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  1. YES! BCS isn’t as intense as BB mostly, but it is a fascinating character study. Hard to argue that, but as much as I like the whole BB series I liked Deadwood even more. Deadwood is, IMO, the best written show in television history.
  2. I love Scarlett Johansen but I thought the movie was really mediocre. It was trying to be too clever for its own good, not to mention that the character, Black Widow, just doesn’t carry the movie all that well. There is a reason why they had Iron Man in a Spider Man film and a slew of other heroes in Captain America films: most of these characters are best playing off each other and as part of a “world” of super heroes. The only solo hero films that have been pretty good were Downey’s first forays as Iron Man. Otherwise the whole MCU has really thrived when they cross over instead of trying to hold down whole films with one character. I saw last week that sales of the BW film on Disney+ have really dived and it really isn’t surprising. It is a shame, but I’m not surprised.
  3. Yea, but doesn’t it feel good knowing that they basically have the entire hockey world trying to help them and they still can’t manage more than about one cup every half century? I mean, seriously, what a testament to ineptitude.
  4. Here is what I don’t get: I remember being young and sex was still novel to me. What I don’t remember is being in the throes of passion and thinking, “wait, lemme get my phone and document this.” Maybe it is generational, but the things I wanted to play with were all on my partner’s body and none of them were on my phone….
  5. I couldn’t agree more. This is doubly true given that the former culture of winning above all else and discipline that Lou installed has basically been lost. Now it needs to be rebuilt and that requires people with strong character—people who put being great above wanting things like saving a little driving time to get to practice. Oh how I miss Ken Daneyko’s toughness, Stevens leadership, toughness, and will to dominate, Elias’s brilliance (I think you deserve the HoF Patty!) and Brodeur’s amazing consistency (not to mention Lemieux’s clutch performances and many other wonderful players). Man, I can’t wait to get home and fire up my VHS copy of Heaven and the other cup run videos. Now to hook up my VCR….. my kids will be very confused.
  6. But that’s what I don’t get. Since when is New Jersey not close to major hubs, night life, etc? I don’t mean this as a critique of you Carp, this is a common theme, but why? NJ has the Shore, A.C., is near the Poconos, and is spitting distance from NY or Philly, depending on what end you’re at. One of the things I have always loved about being from Trenton is that I can get to almost anything I want within an hour or so but my home prices are fairly reasonable and traffic is hardly an issue except for maybe 20 minutes a day. Living in N. Jersey you’d get a version of this as well in regard to NYC. So I don’t get it. Unless you’re living above a damn night club or need a casino injected directly into your bloodstream why the hell is NYC or BOS any more desirable? Maybe I’m just too much of a Jerseyan to see?
  7. Given the Devils’s need for defense, I’d be reluctant to trade the #4 pick. Perhaps next year's pick would do it? You’d be betting that the Devs have a return to respectability whereas they’d be hoping we bomb again. It would be a risk, especially if we won the lottery, but worth it. It is as close to having our cake and eating it that I can think of.
  8. So what you’re saying is that there is a talented young NHL player who might want to go to/stay in St Louis that we might be able to get? I say we get Stevens….. I mean Tkachuk immediately!
  9. But that is exactly my point: he wants to have the life of a normal kid his age. That’s fine, but that won’t work for someone in his position and people who want to be number one in their profession. It sucks, but it is true. Is there anything wrong with wanting “normal”? No. Does it make him a FAR less desirable prospect? Oh yes. After all, how many Olympic gold medalists, HoF players in pretty much any sport, or any top achiever started their career by saying, “I’d like to do more things NOT associated with my career”? You’ll probably find a few, but not many. So if he wants “normal” then he isn’t going to work for “exceptional” and being the number one pick in the NHL draft is for someone exceptional. I will put my money where my mouth is and document this: Power will be a disappointment. He is very talented, but he will underachieve to some level. I can’t say to what level yet, but he will.
  10. I’m sorry, did someone say Pinto? BOOM!
  11. But doesn’t this all apply to all the expansion teams? They all paid expansion fees and none of them got the treatment that Vegas has gotten. You could argue that it is because of how much Vegas paid, but that seems like a weak argument. Taking into account inflation and the value of teams in the NHL I would bet that Vegas paid what was essentially a fair price compared to earlier expansion teams. Sure, $600 million is a lot of money (it’s more than I usually have in my wallet ) but if that’s the entry price then that’s the price, right? The same applies with the other expenses. Every other expansion team needed to find a stadium, hire staff, etc., right. But if you compare what has happened to Vegas with every earlier expansion the NHL had it really is a sad sort of favoritism. I can’t say why, but it really is. When all the teams were added in the ‘70s every team that came before didn’t get to skip having to defend talent (at least not that I am aware, I’m open to being corrected) and the talent available were mostly scrubs. I am sure you’re right that this is calculated, on that we most certainly agree. I’m just not sure I like the equations I am seeing.
  12. Well, I didn’t really expect that we might get Owen Power, but for a few months now I had secretly hoped he fell into our lap. That is over. In this Article is the following bit: Power added to his response, stating why he’d like to return to Ann Arbor this upcoming fall. “I think it would be pretty special. Just actually going to class and not do it online,” he said. “Just being able to do stuff other than go to the rink and home, I think would be something that I would like to do.” Now I am sure many of you will say this is an over reaction, and maybe it is, but I want my early first round picks to breathe hockey, eat hockey, piss hockey, LIVE hockey. What I don’t want is a major asset saying things like, “boy, it’d be cool to do more things NOT related to hockey.” This is a guy on the cusp of being a number one pick and making millions of dollars and he is chirping about how he wants more freedom to do other things before his career has actually started. Bye. I will add one thing: I know something about dedicating yourself for years to something. I did my PhD work in history. I lived in $10k a year for years while I worked toward my degree and I knew that there weren’t millions of dollars at the end of the tunnel when it all ended and I entered the workforce. But I love history and wouldn’t change a thing…. and I would never have completed any of it if I needed to get away from my studies as early on as he is. okay, my rant is over. I feel bad for whomever drafts this kid…. But I really hope it isn’t the devils.
  13. I see what you’re saying. I have to admit I am still having a rough time figuring out where our pieces fit. We have some great young players and some good prospects, but how they fit together isn’t as clear to me at the moment. There definitely isn’t an Elias-Arnott-Sykora combination that has presented itself yet. As an aside, do you guys see Bratt fixing this aspect of his game as he matures? I know this isn’t the same thing, but I remember an article about Scott Stevens talking about his days with the Caps and how in his early days he played with less discipline, took a lot of penalties, etc. Later on he became much more disciplined. Perhaps Bratt will have his own epiphany about his defensive performance? I just hope he doesn’t need to switch teams to find it….
  14. Let more preface this by saying that I don’t watch a fraction of the games many of you do, and saw Hischier very little this year (though we all did I suppose). That said I always thought of Hischier as someone who was very responsible defensively. Wouldn’t you want to pair someone who isn’t as strong defensively, like Bratt, with someone who can help cover some of that weakness? I feel like I am missing part of the equation.
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