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  1. Lol it's a one goal game He needs to go. He's SO bad. Almost gave it up for an easy EN
  2. Ok if you just saw that last shift by Butcher, then you and I would both agree it's def Butcher.
  3. Lol was it? I think I got hives half watching this.
  4. Nice shot by Hughes. Almost as quick of a release as Crosby's...
  5. Not sure who's having a worst game today.. Murray or Butcher..?
  6. Apparently running your head into the back of a defender gets you a power play
  7. It's too predictable with these guys. There's no 1-2-3 set up on this PP. It's just set up the one timer and if it ever makes it through, watch everyone be in bad positioning for any chance of a rebound.
  8. Can we just not let Sh!t-sterkin shut us out for 6 periods straight?.....
  9. He threw his hands up on that one ,he looks defeated already.
  10. Bratt with two awful give aways in one shift, yikes. get it together 63
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