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  1. Nothing to say about this team that hasn't already been said. Hope Palms is alright. But those NBCSN announcers last nite..... wow. Horrible. I live in Virginia, so for the longest time, the only hockey I got to watch was when the Capitals played, and over the years I grew to hate Joe Beninati and Craig Laughlin. They were a welcome sound for sore ears after that amateur hour crew on NBCSN last night.
  2. I was just saying I was glad to see Hynes finally hold him accountable. I think (hope) that partial benching in the 2nd period got the message thru. I'm not the biggest Severson fan, but I also don't want to see him benched for whole games either. I'd also like to see Yak get back on the ice, but not at Damon's expense.
  3. Was glad to finally see Hynes hold Severson accountable and glue his ass to the bench in the second after his stupid penalty. The whole defense is soft and got man-handled. Pathetic. Could not make a crisp pass out of the zone all night. Was not a fan of Palms with Zajac and Coleman. Coleman looked good, enjoy watching his game this season.
  4. Way to bounce back! Is it just me, or do Hornqvist and Johnson get away with a lot of interference and obstruction. Dudes were draping off players at times.
  5. Oh man, I have to see a pic of this!
  6. Yeah, I was wondering that too! Looked it up, and seems his birth name is Robert.
  7. Hate to do it, but rooting for the Craps to win it. Not a fan of Vegas. Mainly because of Neal, Fleury, Reeves, McNabb, Smith, and Miller. Secondly, because I don't want to see an expansion team win it all in their first year.
  8. Glad to see the Rags South finally out of it. No one named after fvcking Yanni should ever have their name on the cup.
  9. Hopefully the win over PIT gave them some much needed confidence. I'm not crazy about rooting for the Caps, but I don't want to see Tampon Bay any more.
  10. Haha! Yep. There are actually quite a few things in Nashville with the name Gaylord attached. I saw the Preds play San Jose there one year while it was still called Gaylord.
  11. Was a disappointing afternoon Saturday, but I can't get too down on these guys. They weren't even expected to make the playoffs. Hope they enjoyed the taste and come back even hungrier next season. As for the rest of the playoffs, I will watch to see somebody put this punk-ass bitch Tampon Bay team in their fvcking place like the whiny bitches they are.
  12. I love when people speak in absolutes and it bites them right in the ass. fvck you Doughboy.
  13. What an awesome game, had me so wound up I had trouble falling asleep last night! Hedman is such a man baby. Over his career, you'd think he never deserved a penalty he took the way he argues every single one of them. Not sure why the refs take so much crap from him. Great to see Cory get a win. Hopefully we got under Tampa's skin and they take a lot of dumb penalties on Wed. LFGD!! Wooooooooooo!!!
  14. We made the playoffs because......
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