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  1. Oh man the barista barrel roll. Loved that one. Full video for ref:
  2. I'd put that more on Nico, that was an awful shift with two bad drop passes which led to the turnover. That shot was a ripper right in the corner
  3. Dirty knee out by Sanford on Hughes, better run before Simmonds rips your head off!
  4. God this team blows nutsacks
  5. Only now? lol I know what you mean though
  6. Anyone else not get a hat trick recently and need one? Play the devils. lol
  7. I think the Lightning and Flames are are the worst right now with the cheap shots and late game antics. Could bucket in the Islanders here too, but more the latter especially when they're losing.
  8. Amazing plays and goaltending. What a win!
  9. Damon Severson, please just go away forever. AWFUL
  10. Wow blackwood just saved this game. Not surprised this last epic chance for the Isles was bc of another failed clearing attempt by none other than.... Oh right. Damon Severson.
  11. Nico thank you!!! Talk about individual effort. Wow
  12. We sure do get fired up for Christmas colors...also just heard "let's go Islanders" chant going over the broadcast....
  13. Mueller and Severson as a defensive pairing. What did we do to deserve this...
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