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  1. You’re going to have to explain this to me then because I don’t see your point at all. The very concept of self-sacrifice (asking less from the team so that they can afford more talent to win) is diametrically opposite time the narcissist that Titans04 is describing. So I don’t get why you’re writing this with the derisive ‘lol’ attached when it appears you don’t understand the point being made.
  2. I get that people feel that good players do not, necessarily, make good coaches and FO people. However, the record in hockey is quite a bit different than in many other sports. Gretzky turned out to be a pretty mediocre coach, but if memory serves the Devils two best coaches, Lemaire and Robinson, had somewhat promising careers, right folks? So if Lemaire and Robinson can win us Stanley Cups then I don’t see why Brodeur can’t do the same. That doesn’t mean he is a guaranteed success, after all we are talking about GMing and not coaching, but I don’t see how hiring Marty is doomed to fail. It seems to me, given his time in St. Louis, that he is more likely to succeed than most other options.
  3. A list of the best Devils teams of the last decade? That might be even more masochistic than compiling a list of my favorite genital tortures.
  4. Okay, I know a lot of people are frustrated and disappointed with this season, but let’s not tempt fate. Losing this team would be heartbreaking.... try not to forget that. Just remember that it has been just seven years since our last cup appearance; there are a lot of franchises and fan bases that would kill for the Devils’ history. We were spoiled, but every great franchise comes back to earth.
  5. Cool, thanks for the feedback Daniel.
  6. Whoa, isn’t that some sort of violation of NHL labor policy if Babcock did this while still coach? Or am I misunderstanding your point? A team contacting a player under contract would be clear tampering, but aren’t the same rules essentially in force for coaches? After all, it isn’t like players can conduct their own search for trades while under contract unless given explicit permission to do so (at least in most leagues.... can’t keep track of all these different policies).
  7. No, I think this team does have a killer ‘extinct’..... that’s the problem.
  8. I really wish I could make Wayne Simmonda money for all the things I’m terrible at...... there’s quite a lot to choose from.
  9. Well, I haven’t done any research on this either, but given our spectacular transactional history with the Blues I wholeheartedly endorse this approach. They helped to build the first Devils dynasty—I’m sure they can help build the second. So Hall can be this generation’s Shanahan.... now who is the Stevens (and extras when they tamper again) we get back?
  10. I’ve read that some people view Zacha as a potentially younger version of Zajac. I can see this, but there are concerns. When Zajac entered the league he was approx 21 and immediately became a 40+pt a year player. Zacha hasn’t performed up to that level to date, but he in on pace for 40pts if he plays 80 games. It is also worth noting that Zacha entered the league much younger—he was only approx 19 when he got his first significant time—and it might be that more time in the AHL might have benefitted him. I don’t know. Unfortunately, the Devils haven’t had the luxury to develop players like they once did. It used to be that our prospects had to really push to make the team and it was rare the Devils needed to pull someone up to the NHL until they were ready for Primetime. Nowadays we are so desperate for talent that the entire organization is, effectively, a developmental squad. Anyway, this I shall my long-winded way of saying that, while you’re probably right about Zacha Guadana, I think that his future could still take a few unexpected turns. I suspect he is someone for whom confidence may be an issue and so that I should what his future performance will pivot on quite a bit.
  11. That statement applies to too many of our players....
  12. Okay, here’s the solution: someone needs to bad a big ole moose. We tranq it, put it in a Devil’s sweater, and we throw some goalie pads on it. Then you just plop it in the goalie crease. Ta da, our new starting goaltender. The horns alone should give us a save percentage as good as Schneider.... Edit: Canadian Devils fans, this will have to be your task. We are short on moose in Jersey.
  13. Is it possible that he is still recovering? I know he is playing, but just because he is on the ice doesn’t mean he is recovered completely. I’m grasping at straws here, but I am hoping that maybe he turns it around as the season progresses.
  14. I was never thrilled by the Schneider acquisition and was torn to shreds on this board for proposing that we turn him around for assets when his value was at its peak. That said, he isn’t even close to being the worst goalie we’ve ever had. Alain Chevrier is perhaps the worst starter we’ve had in NJ for any length of time (in other words, not someone who played a couple games once). But if you want to talk about franchise history, it might be tough to top the Swedish Sieve as the worst goalie. Then again, those Scouts and Rockies teams were so bad it isn’t exactly a fair assessment just how awful the goalies were compared to the rest of the team. Look at Chico Resch’s career: when he played on a quality team he was an excellent goalie and a real asset to the Islanders, but plunk him on those anemic Rockies/Devils teams and he suddenly looked like he didn’t know what he was doing. IMHO that was the team much more than Resch. As an aside, in spite of all the years of success, Resch is still quite possibly my favorite player in Devils history. He made the best of a bad situation and made my childhood that much happier given that the Devils were a hopeless mess back then.
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