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  1. If he were a left D I would say sure but I don't think he need anyone else on the right side.
  2. Marner is certainly a great player but committing 11m of cap space + 4 first round picks severely limits how we round out the roster and specifically the defense. I don’t think that makes sense to add another winger, no matter how good he is. We kind of just become what the Leafs are now, great offense and a defense that doesn’t get you anywhere in the playoffs. Granted, I’m under the assumption that the goal is to sign the superstar winger already on our roster. If Shero thinks Hall might actually walk then maybe you offer sheet Marner with the intent of using Hall to address the defense.
  3. All true which is why I’m rooting for other teams to offer sheet each other, preferably at numbers much higher than what the Canadiens did for Carolina with Aho. If Lou can pull Marner to the Island, that seriously weakens the Leafs non playoff series winning roster during a period of time that they were convinced they would be a dynasty while the islanders even with Marner still don’t have a great roster IMO. I would love to see the madness play out as long as its not the team I root for.
  4. My fear would be that we would have too many of the same players. Small, skilled fast and in Nylander's case, perimeter player. I feel that’s where Toronto and Edmonton have failed (to different degrees) at roster building. Say what you will about Zacha, but he’s a big body who’s great along the boards. Hopefully he starts to use his size advantage more going forward because that would be such an asset to the team.
  5. Who would be our 2nd line wings, Zacha and Bovqvist? I don’t think Simmonds can handle 2nd line duty anymore.
  6. It seems like we have room to add one more high salary player to the core of the team. While guys like Marner and Laine are wonderful players, I don’t know that using our last bullet on a wing is the best move for the team. This is under the assumption that Hall will eventually sign a long term deal later this summer. If Ray thinks otherwise, that would change the equation.
  7. I think the main issue for him is that he's bi-polar. There may have been an addiction in there as well.
  8. Tuch would be a nice add at RW. 23 year old 50ish point player at 4.75 for 7 more years. That contract should age well.
  9. Barrie only has one year left on his contract and then he's probably going to price himself out of Toronto. This is a win now move by Leafs.
  10. I would be all for an offer sheet if their were a top end D-man out there. Don't see the need to give up top salary and 4 1sts for another C or a wing.
  11. I know he's a nut job but doesn't the Owner have deep pockets? He bankrolled the AAF or whatever that football league was called for the better part of a month.
  12. This can't possibly get it done, can it? If so, great move by Canadiens.
  13. Low risk move and the cap hit means nothing for one year. He also didn't do much of anything once traded to Nashville last year.
  14. It's kind of amazing how quickly Vegas got themselves in a squeeze.
  15. I know the Leafs desperately need cap space and defenseman so dumping the Zaitsev contract and getting Ceci back made sense. Re-signing Cody Ceci for 4.5 million does not. Even for one year, that seems like a lot for a bottom pairing guy
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