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  1. Revisiting the new Uniforms

    Yep, the white confidential sweater is for me. Can't wait to order one, but they won't tell me the price.....
  2. 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs Thread

    I have to say that now that the Devs have been eliminated it would put a little smile on my face to see Winnipeg make the SCF and win. Not only do the fans up there deserve it after how many years they've had to support mediocrity and how they lost the first iteration of the Jets, but you know a SCF in Winnipeg would be a nightmare scenario for Bettman. Anything that Bettman hates is probably a good thing by my reckoning.
  3. 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs Thread

    Points conceded, but don't forget that in addition to getting a better draw of talent they were also able to finagle trades to collect draft picks (and some developmental assets if memory serves). So while they do have work to do, they have far more in the way of assets to cover their losses than any expansion team before. Is it a low bar? Yes, I concede that, but imho they weren't given just a bit more leeway than past teams; they were handed a wonderful position to start their franchise. My guess is that they tail off as they lose some of the best of their current players or they simply age. However, if they draft and develop well they should recover quickly and return to being a surprisingly strong team. Tough to say given that these are largely unknowns, but if I'm VGK GM I would like my chances.
  4. 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs Thread

    In fairness, calling them elite is probably over the top, but you have to admit that Vegas has been handed the easiest, most cream puff expansion in NHL history. Hell, maybe in all sports history. I am sure that every team that has ever gone through the expansion experience (and that is most now) is looking back over their early struggles and cursing their rotten luck at not getting the VGK's sweet deal. Of course, the flip side is the Devils might still be in Kansas City had they been honestly competitive in the mid-70s, so we all benefited in the long run. Still, it was painful until they became competitive and Vegas will never know those tough years.
  5. Lowest amount of shutouts since the 1990/91 season

    But look at the bright side we're not Edmonton. Come to think of it, it is amazing how often I think that.....
  6. You'll never win with Schneider

    Actually, I really hate people who complain about when I complain. They're just a bunch of complainers!
  7. You'll never win with Schneider

    Because the bar moved. We came into the season expecting little but when the team exceeded expectations that raised the bar for what everyone expected of this team. You could argue that this is merely the lack of objectivity of a fan at work, but Shero has also demonstrated this with his recent moves. If he was still okay with another playoff-less season just building toward the future then he wouldn't have made some of his recent moves geared toward trying to give this team a chance to remain competitive down the stretch for this season. So clearly the bar moved for management as well (and for all we know ownership and the players are expecting to perform sooner now).
  8. 2017-2018 Out of Town Thread

    For me the last Flyers goalie that might have been truly great was Pelle Lindbergh. But the curse got him in a big way when he decided to merge his Porsche with a brick wall. Since Lindbergh the only goalie the Flyers have had that I think has been anything good I see Hextall and he tended to choke from time to time. Seems to me the Flyers used all their good goalie juju on Bernie Parent. That worries me..... how much of the Devils juju was used by Brodeur!? Yikes!
  9. About the Schneider deniers..

    It is a shame you missed the HoF career of Alain Chevrier. He was truly a monster in goal. In all seriousness, even at the Devs worst we’ve been fairly lucky in the goaltending dept. You’d have to go back to Hardy Astrom, IMHO, for when we really we talentless in net except for the Chevrier ‘era.’ And the Swedish sieve really played for the Rockies, not the Devils. Otherwise we’ve had (in no particular order): Resch, Terreri, Burke, Billington, McLean, Dunham, and finally Brodeur. All of those guys had decent to amazing nhl careers. In fairness, I don’t think any of them were not capable starters even though Terreri and Billington only ever started for a few seasons in their careers. So these guys basically represent nearly the entirety of Devs goaltending history. I think we’ve had it pretty good even when the team was bad almost everywhere else. Of course, those bad teams made some of the goalies look bad as well (resch being the prime example).
  10. About the Schneider deniers..

    He’s .001 down from his Devs career average!? He is clearly finished... over the hill. No way he comes back from that massive hole.
  11. Brodeur likely to lead 2018 HOF class

    I wish we had never traded Lanny away. Can you imagine how awe inspiring it would have been to see him in a Devils uniform? And it would have happened too. He didn't want to be traded from the Rockies. Apparently he took it as a rejection from a bottom dweller. Anyway, nice to see two of our franchise greats, even if no one ever acknowledges the few beasts the Scouts/Rockies managed to have in their short existences.
  12. Brodeur likely to lead 2018 HOF class

    I knew someone would do this.... that's just wrong.
  13. 2017 UFA Thread

    That's a good point and something I considered as well, although perhaps not enough. I also wrestled with how to figure the balance of talent. There were fewer teams back then, but then again the Europeans were just starting to show up and the Russians weren't in the picture. In the end I decided that the overall talent pool in the mid- to late-70s was probably roughly equal on a team to team basis as it is today now that talent scouting is world wide. Admittedly this is a fudge. I need to redo this analysis and update it. Perhaps given a little more time LL's picks will look a bit better, or factoring in pick position more fully will make a difference. I'm just not so sure. While you're right that LL's picks weren't as high as the Scouts and Rockies, those earlier teams made horrific moves of their own and traded away some good picks. For his part, LL allowed Neidermeyer to walk for nothing after sending him to arbitration twice. If there was any chance Neidermeyer was going to resign in NJ over his brother does anyone think dragging him thru arbitration helped that? And I feel he was going to drag him through arbitration then LL should have used that opportunity to get a return for someone who was sending signals that he was angry and likely not to come back. The same applies to Parise. One last point: I looked at these players entire careers, or lack thereof. So while the Devils may have had fewer NHL slots (at least in the earlier part of this period, later on less so) there are many more total NHL slots in total. It is telling that no one in the league wanted the talent LL drafted. In the '90s the talent LL drafted populated the league. The the '00s these guys played for no one. Was it because the Devils never gave them a shot? Perhaps, but I doubt the entire league will have passed on 8 years of draft picks because the Devils didn't give them a shot. Other teams must have looked at our talent and decided to pass, and pass, and pass. That's really bad. If I get a chance I will update this analysis and make a thread about it. I'd like to see if my analysis holds water, but it is hard to argue without actually posting what I did and I have in idea where I put this info.
  14. 2017 UFA Thread

    Awhile back I did a comparison, for my own edification, and compared the number of players drafted between 2000 and 2008 by LL who had managed to play 200 and 400 NHL games.* I compared this with the eight years of drafting by the Kansas City Scouts and Colorado Rockies. It wasn't even close. The Scouts and Rockies had a MUCH better draft record than LL did from 2000 on. Think about that for a minute. So yes, it is just like we were in the '80s except I would argue that back then this was a franchise that had started to build up some tradeable assets. We have fewer assets today than LL had when he took over. *- I think 200 and 400 was the base line I used at the time. This was three or four years ago. Long enough that some of the players drafts toward the end of this period might not have cleared this hurdle because of injury or slow development. I tried to factor that in, but I don't recall how. It isn't matter--it was still horribly lopsided. Given that the Scouts and Rockies had a pretty sad drafting record, this really was an indicator of how far LL and staff had fallen. And I never bother to follow that up with their subsequent drafts.... those were just as bad.
  15. 2017 UFA Thread

    Speaking of Jagr, when does this guy slow down? if he keeps going like he is he is going to start making Gordie Howe's career seem like a flash in the pan. Not to mention he will have played for every team in the NHL!