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  1. Lateralous

    2018-19 Around the League Thread

    Glad to see Arizona shut out the Leafs in front of all those Toronto fans invading their arena
  2. Lateralous

    GDT: Devils @ Minnesota 8:30 PM MSG+

    I know we want/need the highest pick possible but it wouldn't be the worst thing if Schneider looked great down the stretch and it just turned out that his recovery from the hip surgery took longer than a summer. I know Blackwood looked good in NJ in a small sample size but we really have nothing at that position going forward right now short of putting all your eggs in the basket of a rookie who struggled terribly in the AHL last season. Regardless, we're a long way from worrying about that. Not a lot of pressure when you come in for a guy who just got pulled for being terrible and the team isn't playing for anything other than pride.
  3. Lateralous

    GDT: Devils @ Minnesota 8:30 PM MSG+

    Great win!!! I’m paid up also good to see Hischier, Bratt, butcher and Zacha racking up points tonight. That’s really all I’m looking for at this point
  4. Lateralous

    GDT: Devils @ Minnesota 8:30 PM MSG+

    I’m in for $20 if Schneider snaps his streak tonight. $20 more if Zacha gets the game winner.
  5. Lateralous

    GDT: Devils @ Minnesota 8:30 PM MSG+

    Minnesota broadcast says 4. It was probably a muffin from the point
  6. Lateralous

    GDT: Devils @ Minnesota 8:30 PM MSG+

    More pathetic
  7. Lateralous

    GDT: Devils at St. Louis at 8pm 2/12 - MSG+

    Someone certainly seems to be figuring it out lately. Damn that was a snipe.
  8. Lateralous

    Boyle to Nashville

    Good move for Nashville getting some size to replace Watson and some help in front of the net on the PP. Good job by Shero to get a 2nd for a 4th line rental. Win win.
  9. Lateralous

    GDT: Rags @ Devils (Finally) - 31 Jan @ 7pm Eastern

    I think they took the point away from Zacha for some reason. It was certainly deserved and it looked like he knocked the puck away before Hischier snipped it
  10. Lateralous

    GDT: Rags @ Devils (Finally) - 31 Jan @ 7pm Eastern

    Zacha was a bull on that PP
  11. Lateralous

    2018-19 Around the League Thread

    It's absolutely stunning how little the Oilers have to show for 12 years of high picks and repeated good luck in the draft lottery. What's even worse is that they are pressed tight up against the salary cap. It's like those charts they used to do with Milbury where if he just picked the highest rated player at his spot in the draft each year and stayed away from the blockbuster trades, he would have had a juggernaut.
  12. Lateralous

    2018-19 Around the League Thread

    At this point you've got to think other GM's just chuckle if an agent uses a comparable that was signed by Chiarelli.
  13. Lateralous

    2018-19 Around the League Thread

    Did the Oilers really just give a 31 year old goalie with 30 career starts a 3 year deal at 4.5 per? Wow Chiarelli. https://nhl.nbcsports.com/2019/01/21/oilers-bet-on-koskinen-with-three-year-extension/
  14. Lateralous

    The Pavel Zacha Thread

    Just a few points to add to this: 1. When Zacha was drafted, he was considered more of a project than many of the other players drafted around him. He also missed half of his draft season setting him back a little. Despite where he was drafted, his slow development in the pros shouldn't be a big surprise to anyone. 2. I think many times power forwards take longer to develop in general, much like defenseman. Smaller guys are used to using their elusiveness. In junior, Zacha was bigger and faster than everyone else so he could just go through people in Sarnia. He moved straight to the NHL where he frankly looked timid until about 2 months ago. Up until the recent rash of turnovers, he was playing really good hockey since Binghamton and he's been using his body much more. He may be behind but his development has hardly stagnated. 3. I live in the Philly area. Sitting around after open hockey last night, I was taken back by Flyers fans bitching about how bad Provorov has been this year. In this day of Gamecenter, I barely ever watch the Flyers any more but it seemed to be a pretty unanimous opinion. Everything isn't necessarily all roses with everyone drafted around Zacha who people lament that we didn't take. (Not happy with Nolan Patrick either😉)

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