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  1. I like the overall design better than the current jersey. I just don't like the green at all.
  2. andy

    Six years ago today....

    I'll never get tired of that clip. Best game I've ever been to, I was in the lowers on the other end of the ice. Had no idea who scored.
  3. andy

    Playoff Beards

    I started my Playoff beard on Sunday. Hope it's around for a long time.
  4. andy

    We made the playoffs because...

    They're in because they took Nico instead of Nolan.
  5. andy

    Who do you want in the playoffs?

    Someone from the Western Conference.
  6. andy

    All purpose Patrik Elias memories and love topic

    That was an amazing play, reading his article in the Players Tribune just shows how much extra work he put into being a great player.
  7. andy

    Revisiting the new Uniforms

    For some reason the road jersey looks worse to me, but I wish they'd go back to home whites.
  8. andy

    Anyone else miss the Meadowlands?

    It was a lot easier for me to get home from CAA, I miss tailgating.
  9. andy

    Best and worst moments in the first decade at the Rock

    I was at both. Elation Devastation
  10. andy

    2017-18 Schedule Released - home opener changed to 2pm

    What do the Devils have against weekend day games?
  11. andy

    The Devils Uniforms

    Green and Red is awful. So happy that went away.
  12. andy

    Poll: Who do you want Shero to select #1

    He also broke his collarbone twice, had a groin injury, a knee injury and the hernia issues. He scares the hell out of me.
  13. andy

    Poll: Who do you want Shero to select #1

    I'd pick Nico, Nolan's injury history is way too scary for me.
  14. andy

    Nico or Nolan

    Fernando Martinez a few years ago and Travis d'Arnaud right now 2 position players that are/were always hurt.
  15. andy

    Nico or Nolan

    I've seen enough top prospects wash out in baseball because of injury issues that I'm more interested in Nico. Nolan seems to be hurt every year, why expect that to change?

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