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  1. So can we sign Hall for like the day of the lottery and then release him after we get first pick? Then we can trade back a few slots, draft Clarke, and release Hall so he can go suck somewhere else.
  2. Always sad to hear someone passing, even if I didn’t know them. Everyone is someone else’s child and usually a spouse, sibling, parent, friend, and more. My condolences to the Gendron family.
  3. Damn, he isn’t even a first line weed dealer? That’s gotta be rough.
  4. True, no argument here. We also need a defenseman who can help transition to offense and a defenseman who can.... we just need defensemen. I think I’d be happy if he could just choose the right guy to take and lay down in front of him at the right times. is that lowering the bar too much?
  5. You make a good point. To back up your point I would add this: I was looking at a listing of average ages for teams last week and the Devils were the second youngest team in the NHL. Consider how little weight our vets are pulling and you get an idea of just how “young” this team really is. Consider how some of the best players of the past played at the ages our best young players are at: even HoF players rarely could make the sort of impact we would need right now to be successful, let alone carry a team! I dont know what the future holds, but it is much bright than it has bee
  6. Could signing all these young players and possibly bringing Thompson up to the NHL be a signal that the Devils vets will be moved? We are coming up on the trading deadline, right?
  7. Thanks for the update. I would hate to see this site go away! Is there a monthly option? Even if it is for something small, like $1-2 per month, if a lot of people all did this it would start to bring up the revenue stream some.
  8. How about this take: Kyle Palmieri is almost single-handedly giving the Devils another lottery shot? With all the talent the Devils have been accumulating another #1 pick would really like be awesome and Palmieri is martyring himself for our beloved team! I think that is about as much spin as I could put on this, but I don’t really believe my own bullsh!t.... well, except for the part about another #1 being awesome. That much i would be thrilled to get at this point.
  9. Good point. I certainly can’t argue that. Even at the end Lou’s teams had heart. What they lacked was talent. Now we have talent and more coming... but no heart. I guess we are off to see the wizard......
  10. I should have explained myself, my bad. Yes, it is hard to imagine Lou being complacent; he always seemed so driven and committed. However, when the scouting department was failing him year after year for nearly a decade he did nothing. For me, that is complacency. He knew that he made the Devils and it was unthinkable for a very long time that we would go on without him. See what I mean? Maybe I am seeing things with a “glass half empty” view? I admit that my image of Lou is deeply colored by those last years.
  11. A huge part of this team’s struggles are exactly because of Lou. I will always love what he did for this franchise, but his last years here were atrocious and left the Devils with the least young talent in the NHL and an empty farm system. I am happy that he seems to have had a rebirth in Toronto and New York, but what happened in NJ was necessary to stir him from complacency.
  12. Seems like the Devils have a lot of solid ‘wood between the pipes. Whichever one they shove in there seems to satisfy the fans.
  13. Thanks Nessus. This is the sort of feedback I was looking for. He sounds like a legit prospect, though I’d prefer someone more “elite” if we end up drafting in the first couple slots. Then again, how many elite defensemen are there? I feel like the Stevens and Nieds of the NHL are rarer than ever (though it does tell you how lucky we were for all those years to have those guys). We need some big, tough players though and they don’t get much bigger than Power. Ya gotta love his name too! (Yea, that’s probably not the best draft criteria though, right?)
  14. I didn’t really answer this part before, my bad. I completely agree. Use the cap money to accumulate some more guaranteed talent. That said, how many FAs would have fit that description? They have to be good, a FA of course, willing to come to NJ, and someone who will be around awhile, right? I feel like with those criteria we have whittled down the selection to damn near no one. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with this criteria either, but I wonder if we are asking for something that just hasn’t been an option really?
  15. I think the latter part of your post is what the real issue is. By the time Lou made the move for Lemieux the Devils had been slowly accumulating talent for years. They had a farm team stacked full of goalie prospects that could be moved for example. Consider that at roughly the same time the NHL was full of Devils goalies: Billington, Burke, Terreri, Dunham (later), and I am forgetting one or two I think. So as much as we all want the Devils to make a move—I’m dying to see a return to glory as well—the current state of the franchise doesn’t have nearly as many assets as the Devils of the
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