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  1. Or Suckovsky but let's not put that evil out there, Ricky Booby. I'll be psyched if we pick him at 2!
  2. Would've been so sweet to get #1, but can't be upset with number #2 at all! LGD!
  3. Ridiculous. Should've been a major and game misconduct. Glad the canes are giving them karma rn.
  4. Saw the game live and too bad this was my Dad's first live game . that was pretty boring from start to finish. We had 12 shots with ten minutes remaining. I don't understand the pull the goalie move at three min mark move but I guess that's just another wtf coaching decision to round out the season. Lol
  5. Well at least the Rangers hate Severson as much as we do now
  6. Of course Cory with save of the game against us. I'm closing my investors bank savings account
  7. Yep lol. Always too little too late
  8. Of course it's Palms. Fck this team
  9. Lol i'm pretty sure this play started with Sharangovich passing to the linesman by accident, because of these stupid third jerseys Either way good finish by Boqvist
  10. Who else wants a hat trick against us? Any firsts that these sad sack of shts can help accommodate? Ffs
  11. What is happening! Lol I love it. Tatar with the barrel roll
  12. This minor league team we have is SOFT. Johnsson tried to check someone from behind and he falls down instead
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