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  1. weird day of bottom feeders winning: we won, so did Detroit and Ottawa and the lower ranked Kings beat the Ducks in a 3 pointer.
  2. wow if Chiarelli gets another job in hockey other than sharpening skates it goes to show you what an old boys club hockey executives are.
  3. I thought something was up when MadDog called them the New Jersey Devils in the title.
  4. the lineups lately are borderline traumatic
  5. agreed and I think that is exactly how Hall is going to play it. As much as I would like to see it I don't think we will see an extension on July 1, he'll take more of a wait and see approach. A little while back I remember Elliott Friedman was speculating this would the tact from the Hall camp.
  6. yeah that one is starting to sting. That was a stacked draft to come away with Zacha at 6th overall is a pretty bad miss.
  7. I think this is a very interesting offseason upcoming, a pivotal one
  8. agreed, more exciting that the last 2 months
  9. forgot what it feels like to get a win. Definitely won the special teams battle tonight. Can't lose them all as they say
  10. Hall seems like a loyal guy. He never wanted to leave Edmonton and all indications are he likes Jersey. I think it could go either way. They are going to have to make a bit of a splash on the trade market or in free agency and if they do and pay up I think he'll stay.
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