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  1. the preceding months of banging Lindsey Vonn weren't half bad either
  2. definitely. One of the worst sets in the league as it is and this does not help the cause.
  3. I don't think Hall is signing before the season starts. He's had terrible luck with the caliber of teams he has been on and he wants to play on a winner. Ray did everything you could have hoped for to bolster the Devils and to start to bring the rebuild to fruition this offseason but I think Hall wants to see how the team is and how it does before he agrees to sign longterm. Assuming he doesn't sign until the season starts for whatever reason, I don't think he gets traded. I understand the argument but I just can't see it happening. Didn't happen with Stamkos, didn't happen with Tavares and I can't see it happening with Hall. I think if Hall doesn't sign during the first half of the year, Shero will start shopping him for real. If Hall doesn't sign an extension here I will resent him the rest of his career but if I had to bet I think he ends up signing with the Devils longterm.
  4. holy sh!t man glad you made it out alive and okay
  5. Not a fan of those new Sabres unis but then again I'm not a fan of the team in general and Eichel is a douche.
  6. The team sucked yes but this is a recognition of individual accomplishment. The team sucking made his play that much more impressive as a goaltender. Was their best player, was loyal to the organization, did a lot in the community, Luongo deserves to have his # retired there. Yeah, the old Dan Marino vs Trent Dilfer case. Give me Marino as my qb.
  7. Really? Sure he'd probably love to play in Toronto or maybe his hometown of Calgary but neither has cap room. Maybe I missed some comments. From comments of his that I have heard, he really likes the area he's in. My theory is that he has been on almost all bad teams since the day he was drafted and places a high value on being on a winning team and he just wants to see how the Devils are on the ice for real in the fall. And I think we'll be very competitive and he'll want to stay.
  8. I think Hall goes into the season without signing an extension but then signs one before Christmas.
  9. 5th. Yeah that's the trouble with the NCAA guys. Some of them develop really well but if they do they have the option of playing out their college years and options to sign with other teams of their choosing. The good news is that how we got Butcher I guess.
  10. the Rangers with more free agency magic!
  11. I think this will end up being a good deal for the Devils. Shero is killing it this offseason
  12. a bit too much for an underachiever imo, I'm not a fan of this player but given the amount/term/our cap situation it doesn't really matter.
  13. wow the Oilers actually made a good trade. It as if they fired Chiarelli
  14. the Hall text is awesome, one of the better messages Ray has got lately
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