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  1. agree, I used to kind of root for Cleveland just because they have been down for so long but I can't cheer for that arrogant Mayfield who hasn't done sh!t
  2. Yup, they've been the undisputed worst organization in pro sports for many years.
  3. Agree with you there that's what he did best. He may not be the guy you want to do the drafting but he is the guy you want to trade for the draft picks.
  4. Yes, that's the dysfunctional part that sounds set up to make the GM less effective. Analytics reporting directly to ownership, sounds like the front office is trying to model themselves after the Cleveland Browns. A-List GM isn't coming to a team with that set up so this is very concerning.
  5. You can't make a strong case for Shero based on the results but I don't like it. He inherited an abyss of a franchise I felt like he at least had the right strategy in going about the rebuild. Made some excellent trades, some didn't work out. His drafting seems mediocre but I'm concerned about what's next
  6. I hate to nitpick but we're 4-3-1 (it seemed a little optimistic so I checked, reg losses to Colorado, Washington and Columbus), but I agree with your point. Hall's teams have almost always been bottom feeders, not his fault but on the other hand other than 17-18 he has never shown the ability to move the needle for his team.
  7. I think North Americans want the best on best to come back to the Olympics to for sure, Ovi seemed particularly pissed about it.
  8. I guess he's still pissed about not being able to play in the Olympics
  9. why he gets his trademark - of course. At some point you run out of ways to get a - so now he is getting creative
  10. Yeah, he has a respectable pedigree and has done enough good things that he deserves another coach but it is certainly fair to be questioning the state of the team and that if he fvcks up the next coaching hire he's fired.
  11. agree totally. His shot on the pp was a big reason why we acquired him, or so I thought.
  12. I think he has lost speed from where he was at earlier in his career which is concerning.
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