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  1. Lateralous

    Hughes or Kakko

    If I ever heard Shero use ‘who would be more ready to step in and help right away” to justify who he picked #1, I would blow a gasket. Fortunately, I doubt he’s thinking that way.
  2. Given that the Jets window to win is now, what about Butcher and Bratt for Trouba and leave the picks out of it? I think I would do it. Huge upgrade on D and I still want to see Zacha given a shot a 2LW. Even if PZ doesn’t work out on the 2nd line, it’s easier to find middle six wingers than top pairing D. Edit: Shero would certainly need to have a good sense that Trouba would be willing to re-sign to make this deal
  3. Lateralous

    Draft day

    I think it would be pretty bad ass if Hughes actually wore #1. Used to see a lot of goalies wear it but now it’s almost never worn and I don’t remember any non-goalies wearing it.
  4. Lateralous

    Hughes vs Crosby

    ...and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Can’t wait to officially add him to our roster.
  5. Lateralous

    Hughes or Kakko

    I know it was two big names but the goaltending was pretty bad in that series. Patrick Roy was marginal up until game 6. He absolutely blew game 4 with a puck handling gaffe and then got shelled in game 5. He was all set to be the goat until Marty one upped him in Game 6. If we even got decent goaltending in the finals, the Devils win two cups in a row.
  6. Lateralous

    Hughes or Kakko

    Agreed. I love the idea of putting Zacha on his wing and telling him to just shoot the f’ing puck.
  7. Agreed. For a while I was hoping Ray would make a push but I haven’t liked what I’ve seen when I’m actually up late enough to watch them. Two of my good friends ended up in San Francisco and Oakland years back and they’ve split tickets for the Sharks for years. They’re watching him day in and day out and Karlsson drives them both nuts being a defensive liability. They’re always texting me that they hope the Sharks don’t spend the cap space necessary to keep him. If the contract is up in the 10+ range, that seems like an old school rangers type move of paying for past performance that we all know and love.
  8. Lateralous

    Hughes or Kakko

    For the life of me I can’t figure out why he wouldn’t just take Hughes and sit back and not worry about the center position for the next decade.
  9. I disagree, that game and series was over until they called that major. Jones had just had one blown through his five hole for the 3rd Vegas goal and the Sharks looked done. Say what you want about the 4 goals, the phantom major penalty is the only type of bad call that I can think of that could snowball into a 4 goal swing due to the guy being stuck in the box.
  10. I've never had anything against San Jose but at this point, I hope they don't win the cup. Between the Vegas 5 minute major after the fact and last nights hand pass, they've benefited wayyyyy too much from unforgivable officiating blunders in these playoffs.
  11. Lateralous

    Hughes or Kakko

    That's where Zacha being on his left wing will come in handy PZ can be a beast against the boards and if the coaches get on him to use that shot of his more, he could pot a lot of goals with Hughes's ability to set up his linemates.
  12. Lateralous

    Hughes or Kakko

    I pretty much trusted Shero and didn’t really have a preference between Patrick and Hischier at the time. I don’t have a great explanation why this time it’s different but I really want the devils to take Hughes. The skill package just seems to insane not to take.
  13. Agreed. Good to see him get the winner.
  14. I thought that wrap around was going to be it!
  15. The Blues have been absolutely peppering the Stars for the last two periods but can't grab the lead. Watch the Stars come down and get one good chance and score.
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