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  1. That was a good first period, keep it going for a full 60 for a change
  2. I actually totally agree and would cut Shero some slack because of it (as of now I don't want Shero gone). In a weird way 2015-16 was bad luck, that year they had no hope of being good and everything came up aces and the team was much higher in the standings than they should have been.
  3. I don't think it's another rebuild either but at some point you do have to win. It's year 5. I'm a Shero guy and I don't want him fired as of now but at some point you have to win and not just say, 'well we were really bad x years ago when I started' , 'well we were really bad x+1 years ago when I started'. 'Well, . . . . What has delayed the rebuild is that the first two first round picks were Zacha and McLeod and a very mediocre coach hire.
  4. Devils nut sack is blue Kicked so many times Hynes, fvck you
  5. he's breaking that record for sure and may be just getting warmed up
  6. yup, if a GM insists on having a loser as a coach then he is a loser to. I wonder what the record is for most losses by a coach in a tenure ..
  7. then he hasn't learned from Pittsburgh when it came to a point where they fired him and Bylsma a month later.
  8. you're arguing my case better than I am lol. There was so much optimism during the offseason that the consensus was we would be a lot better and Shero probably thought Hall would resign, plus there was the injury situation in the mix. Other teams probably wanted to see a healthy Hall before trading a lot to get him.
  9. Was thinking Crosby and Malkin, yeah you could say Staal qualifies, Hall would be ahead of him and behind Geno and Crosby. I guess it's just a different situation. After winning Stanley cups in Pittsburgh and still not wanting to stay, Staal probably had his mind made up no matter whereas Hall didn't. I think Hall wanted to see how the year in Jersey went and if the team was a winner he would stay but it's been a loser so he doesn't. Shero could have traded Hall this offseason but he felt the time had come where he was in position to soup up the roster and thought the team would do well and upon seeing that Hall would resign. Just a theory
  10. It's the first top UFA he's had that didn't want to resign so now he has a high end UFA rental on his hands and will deal him at the deadline.
  11. Some real false advertising there. Probably Hall cancelled
  12. as opposed to losing and being last place and . . Hynes job being safe
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