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  1. I figured I'd throw the question out there. Friend of mine told me he heard they was making an Icelanders video, so I was hoping a Devils one would be in the works also. I think there is enough of a demand for one. There are a lot of Devils fans across the country and in Canada.
  2. I wonder if there is any chance that NHL will release a History of The Devils DVD. If one is released, what would you like to see on it. I for one, would love to see some Kansas City Souts and Colorado Rockies games as well as the most important games in Devils history in their entirity as well as a documentary about their history. What about everyone else?
  3. Still, if you had noticed by the team benches, you could see it was melting a bit.
  4. Hey, I'm all for invading the Garden sometime. It sickened me that the Rags fans invaded the Rock and made themselves heard. We need to do the same thing.
  5. I wanted to find the Devils goal horn and new song (or old song if you want to be technical about it) and download it to my phone to use as a ringtone. Anyone know where I can find it and how I can find one? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Awesome, I'd like to use the Broduer if you don't mind.
  7. Awesome pics. Will security allow people near the ice for pregame warmups to take pics if you don't have seats in the section? I would love to take pics before a game, but want to make sure I can get down near the ice.
  8. I got to the Rock at 10 AM for opening night. I gave up seeing Danyko at the NHL Store to ensure I did. Not sure I would do it again. I got my ticket and sat in sec 216, row 1, seat 7. The college kids behind me were annoying as heck. Try listening to some kid from the rich section of Jersey try to act ghetto for 5 hours and drop f-bombs every other word and see if that doesn't drive you absolutely nuts. Plus I have never heard the lamest jokes in such a long time. If I didn't have my PSP, I would have got absolutley bonkers. If I had some friends to wait out the line with, I might do it again, but I don't know any Devils fans other than me.
  9. Depends on the team the Devs are playing, I guess.
  10. For me, it's Martys goal, but I was really diggin Oduya's goal for a while. I almost forgot about Sykora's goal. That was a sick pass by Elias.
  11. I plan on being there about 8 or nine. I tried to get 10.00 seats for the last Rangers/Devils regular season game, but there was a line of people already there at 9 am and I got shut out. I don't want that to happen again.
  12. Somewhere in the Rock, hopefully. I plan on trying for the 10.00 seats.
  13. Anyone know if the Devils will be selling them for the home opener? I ahve already took off work and am planning on getting to the Rock early morning if so. Thank you.
  14. Where is this and is it easily accessed by transit for someone coming from NYC?
  15. And I thought the bar was a cool spot before the renovations. I went there after the draft party. Great burgers. I got to meet Driver there as well.
  16. Just out of curiosity, wouldn't it be better if Elias got bumped down to the second line and Parise was moved up to first line with Gio and Rolston? I may not be the most knowledgeable hockey guy, but that line could score some goals. Not that Elias couldn't on that line, but his play seems to be regressing the past 2 years while Parise is the future of this franchise and could be a legit goal scorer.
  17. I went with Zach. While I feel it's important for Gio, Zajac and Elias to get back to what they were a few seasons ago, it's important that Parise build upon his last year. He's capable of scoring 40-50 goals and could be the goal scorer this teams needs.
  18. I'm a huge Pepe fan and I say if he feels he can still play, why not let him earn a spot on someone's roster. I understand he might be taking a spot where a younger player can play, but if he manages to out play someone, why not?
  19. I was thinking that, but I was wondering if the players go straight to the locker room or if they have to come outside to go to their lockers.
  20. I was thinking about hanging around for autographs tomorrow. Anyone here think it's worth it or will security try to keep people away? Where would the best place to hang be? The rink or the player entrance?
  21. That works too. never thought of that. I can grab the 4 train to Fulton and walk to WTC and grab the PATH there. The one from WTC goes straight to Newark. Thanks Jeff.
  22. Very nice. I wish I could afford a season or partial. I am going to be at the box office next sat and grab tix for opening day and wait for the flex plans to come out.
  23. yankeesjetsfan


    I need to find out Marty's diet plan, lol.
  24. If you can get to Penn Station, you can take the PATH. Insead of going to Penn Station, head over to Herald Square and go to the Path stop there. the only draw back is you have to switch trains in Jersey City.
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