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  1. Utah Blizzard isnt terrible but for some reason it just sounds like an AHL team name that would be accompanied by some lame three dimensional cartoon logo to me
  2. Emily Kaplan drives a minivan with 3 car seats strapped in, right? She’s actually quite good at her job but it feels like she comes straight to the arena from driving the kids to various soccer and baseball games.
  3. So happy for the Panthers fans in the arena. Traveling rangers fans are the absolute worst
  4. This was the most disappointing hockey season I can remember but at least now we can say it could have been worse.
  5. I know which is why it’s shocking that I feel like I never see him finish anything in this playoff or last years run. edit: I guess I should have clarified that I was talking about the playoffs. The dude left me underwhelmed last postseason run as well.
  6. I have less faith in Barkov to finish a prime scoring chance than I did in Josefson back when he would take a roster spot for an entire season.
  7. Total jinx! This is too important to be playing with fire like this (even if I agree with the statment)
  8. If they want to move on from Holtz, they can. If the Devils come into camp and he's still on the roster because "they couldn't sell him off" that's complete bullsh!t. I think everyone understands he's probably not ever going to be a player that will justify his high draft position but the dude literally just scored 16 goals with limited opportunity on an ELC that still has a season to go. Add in that its clear he was in a situation where no one in the organization had his back AND the entire franchise had a sh!t year, I'm sure plenty of teams would be willing to take a flier on him. Hell, the Bruins just paid Jesper Boqvist more than Holtz's salary next year to be in their lineup. If they are looking for actual value back for him, I imagine GMs aren't lining up to offer prime assets but that's to be expected given the public skewering by the GM. Even if Holtz is a complete bust, I'll never understand the animosity towards this player. We've had plenty of flawed recent 1st round picks like Ty Smith, Zacha, McLeod (before 23 playoffs) who didn't ever receive this type of negative public reaction from the club. It's ironic too because short of maybe Brendan Smith and Lindy Ruff, I can't name anyone else in the organization who was worse at their job in '23-'24 than Fitz.
  9. I love when teams score against the rangers because Trouba takes himself completely out of the play.
  10. May tonight be the night that I can go peacefully into the offseason with the knowledge that the Leafs and especially the Rangers will go another year without a cup.
  11. That was my understanding as well. That locker room was a mess last year. They removed Wheeler and PLD in the summer and that seemed to address the problem.
  12. Should have been a penalty shot but I have no confidence in Barkov to finish. Better off with PP…. Reinhart!!!!
  13. I don’t know, this looks about the same to me. Shesterkin has been complaining to the refs quite a bit tonight. Even though Timo clearly got under his skin, he was still pretty amazing last year. I remember thinking Game 5 in particular could have been 10-0 devils if he wasn’t playing out of his mind. We were just better offensively.
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