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  1. I wouldn’t want this either but would it really be any different then the NHL playoff format from 35 years ago when 16 of 21 teams made it each year?
  2. All I know is that if that were to happen to me it better not be followed with: “and we only have one rectal thermometer people, so let’s drop trou, bendover, and get this over with.”
  3. I had a show at ThePru and no one bothered to tell me!? That would’ve been so embarassing.
  4. I couldn’t just give you a reaction, I had to say this: I damn near woke up my kids just now laughing so hard at this pic. Damn you! Edit: wait, are the oranges and berry crunch included? I may make an offer.
  5. Fair enough, I didn’t say nobody was panicking.... there will always be some mouth breathers who think that they’ve got the last loaf of bread humanity will ever make. For those folks, yea you got no argument from me. Frankly, those folks irritate the hell outta me because they’re the ones who also turn every flake of snow into the end times as well. But that’s another subject, eh?
  6. This is a case where the only way to know if these measures will have been necessary will be to not take them, see if things turn into a wild pandemic like what happened during the Spanish flu of 1918-1920/21 and then we can look back and say what we should have done. Or we can take those precautions with the knowledge that it might be an over-reaction but it might also save lives, perhaps millions. As for me, I look at this as an historian first and foremost. History is littered with examples of times when precautions would have saved lives, stemmed the advance of diseases, and change the path of history itself. But you cannot know that until later. Some people are arguing that all of this isn’t necessary because Coronavirus isn’t as deadly as the flu.... but which flu is that exactly? The Spanish flu pandemic ended up infecting 1/4 of entire planet’s population! Of those perhaps as many as 1 in 5 died, perhaps fewer. Or maybe it is more similar to a more mild strain of flu. Either way, you’re playing with fire and simply saying things like “it is less deadly than the flu” is showing a degree of dangerous ignorance. As for the idea that this is a mass panic, I don’t feel like most people are panicking. The surest way to stop transmittable diseases from spreading is to stop the thing that carries it: people. Stop people from moving around and you isolate the disease. There are thousands of examples where this would have worked in history. For the first time in history we are doing this and people are calling it a bad idea. Why? Because you will lose some money or some hockey games? In the end it may be that we are doing more than is necessary, but I don’t think I will be betting my life, or yours, on that. If sacrificing things like the rest of the NHL season is the price to pay then okeedokee, let’s pay it. And no, I don’t think we are going to starve folks. It is possible to keep society functioning with its essentials and cull non essentials.... although this might not be the right place to argue that hockey is a non essential. I’ll step off my soapbox now....
  7. Dang it..... wait, can we get him a fake ID?
  8. I am asking because I am ignorant as to the reasons, but why not bring up Smith now? It seemed like nerves were a major issue for him in camp, right? So let him have the remainder of the season to get up to speed in the NHL and work thru his nerves. What’s he gonna do, cost us a game? Great! Anything that gives him time in the show AND pushes the Devils toward a higher draft pick sounds like a win/win to me. If we were on the bubble of a playoff spot I would get leaving him, but the only thing this team is competing for is draft ranking. So what am I missing?
  9. In retrospect a LOT of Shero’s deals have turned out to be bad. Much of it was bad luck, but in professional sports that’s just the way it is. At the end of the day you either perform or you don’t and looking back at Shero’s time here it is already apparent that he failed. I think this is why he was fired.... ownership just lost confidence in his vision.
  10. Seems a bit high..... they’re probably just giving the Devils a Subway coupon for 15% off..... in 2045.
  11. Since the Devils are at the cap floor now apparently and have plenty to spend next year it would be lovely if ownership was willing to use some of this loot to trade for more assets. The season is lost, so why not help out some other teams in return for some picks or young players? I would wager that next season will be poor as well since all these picks won’t be NHL ready for at least a few years. So amass a war chest of assets and out the franchise in a place where they can wheel and deal for what they want long-term.
  12. True, but I haven’t read anything about the pick having any protections next year. The ideal scenario then actually becomes the Canucks missing the playoffs this year and then collapsing completely next year. We can’t get their first rounder in the top end of the round this year, but if it isn’t lottery protected then we could theoretically have two shots at the number one pick next year. At the least we could get a very high pick next year instead of a later pick this year. If the Devils find that the player they want can be picked later then they’d be able to trade back and add even more assets. This Coleman trade could be parlayed into a potentially huge haul with some luck. So here is to whomever is player the Canucks today..... kick their asses for the next season and a half! Now please excuse me while I take another hit......... yea, that’s the stuff.
  13. You’re going to have to explain this to me then because I don’t see your point at all. The very concept of self-sacrifice (asking less from the team so that they can afford more talent to win) is diametrically opposite time the narcissist that Titans04 is describing. So I don’t get why you’re writing this with the derisive ‘lol’ attached when it appears you don’t understand the point being made.
  14. I get that people feel that good players do not, necessarily, make good coaches and FO people. However, the record in hockey is quite a bit different than in many other sports. Gretzky turned out to be a pretty mediocre coach, but if memory serves the Devils two best coaches, Lemaire and Robinson, had somewhat promising careers, right folks? So if Lemaire and Robinson can win us Stanley Cups then I don’t see why Brodeur can’t do the same. That doesn’t mean he is a guaranteed success, after all we are talking about GMing and not coaching, but I don’t see how hiring Marty is doomed to fail. It seems to me, given his time in St. Louis, that he is more likely to succeed than most other options.
  15. A list of the best Devils teams of the last decade? That might be even more masochistic than compiling a list of my favorite genital tortures.
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