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  1. I’ll say it now but wouldn’t be surprised to see Tampa spend the next year getting treated as a joke only to pull a UVA when 2020 playoffs start
  2. Yeah, they look like a team primed for a run. Also, Josh Anderson is like Tom Wilson without the clown show which is big this time of year. Haha, that’s one way to look at it
  3. Good for blue jackets and all of their “balls out” moves at trade deadline. Absolute highlight of the franchise’s history.
  4. This blue jackets teams feels a lot like the 8th seeded Preds in 2017 or Kings in 2012. They’ve absolutely gelled at the right time.
  5. You would think Dzingle would be an easy one given that he went to Ohio st. If Duchene finally tastes success, I could see him wanting to stick around. Not sure what to make of the two Russians since it seems like their biggest complaint is the lack of nightlife in Columbus or something like that but losing Bob before the big payday would be a blessing IMO. I think they’ll be fine moving forward if they can sign the two former Sens to extensions
  6. The additions CBJ made at the deadline gelled just in time. Good for them for going for it when a lot of people were saying they needed to sell at the deadline.
  7. We’re up in Buffalo for frozen four with no plans this evening. Thinking of driving over to Rochester for Amerks vs B devils. Anyone know if McLeod, Bastian and Anderson have been returned to Binghamton and would they be playing? Couldn’t find the info on Binghamton website from my phone.
  8. Playoff Bob is back! 2-0 Tampa.
  9. I watch a lot of the Nashville Predators because my sister in laws family moved there years ago and I got my niece and nephew into hockey and they've become big fans. I honestly think Subban is the 3rd best defenseman on that team at best and depending which Ryan Ellis shows up, he might actually be fourth. Subban just looks so slow to me anymore and there seems to be constant rumors that he's dealing with injuries. Either way, he's already slowing down or he's hampered with injuries, he's not a player I would want to acquire at this point. Not that he's available but IMO, Mattias Ekholm is everything people think Subban is. Not a defenseman but one player I think we should target for a trade or offer sheet is Kasperi Kapanen. That would address our issues at RW.
  10. I've actually always thought Zacha would be better on the wing. Hall - Hischier - Palmieri Zacha - Hughes - Bratt Coleman - Zajac - ??
  11. I have no problem with his size but I think this makes Zacha's continued emergence as a power forward even that more important for the team.
  12. You're not kidding. For a second there I was thinking "motherfvcker, we really are going to drop all the way to 6th"
  13. Glad Zacha and Scheneider helped keep us ahead of the Kings these lest few weeks
  14. First world problems my friend! Feels good.
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