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  1. I live in Trenton but when I lived in Salem (I don't recommend it) everyone said Trenton was north Jersey. People in north Jersey say that we're in south Jersey. Screw the both of'em: we are in central Jersey bitches! Wait, I thought that was a circle jerk? So if a circle jerk is a meat circle and a meat circle is a pork roll then..... oh my.
  2. I think I'm having Deja Vu..... Well, the picture says 'Taylor Pork Roll' so I suppose there is a compromise to be had here. Like most compromises, however, methinks neither side will be happy. In any event, I'll always be a Pork Roll man.... …..not sure that last part came out the right way.
  3. So what you're saying is that the polio vaccine wiped out polio AND the hopes and dreams of every living Rangers fan for a few generations? Jonas Salk rocks!!! Unfortunately, I think a new disease has come around: Rangeritis. It seems to manifest in an immense amount of arrogance based on the accomplishment of nothing and the distortion of one's teams achievements vis-à-vis other sports teams. It even seems to affect professional athletes, luring them much like the moth is lured to the light with forlorn hope..... only to meet its demise, ultimately forgotten in some trash bin.
  4. You’re very welcome! I’m usually a font of useless knowledge. Just don’t ask me something that has value or purpose and we’re good to go.
  5. I agree completely. Today’s NHL isn’t about using fighting as a deterrence like much of the golden ages (well, IMHO the golden age: ‘70s to ‘90s.... maybe up to 2003 ). Today it is about using the body to wear people down, knock them off the puck, etc., and when necessary lay down a hit (preferably legal) that will make people hesitate when they are on the ice. As an aside, it is one of the things I love about the Subban trade. He is a good hitter, maybe even the best we’ve had since Stevens retired. At the moment I can’t think of anyone better since then....
  6. Let me preface this by saying that I have no particular experience with or knowledge of pelvis injuries. Nor do I wish to delve deeply into Simmonds’s pelvis to learn more. That’s said, I can easily imagine recovering from torn muscles in the abdomen and pelvis being especially crippling to a hockey player. Just keeping your feet moving and your legs pumping while your muscles are still healing has to slow you down and the NHL, especially nowadays, does not forgive players slowing down. For that reason I feel good about this signing—I think we will get him back on an up year. If it turns out he has recovered well and we want to keep him then we can resign him. If not, no harm done, like a bunch of people have already said. Anyway you cut it, Hughes (hell, the whole team) could use some muscle.
  7. Fair enough, I can dig that. I know exactly what you mean. I’ve always thought of PA as part of the northeast, but that’s really my own (maybe our?) prejudice because we are so close to eastern PA. Out in the western part of the state, that is definitely a midwestern mindset. In fact, it’s funny you mention this because my little story about hearing pop for the first time took place in Harrisburg, PA when I was at a gaming convention. It was a little old lady from western PA (if memory serves, this was 25 years ago) who had asked me about the pop machine.
  8. First time someone asked me 'where is the pop machine' it took me a solid 5 seconds, as well as asking them to repeat themselves, before it dawned on me they wanted soda. In fact, that's what I said: "oh, the soda machine, right... it is down the hall." What's really annoying is down south where every damn soda is coke. 'you want some coke?' Yea 'What kind?' 7UP WTF!?
  9. Funny, I never even heard of this Taylor Ham BS until recently. It is a Pork Roll... and I don't even eat pork. Oh, and as a Trentonian I'll pass. You're welcome to gobble away however....
  10. When the Romans come to release Brian while he is hanging on the cross. He is distracted and when the guard asks if if there is anyone named Brian of Nazareth there some random dude in the background pipes up and says, "I'm Brian!" Next the haughty dude says, "no, I'm Brian of Nazareth and so is my wife.' (His wife and he were both being crucified at the same time). After this all hell breaks loose and everyone says that their Brian, including the real Brian, so no one pays him any attention. I love that scene for so many reasons, but most of all the black humor of Brian going to his death because the guards were too lazy to bother to verify the identity of whomever they were freeing (to ththe point that the freed guy demanded to be put back on the cross and thy refuse). Quintessential heartless bureaucracy. Anyway, does that help ring the ol' bells at all?
  11. That’s a bingo! Nice one. Sometimes I can’t figure out if these are plainly obvious or if I’m just an old fart who remembers this stuff. I know most of my students look at me like I’m growing a mystery limb out of my arse when I mention Monty Python. Makes me feel old....
  12. No, I’m Taylor Hall.... and so is my wife! (kudos to anyone who can guess the movie that I’m referencing....)
  13. AEWHistory

    Hughes or Kakko

    Glad to see other people hating on the shootout—I despise it. What’s other major sport has a game-deciding part of the sport only for part of the season anyway? Now the last thing I want is to see the SO in the playoffs, but it is plain goofy to resolve games one way in the reg season and another way in the postseason. It would be like if football had a kicking competition to decide games during the year, but in the playoffs they played actual, you know, football to decide who wins. Really makes the NHL look stupid.... but hey, who’s listening to me?
  14. I know, right? Dude was averaging 124 minutes a game!
  15. I hear that the guy you've got penciled in as 4th line RW is a helluva player. Hell, he even plays defense!
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