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  1. Freaky Fridays with the Jo(h)n's.
  2. Lol someone please find a gif of Noesen blowing kisses to Nugent-Hopkins
  3. Ya they let em go for awhile I was surprised. Primetime slot baby lol. Yikes Greene can you at least look like you're trying. Left Chiasson unattended and he's standing right there lol.
  4. Lol Hynes must've reminded this team during intermission that we're supposed to tank?
  5. Well, the effort by this AHL squad was there. Can't complain, but losing to Torts with any blue shirted team in front of him still sucks. Oh well.
  6. Apparently accidentally stepping on the opposing players stick is a slash.
  7. Man what a loud ringer off the post that was.
  8. Well this was interesting
  9. Either way, everytime I look at Patrick's stupid face I'm so glad we got Nico lol
  10. Yeah ok bury Nolan Patrick next time this sht head is on the ice
  11. Lol back on track for the tank
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