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  1. We're never going to win with these defensemen and goalies. Sad af
  2. We deserve to win this game, let's go boys
  3. One of those games we seem to be dominating but every other shot goes in against us. They better come ready to play in the third
  4. Unbelievable bullsh!t this game has turned into. Let's bury them here and fk these refs
  5. These refs are absolutely the fking worst. How much more must we endure with this bullsht
  6. Wow what a terrible call, must be the ref Jack was telling at before to "do his fking doing job".
  7. Somebody wants the numba one spot, and it ain't Ludacris
  8. Let's just hope it's precautionary since we have another game tomorrow and we are up two now
  9. Ya he kinda of just face planted lol, hope he's ok
  10. Damn can't be mad about that effort on the power play
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