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  1. Wow Vancouver ties it up with 7 seconds to go. Crazy come back from down 3-1. Great play by Quinn to start it off, broke the dude's ankles lol
  2. That was a dirty hit in the corner that led to the Rags second goal. But what's new with those idiots out there to hurt ppl
  3. He neither takes the shooter or the pass away.... VETERNLDRSHIPPPS
  4. I heard this might the be the last time we see this black jerseys (3 yr agreement). I'm for it. Our record in these are awful and I wouldn't mind seeing the stadium jerseys as a third alt.
  5. Unless Siegenthaler wants to learn how to fight this summer and use his size for once, we're going to need McD.
  6. We haven't put together a three game win streak all season. Wouldn't that be ironic...and hilarious at the same time of this happens 😂
  7. So glad we won't have to watch the atrocity of Brendan smith playing defense in a Devils uni again
  8. The one bright spot from this season, the re-emergence of TIMO Meier. Too bad Ruff was using as a third line checker all season
  9. Through 2025 unfortunately 😮‍💨 But yea agreed, if he'd at least just play with some physicality, using his size, he'd be so much more instrumental to this team.
  10. Siegebthaler really taking the tank strategy to heart. Dude didn't even move with the guy he was covering in front. His worst season by far.
  11. Surprising win last night, a few bright spots and then the same giveaways, inability to clear the zone by multiple individuals..Jack included. Some luck bailed us out bad tonight with Brady hitting essentially two posts within a minute span lol. Lots to work on this off season. 😮‍💨
  12. Should've been Smith out there
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