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  1. yup. That was his demise in Pittsburgh
  2. I feel like it's going to be a 5 or 6 year deal. It might be good to sign it early, playing with more talent this year his numbers will likely go up.
  3. Well now that the Zacha domino has fallen I'd expect Hall to sign in short order ..
  4. I agree, I think it is more likely than not that he gets dealt to another team during the life of this contract. He's young and brings enough to the table that teams would be interested in him and he'll be a trading chip as we start to contend. Was expecting shorter term and a bit more of a show me contract but the KHL probably gave him a bit more leverage
  5. That's a long contract for a running back. The AB sh!t has been crazy lol Raiders. Excited that football is back!
  6. lol I just assumed from reading the thread that it was Burke that was getting hired in his place, I guess it is Boucher. Then again, maybe Boucher will get the hook and have to be replaced by the second period.
  7. I kind of like listening to Burke. Was never a fan of McGuire to begin with so that's good news.
  8. great video, a nice reminder of what an amazing offseason we had. Soon it will be time to drop the puck and win on the ice where it counts
  9. Laine could still develop yes and that would be factored into the price you have to pay but I am not sure that he will. But yes, a flawed BMW is better than a reliable Honda Accord
  10. Laine is better than a mediocre NHLer, no doubt about that. I'm just saying I'm concerned with his lack of improvement and commitment to other parts of the game. Most others are probably higher on him than me, I wouldn't sell the farm for Laine.
  11. He's a hell of a scorer but what concerns me is that he hasn't improved much since coming into the league and he hasn't seemed to show much interest in rounding out his game.
  12. bringing those Gretzky era Kings uniforms is a good call. They've had a lot of ugly uniforms over the years imo, those were my favorite of theirs. stay safe on the SE coast
  13. good point. I think the notion that Taylor Hall's contract status will hamper and distract the whole team is overblown.
  14. Yeah and the prices go up every year for these guys. Also McDavid was a RFA if he was a UFA it would be really crazy money.
  15. The Leafs guys are RFAs. Can't imagine a UFA the stature of Taylor Hall signing a shorter term deal.
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