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  1. It was only Ottawa and it got a little dicey there but good way to start the post all star game run.
  2. Tough turn of events there when it looked like both Hughes and Palmieri had a chance to put it in and then Ottawa comes down and scores fvck, again?
  3. I feel terrible for Schneider but this has to be it. We’re going on two and a half years of subpar goaltending from him. It's hard to even watch at this point.
  4. Not sure if this has already been posted but it seems relevant here: https://nypost.com/2020/01/18/the-complicated-devils-power-structure-behind-ray-sheros-demise/ Slap Shots has been told New Jersey features an organizational chart in which all lines on the hockey side lead to ownership rather than the general manager and that the influence the analytics department had on ownership was an issue, with VP Tyler Dellow reporting to Blitzer/Harris rather than Shero and with reports from the analytics department awarded prominence in weekly meetings between ownership and the hockey department.
  5. Seems pretty obvious that the owner and Shero had a rather abrupt falling out. Still it sucks that we’re in purgatory with a sh!tty team, no permanent GM, and an interim head coach that from the outside looked like he was doing a crap job as an assistant before getting promoted. All that and we still have a little under half of a season to play out. Not a good place to be as an organization. Re: Zacha. I was hoping for a Larsson-DeBoer type bounce in his game once Hynes was removed. Unfortunately his recent play has really gone off a cliff since about the time that the rumors surfaced that he was on the trading block. Seems like his time is done here and he will be moved in a change of scenery type deal.
  6. Literally every single player on the roster is a minus so far tonight. Usually someone manages to be even
  7. It will be the best thing we see tonight
  8. 9 days off seems like a perfect time to hire Lavy or gallant and let them install their systems
  9. This is getting f’Ing stupid. I can’t watch this anymore. Time to switch to a more competitive game.
  10. That’s killer. Can’t do much more on a PP without scoring and then they give up a goal first time down
  11. Ice seems terrible tonight. No one can settle the puck down
  12. Watching the intermission brings back great memories. The year spanning the start of the 2000 playoffs though 00-01 regular season was the greatest period of devils hockey. Dominant and offensively minded. So much fun to watch
  13. Is this really how you pronounce the Caps goalie’s name or are Cangi and Dano just butchering it? Would have thought it was the same as Sergei samsonov in the 90s
  14. Avalanche stadium series jerseys were released. I kind of like them. At least they’re different
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