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  1. Well this is an exciting development. Hughes becoming a star right in front of our eyes
  2. Laughing at our bad takes aside, how badly does Boston want that draft back? They had the 13th, 14th and 15th picks in a row and went off the board a bit. The next 3 picks after them were Barzal, Connor and Chabot. They could have set themselves up for years if they just took the guys who were the census best available with those picks.
  3. I very clearly remember not wanting Barzal at 6 in this draft, primarily because he was said to have a very soft shot. I think he only had 10 goals or so in his draft year. Never would have guessed he would be a 20 goal scorer in the NHL.
  4. Late to the thread and admittedly didn’t see much of any of these guys this year but regarding Rossi, drafting him seems like taking more of what we already have. Hell, the hockey news listed his best case projection to be “Nico Hischier.” Can’t just keep going after guys who all do the same thing. Toronto already tried that and they have a deeply flawed team despite all of the talent. Fitz seems to be doing a pretty good job of stocking the farm with guys with different skill sets. edit: reading back a page or two, Guadana kind of already made this point. I agree
  5. Haha, that 1st page is a good read. Great job by Fitz. Even if he’s hurt a lot, having a guy who can actually defend on the roster should help the younger guys development as well.
  6. Honestly, I dont know how you even rank the goalies before the 80’s because the position and equipment was so much different. I guess if you’re a little older it’s possible but as a 44 year old who grew up playing goalie throughout the 80s and 90s, I can only offer strong opinions on the 80s and beyond. I think it’s pretty clearly a big three and then everyone else. On top of the awards, trophy’s and stats, these three also changed the game. Roy with the way he perfected the butterfly, Brodeur with the 3rd defenseman puck handling, etc. I guess Hasek didn’t, since he kind of played in a
  7. Lundqvist was a great goalie for a really long time but he belongs in a conversation with guys like Luongo and CuJo, not the big three.
  8. Dammit, I’m out of beer. I was hoping Vegas would be up 3 or 4 by now so I could go to sleep.
  9. I feel like 1st one to score a goal wins in this game.
  10. This is like a re-run of the Caps vs Canadians several years ago where the Caps were the top seed and so much better but just couldn’t score on Halak the last 3 games
  11. What an amazing game. To bad the NHL buried it on USA Network at 4pm preempting a Silk Stalkings or Le Femme Nikita rerun.
  12. What the heck is happening in the Avs Vs Stars game? Just saw score flash up as 5-0 while watching Bruins OT
  13. MAFs agent apparently posted a picture of him getting stabbed in the back as a reference to DeBag going with Lehner during the playoffs so far. Just saw MAFs response at podium and as always, he handled the situation with absolute class. I hope he gets in for some games
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