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  1. agreed and I think that is exactly how Hall is going to play it. As much as I would like to see it I don't think we will see an extension on July 1, he'll take more of a wait and see approach. A little while back I remember Elliott Friedman was speculating this would the tact from the Hall camp.
  2. yeah that one is starting to sting. That was a stacked draft to come away with Zacha at 6th overall is a pretty bad miss.
  3. I think this is a very interesting offseason upcoming, a pivotal one
  4. agreed, more exciting that the last 2 months
  5. forgot what it feels like to get a win. Definitely won the special teams battle tonight. Can't lose them all as they say
  6. Hall seems like a loyal guy. He never wanted to leave Edmonton and all indications are he likes Jersey. I think it could go either way. They are going to have to make a bit of a splash on the trade market or in free agency and if they do and pay up I think he'll stay.
  7. can't believe how much open ice down the middle the Flames left there.
  8. I'm not pessimistic. This team is so much closer to sustainable success than 4 years ago. With normal health, progression from a younger roster, a healthy Hall, another good trade acquisition or two with the surplus of draft picks, hopefully another high end young player, tons of cap space. This rebuild could go either way but it definitely has potential to turn good again starting next year.
  9. Man those were the days. Winning the cup was ecstasy for all of us fans I'm sure. Wasn't on this board for that, am now and I frequent threads like "Race to the bottom"
  10. wow Dolan is a d!^khead. "Sell the team" is really mild. Like god forbid a Knicks fan be upset wtf does he expect.
  11. these days I either don't watch a second or only catch 2 or 3 minutes of the game. I could be wrong but out of the very brief snippets I have been watching, McLeod seems really weak on the boards and in the dzone and on the current lineup Gabriel seems like a core player which is an extremely sad state of affairs.
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