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  1. ...well something has to change here. This is an absolutely unwatchable product
  2. Yeah, I won't miss him. I never got the Canadians fascination with him. Then again, Canadians probably don't understand why we let Dick Vitale ruin otherwise good college basketball games.
  3. Exactly what I texted my dad as well
  4. I know he’s coming over from the KHL which is a much looser game but for Gusev be absolutely clueless out there about how to play any sort of two way game is a huge red flag for me. I mean he should be able to be less of a liability than he is without a day of NHL coaching. I hope I’m completely off and I still think it was a decent gamble by Shero but I’ll be surprised if he’s not back in the KHL by this time next year.
  5. Lateralous

    Fire Hynes

    All of the momentum the franchise has built up over the summer has been drained by this start and I think a coaching change is absolutely warranted at this point. There's just a dark cloud hanging over the franchise already as if we're about to throw away another season. While the problems go beyond just coaching, Hynes has been here long enough that I think it's clear he's not part of the solution either.
  6. We just had two straight strings of 5 consecutive off days where we could have made a coaching change. No way he was getting fired tonight regardless. Shero is going to sink with him for a while longer
  7. Gusev probably not picking up too many defensive tips watching this one from the press box.
  8. Seriously. It's been like the 1st round of the playoffs most years where it seems like everyone else is playing and we're already on the golf course.
  9. Eh, Gusev deserves to sit upstairs for a game and watch how to at least be minimally responsible in the defensive zone
  10. Agreed. The Preds are contenders now and for the foreseeable future and this is a pretty good AAV. Josi seems like the type of defenseman that will age pretty well. By the back end of the deal, 9 million will probably be the going rate for second line defenseman and the Preds will probably be entering a rebuild anyway.
  11. I would love to see a Nico game winner in the 3rd
  12. The goal aside, has Zacha finally learned to shoot the puck? Edit: My delay is killing me
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