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  1. I had scheduled an 11am meeting today with the intent of taking a long lunch afterwards to watch the game. I was pissed when the meeting got shifted to 1pm. After reading this thread, I'm glad I missed it.
  2. 2nd on the team in points despite being scratched for a game.
  3. Hopefully James Neal used up all his goals in that game.
  4. Yeah, I've used that along with the Elias goal many times. This was fun for a while too:
  5. Been a long day at work today listening to all the Flyers fans. Even the mailman gave me sh!t. Hope to see a better effort tonight.
  6. Okay, now you can make the argument we should have one after that amazing save by Carter Hart
  7. That’s being generous. Not sure why you think we should have one. We’ve had Very few good chances
  8. I can’t think of anything I would want to do less than read Eddie Olczyk’s book.
  9. Okay 1st period but with all the additions Ray made this summer, never in a million years did I think we would be looking at such a dreadful 4th line in the 3rd game of the season
  10. The 4th line is getting abused
  11. James Neal with 4 goals last night, 6 for the season in 3 games. Looks like the Oilers may have finally won a trade. Good for them, it's a shame watching McDavid and Drai waste away up there on their own. I still don't understand that move from the Flames perspective. James Neal had a bad year, Lucic looks done.
  12. Watch them have a tough year and land Lafreniere and be right back at the top
  13. Luckily I missed this one but watching the highlights, the level of effort Gusev had on the 4th goal against was cringeworthy. Glad we have a few days of practice and film review before the next game.
  14. Despite holding a 2-1 lead going into the 3rd last night, Minnesota just didn't look good. I think they could have a rough season. I seems like the Parise-Suter bromance as the core of the team has kind of run it's course. It's pretty funny that they still have 6 years on their contracts including this season.
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