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  1. My TV listings say NHLN is showing one of my favorite Devils games of all time, game 7 of the 2000 ECF vs the Flyers. I tuned in expecting to see Elias make Boucher his bitch and was instead greeted with 1994 ECF game 6 and 7 messier highlights. That’s kind of cruel.
  2. I used to have a black Devils hat with the NJ logo w/o the circle. It was by far my favorite Devils hat I've owned. I love the idea of using it on a black 3rd jersey
  3. I know we lost in 5 but they should really show a game 5 & game 6 marathon. This wasn't 2003 game 7 against the Ducks where there were like 4 combined scoring chances all game. These two games were fairly wide open and this was just an unbelievable goal-tending display by both Brodeur and Belfour. I think this was literally the high point of Brodeur's career.
  4. Thanks. Just put it on. Watching the Asian markets on Bloomberg wasn’t cutting it
  5. Yes, I just think things have changed since then. He’s got another 3/4 of a season under his belt where he’s been really good but didn’t look anything like the 2018 MVP, uncertainty with the NHL season And finances, etc. Erik Karlsson eventually got his money but when he rejected Ottawa’s offer and then kind of sucked in SJ (at least compared to what he did for the Sens when they made the ECF) it seemed like he overplayed his hand and would have to take less. I’m just wondering if that’s the thinking for Hall and his agent. Again, not saying he’s sucked, he’s just one more year removed from his MVP season, so it might be better to lock in now if Coyotes are willing to pay top dollars. Not sure if they can even sign a contract during shutdown but at least they can come to an agreement
  6. They’re probably in a position to make him a bigger offer than he might get in the offseason from a “contender.” Also, who knows what’s going to happen with the salary cap if they lose the rest of the season. It wouldn’t be a terrible move to lock in with Arizona now
  7. If it makes you feel better, I could only find the soy sauce flavor but desperate times call for desperate measures!
  8. I used the same theory to buy a 6 pack of ramen noodles for the first time since I graduated college 20 years ago.
  9. When he inevitably retires as a Buc, I hope he at least remembers to mention the Patriots at the press conference.
  10. Except that it would be a huge disadvantage to the top 8. The teams coming out of the play-in series would have 2-3 playoff level games under their belt before the start of the traditional round of 16 starts.
  11. If they skip straight to the playoffs, they should probably go to a 24 team playoff and make the bottom 16 that qualify play a quick 3 game play in series .
  12. This mock draft site has us taking two more Ottawa 67s. I realize some of there guys won’t be on the 67s next year but retroactively that would have to be a record for prospects on one CHL team you would think http://www.mynhldraft.com/NHL-Mock-Draft/
  13. Too big of a hole. Gaining 11 points in the standings in 14 games is nearly impossible with loser points and 4 other teams between us and 8th place.
  14. Yeah , curb stomping them like we did in the second never gets old
  15. His emergence as a serious top 6 guy lately is huge for the Devils going forward.
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