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  1. Bratt's barely counts, it was an empty netter.
  2. When the best example is from baseball that's a really bad sign.
  3. Can you think of a series where a team looked as bad as the Devils at home and come back to win?
  4. Doesn't matter who they have if you can't get shots on goal.
  5. This isn't going well at all. They look overwhelmed so far.
  6. Reminded me of Elias to Arnott!
  7. Yeah, kinda seems like they're gonna basically get Kane for free.
  8. They're free, forgot that part.
  9. I have 4 tickets from the Coat Drive that I'm not going to be able to use. My daughters have a ton of homework so we're going to skip. I also have a spot paid for through parkwhiz that I can transfer.
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