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  1. Per Kevin Weekes. Sucks to lose him but it was inevitable.
  2. All playoff games will be nationally televised by ESPN and Turner. So that's an option....though I think they'll be blacked out in the first round in NY area? Subscribe to a VPN services, set your location to the west coast and enjoy the national broadcast!
  3. Love this trade. the benefit of a deep prospect pool!
  4. No Mercer! Nice!! She didn’t confirm. She just repeated what Hradek said
  5. Nervous that Mercer is in the deal. If so, not a good one.
  6. Charged with DUI and failure to obey traffic signs. Yikes. Wonder what the Devils will do.
  7. mikemarc1


    Duplicate post. Delete.
  8. CBS, Yahoo, and The Athletic rate our RRs as included in “the best”. ESPN and USA Today have us in the middle of the pack, while barstool has us in the high 20s. safe to say our fanbase is really under rating them lol
  9. Not gonna lie, have no clue who this is. He’s been a freelancer for ESPN and NBC…among others. And his reel ain’t bad. (Sorry, not letting me link it but it’s on YouTube, lol)
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