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  1. Aznjsn

    GDT: Devils @ Stars

    Wow, almost 2:30pm EST and no GDT? Facing off against a really good Dallas team... let's stay positive and LGD. MSG+ / 8:30PM EST Hall - Hughes - Palmieri Coleman - Zajac - Gusev Boqvist - Zacha - Bratt Wood - Rooney - Simmonds Greene - Subban Severson - Vatanen Butcher - Mueller Blackwood
  2. Greene not happy with himself on that coverage..
  3. Was at the game tonight.. quite a decent amount of hawk fans tonight. Man this team really doesn't have any rhythm.. and OT was a bunch of possession with no results. Honestly Taylor should have gotten off that last min.. he was gassed and could barely muster the strength to chase a stretch pass. Dunno.. Mac played well tonight though... I guess that's the silver lining.
  4. I'm in complete shock. It finally happened. One step in the right direction til we find a real head coach and ship Nas out.
  5. Better not be Larsson back to NJ for Hall lol
  6. Aznjsn

    Fire Hynes

    The strategy is to sit the youngins til they learn to play hockey from the stands. It seems to be working, right?
  7. Aznjsn

    Fire Hynes

    Yep. Or the game on Thanksgiving and Boqvist played a total of 2 1/2 minutes in the second period, yet he scored a goal... ... Meanwhile Hynes is like "it worked!" .
  8. Alright the goose is loose, great back to back assists.
  9. Aznjsn

    Fire Hynes

    It's beyond insane, the amount of wtf lineups we've seen this year aside from opening day.
  10. At least he's got the right guys on the roster this time with Tennyson, Rooney and Hayden scratched lol.
  11. Ya that's the unfortunate piece of it. Our fanbase is ruthless right now though so I'm sure he's shakin' in his boots regardless.
  12. If you're smart and you're Shero... you want to hang onto Hynes for as long as possible before his own head is the next target on the chopping block. So what does that mean? Hall is going first and hopefully we get a good return on him.
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