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  1. Lol slowmo replay you can see PK dragging the Canuck off the pile and he looked up like "Dad?"
  2. Beauty of a pass by Hall and what a shot by Hughes. Nico's English is getting much better lol.
  3. God Severson is slow as bricks. Back to back shifts letting Vancouver blow by him. Took a penalty on the first one and golden chance on the second one.
  4. Finally a win. Great game and Blackwood came up huge. Hope he gains more confidence from this.
  5. I don't even know what to think
  6. if they win this game, it'll either be the start of an epic comeback or another slow bleeding death where the firing of Hynes will get belabored until Christmas break like we saw with John Mac....
  7. Let's just win this freakin' game and if Wood and Rooney could stay out of the box (and out of the opposing team's bench), that would be greatttt. LGD!
  8. Aznjsn

    Fire Hynes

    One more game... either they right the fk outta the ship or ship Hynes out.
  9. Hynes "our record is not close to where we want it to be"... Um no. It's not even remotely close. It's freaking light-years away from where we should be with this talent.
  10. Lol well that didn't take long. Gg
  11. Carrick, Palms and Severson can go fk off please. Just 20mins to hold on. For once can we not blow a lead ffs
  12. Just throw it at the net boys! Now don't fking touch the lines Hynes!
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