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  1. Dammit, I’m out of beer. I was hoping Vegas would be up 3 or 4 by now so I could go to sleep.
  2. I feel like 1st one to score a goal wins in this game.
  3. This is like a re-run of the Caps vs Canadians several years ago where the Caps were the top seed and so much better but just couldn’t score on Halak the last 3 games
  4. What an amazing game. To bad the NHL buried it on USA Network at 4pm preempting a Silk Stalkings or Le Femme Nikita rerun.
  5. What the heck is happening in the Avs Vs Stars game? Just saw score flash up as 5-0 while watching Bruins OT
  6. MAFs agent apparently posted a picture of him getting stabbed in the back as a reference to DeBag going with Lehner during the playoffs so far. Just saw MAFs response at podium and as always, he handled the situation with absolute class. I hope he gets in for some games
  7. I just heard the name Mike Van Ryn for the first time in 15 years as an assistant coach for the Blues. He can still go fvck himself.
  8. I f’ing despise that team and it all goes back to that 2001 series where Domi almost killed Niedermayer and then a bunch of ass hats from Toronto came down with a banner “free Domi” in the corner of CAA at our next home game. I’ve never been as satisfied with winning an early round series as that one. Since then, my hatred of them has just grown since most of the NHL media and associates podcasts are Toronto centric. How many years have they been telling us that they are sitting on the next NHL dynasty? Let me know when they actually win a play-in or play-off series.
  9. Agreed. Amend that to Drai and RNH. Larsson too but it’s still and embarrassing operation up there
  10. One a separate note, I’m finding this CBJ vs Toronto game wildly entertaining. I can’t stand the Leafs and want them to lose but what I find interesting is it really is a test case of paying a few top end guys vs the team concept. Toronto has stacked a line with Tavares-Matthews-Marner and they’ve somehow not scored yet despite looking like they’re on a PP almost every shift. Columbus gets the better of play against the other three lines
  11. Yeah, that’s obvious now but they looked pretty good going into that following season. I mean obviously the media were wrong with them earlier when they predicted big things for the Hall, RNH and Nail combo you break through but there was a lot of good feelings about that team through that summer. Whatever, hopefully someone can surround him with something better than Drai and and bunch for minor leaguers
  12. Didn’t he sign that the one year they made the playoffs and actually won a round?
  13. Him being picked by the Oilers has been an absolute disaster for the league in every way. What a total waste
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