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  1. I'll be going into enemy territory tonight. Let's flood msg! wish me luck, LGD!
  2. Some good looks but we need more bodies/deflections in front. I get they're prob scared to even breathe on their goalie at this pt..
  3. Fans in the stadium are livid about that stupid no goal call against us. How deflating. Time to build up the resilience. Let's go jack and nico get us back in this game
  4. Wow can't believe that didn't go in. Nico's confidence is off the charts I love it.
  5. Severson, you're a few mins too early for your usual third period stupid penalty
  6. Murray getting desperate by flopping like that. C'mon boys score 5+ on this guy and make it truly hurt
  7. Sends chills down the spine after looking at that again
  8. He got moved off the first line it appears, at least for a minute with Wood drawing in
  9. So Severson got his awful minus out of the way, we should be good for the night, right? Thank you Jack and Bastian!
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