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  1. Ha, remember the days when Tim Murray was getting credit for doing such a good job tearing the Sabres down, collecting assets and tanking for McDavid/Eichel? That sh!t is the easy part. What an absolute sh!t show in Buffalo.
  2. The Hamilton deal looks more and more reasonable every day. Fitz did a wonderful job this week.
  3. Maybe he let it be known he wanted nothing to do with the Penn State level sh!t show that's just getting started in Chicago with these sexual abuse allegations that allegedly the team did nothing about.
  4. Agreed with everything until the last sentence. They’re about to lose Goodrow, Coleman, Gourde and they just paid a 2nd to lose Johnson. That’s kind of a lot.
  5. ...and let me guess, Chicago only has the space to do that deal because Edmonton took Keith.
  6. What does that mean, they can LTIR Seabrook?
  7. Wasn't the big thing in the Montreal series that they were too weak at center? I think Stevenson was hurt for a few of the games but is he really a #1 C on cup contender? Seems like Wild Bill goes quiet in the playoffs as well although as I look it up he had 16 points in 19 games this year. Maybe it was padded early on? Eichel would be a move I would do as Vegas GM. They are damn close to a cup.
  8. I play occasionally but it would be such a better sport if the norm was 9 or 12 holes IMO. 18 is too much for me. Too big of a time commitment and too many cracks at the bev cart. I always end up sh!tfaced at the end. The course in Brigantine allows you to tee off early in the morning and just play the back nine while members are starting their rounds on the 1st hole. I was doing that a bit until I had a kid. Now I just want to sleep.
  9. Nadeljkovic also just posted a .920 save percentage in the playoffs. I think we’re on the same page. Just sayin’
  10. Nadeljkovic just signed for 3 million x 2. Am I off for saying that should a comparable, at least in terms of cap hit?
  11. Hahahaha, GTFO. The guy has never played a meaningful game in the NHL.
  12. I know he has some holes in his game but 8 million seems way too reasonable for us to land him as a UFA, no? edit: I see it was too good to be true
  13. Agreed. I wouldn’t trust the prime of my career to a team owned by Tom Dundon
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