the man advantage?
  9. Just how many posts can one team hit?
  10. On man this Mercer - Johnsson - Bratt line is on fire
  11. In my opinion that should be a major. Can't have a guy lunging off his skates at a guy 2 feat from the boards with his numbers showing.
  12. A lot of crow being served and I would be a dirty lair if I said I wasn't on the buffet line.
  14. 3 pylons surrounding the goal scorer.
  15. Jesus Christ can somebody make a stick that Subban can't break?
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