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  1. I just looked up my seats, I was in Section 4, I would have sworn it was 3. Didn't have a great view of the goal. Had no idea what happened other until they showed the replays, loudest I've ever heard the Rock.
  2. That was odd, it really didn't look like he saw it at all.
  3. I'd like hear more about the Blackwood story.
  4. andy

    MSG commercials

    My daughter goes to Jefferson for one of the Morris county academies.
  5. andy

    MSG commercials

    My only issue with tattoo guy is that line about more tattoos on Rangers fans than Devils fans. Why would that line be in the commercial?
  6. andy

    MSG commercials

    Which one do you think is worst? I can't decide between the tattoo guy who admits that he does more Rangers fans than Devils fans or the old guy talking about his room.
  7. They've been running the same awful commercials for years. They're not exactly making an investment in the product.
  8. Well at least they broke some records this year.
  9. Who does Brodeur follow that is worse than Project Veritas, Bongino and Charlie Kirk? Yuck, nevermind, looked at his twitter follows. Not a pleasant list.
  10. Number retirement is for truly special players. They're rare. Brylin just isn't that. When you think of any of those cup teams, how many players do you think about before you get to him?
  11. My best in person game.
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