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  1. Toaster13

    Your New Jersey Devils are going to the playoffs!!!

    Haven’t posted in here in a while, but still have been following the forums in my silence. This season was great and I’m super excited for the playoffs! Let’s go Devils!
  2. Toaster13

    Any Devils fans in Houston, TX?

    I'll be in Houston this summer for an internship, so I'll only be around during the Cup Finals. Did you go to Cornell CaptainScotty? That's where I go.
  3. Toaster13

    2013-14 schedule thread

    I don't like the names at all. Why couldn't we be in the Atlantic still?
  4. Toaster13

    Your thought on today / about the team so far ?

    I really like where the team is/is going. I felt the needs of the franchise are getting addressed. I was very worried about what would happen with goaltending after Brodeur leaves. Trading the 9th overall for Schneider was a perfect solution to our questionable future in net. I thought the Devils would for sure draft a forward and rush them to be part of the top 6 for next season. I'm glad we signed the players we did though. I'll miss Clarkson but I've always liked Clowe. He's a better scorer and skater than Clarkson but is questionable in regards to his health. I think we did overpay for him; 4 years and $16 M I think would have been more appropriate but that's what the going rate for that type of forward was this off season. The Ryder signing is purely amazing in terms of both years and money. I also like the trading of Tallinder. It definitely is time to let the younger D get a chance. Just thinking of Larsson, Urbom, Gelinas, Burlon, Merill etc. in the next few years is purely amazing. I would have probably used a regular buyout on Hedberg and a compliance buyout on Volchenkov while trading Tallinder but I guess Lou feels Volchenkov can bounce back next season and if he doesn't can get bought out then. My favorite part is that next off season looking at our forwards we have Kovalchuk, Zajac, Elias, Ryder, Clowe, Zubrus, Josefson & Henrique still on contract (assuming Josefson and Henrique sign 2+ year contracts). Meaning those who are consistently productive will be here and all of our depth players will be playing for contracts. Then there can be more focus on upgrading our D, extending Schneider and retaining those helpful depth forwards.
  5. Toaster13

    GDT New Jersey Devils at Leafs 7PM MSG+

    Let's Go Devils!
  6. Toaster13

    Rick Nash To NYR

    I think the Rangers win this trade by keeping Kreider, Stepan and McDonagh. Now the Rags have Nash, the Flyers might get Weber and the Pens might sign Semin. The division will get a little harder to play against once again.
  7. Toaster13

    Bernier re-signed by Devils

    NHL Numbers has Carter signed on for $750k next season and then $800k the following season.
  8. Toaster13

    GDT: 2012 NHL Draft discussion (Rumors and trades)

    I don't know how to feel about this exactly.
  9. Toaster13

    GDT: 2012 NHL Draft discussion (Rumors and trades)

    Wow, great deal for the Pens. Sutter and the 8th Overall (Pouliot) for Jordan Staal.
  10. I believe Parise will wait until July 1st and see what other teams offer him. I also don't see him rushing his decision and signing a contract the first day. He'll wait a few days and make up his mind. The other teams trying to sign him will wait for his decision so that's not a problem for Zach. I ultimately think he'll sign with the Devils. I'm feeling he'll sign something close to an 8 year $56 Million contract. Hopefully Lou gets it done!
  11. Toaster13

    Earnest Congratulations To The Devils

    Amazing Season! Can't wait to see what happens in the Summer and really excited for next season already.
  12. Toaster13

    GDT: SCF GAME 6 - New Jersey @ Los Angeles

    Well congratulations to the Kings. Also a big Thank You to the Devils for a great season that surpassed my expectations by far. I still feel we got screwed this game but there is nothing to do about. Regroup and focus on winning the Cup next year!
  13. Toaster13

    GDT: SCF GAME 6 - New Jersey @ Los Angeles

    The Devils got screwed this game. BUT IT'S NOT OVER! 3 MORE GOALS! COME ON!
  14. Toaster13

    GDT: SCF GAME 6 - New Jersey @ Los Angeles

    Let's Go Devils! The Kings are going to play their best game of the series tonight, we better too!
  15. Toaster13

    GDT Game 5: LA Queens @ NJ Devils

    Let's Go Devils! Play your hearts out!

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