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  1. Have to get rid of Hynes...now. This team needs a major boost
  2. Laughable effort there by Greene.
  3. mikemarc1

    GDT: NJ @ CBUS 7:00

    2 on 0. Hughes denied. Ugh.
  4. Hughes not playing, unfortunately
  5. According to Pierre McGuire the Devils were one of today’s winners with this signing. Wow.
  6. Reading about a pretty bad fire at Hobbys They always seemed Iike huge Devil supporters. Hope they get back on their feet!! PS: Wasn’t there a forum for arena/Newark talk once..where did that go?
  7. Great deal for NYI. would have loved that signing here
  8. While I don’t hate it..I just don’t get it.
  9. Nyqvist to Columbus please get Lee
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