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2012 Fantasy Football Draft Finished!


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1. DevilsMJ - Picking 12th

2. Aylbert - Picking 11th

3. VivaLaflamme - Picking 1st

4. Masked Fan - Picking 2nd

5. MantaRay - Picking 10th

6. devilsrule33 - Picking 3rd

7. NJDevs4978 - Picking 4th

8. LOTCB - Picking 6th

9. CRASHER - Picking 5th

10. Hi, I'm VALUE! - Picking 7th

11. redruM - Picking 9th

12. RSC - Picking 8th

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And one more time here are the keeper lists:

The ones with a strikethrough are ineligible to be kept because they were the prior season's keepers. I also struck through Tomlinson cause he retired anyway :P

New Jersey Swamps

Romo – 3rd

Sanchez – 10th (Clown drafted)


Bush – 8th

Wells – 4th

Jones-Drew – 1st

D. Brown – 15th (FA)

Wallace – 2nd

Harvin – 7th

Holmes – 5th

Daniels – 6th

Gronkowski – 12th

Bailey – 15th (FA)

Texans – 15th (FA)

Bears – 10th


Rodgers – 1st

Ponder – 15th (FA)

Ch. Johnson – 1st


Helu – 12th (UDX drafted)

Bryant – 3rd

Maclin – 4th

Manningham – 5th

Green – 10th

A. Brown – 15th

Winslow – 10th

Olsen – 12th

Henery – 15th

Praeter – 15th (FA)

Jets – 8th

Seahawks – 15th (FA)

Long Island Iced Z

Fitzpatrick – 10th

Hasselbeck – 15th (FA)

Yates – 15th (FA)

Moore – 15th (FA)

McCoy – 1st

Forte – 3rd

Sproles – 13th

V. Jackson

J. Jones – 6th

J. Nelson – 13th

Boldin – 5th

Gates – 3rd

Kasay – 15th (FA)

Titans – 15th (FA)

Eagles – 8th


Brady – 2nd

S. Jackson – 2nd

Lynch – 6th

P. Thomas – 7th

F. Jackson – 5th (IR)

Royster - 15th (FA)

Welker – 4th

S. Moss – 7th (UDX drafted)

Washington – 15th (FA)


A. Johnson – 1st

D. Thomas – 15th (FA)

A. Hernandez

Pettigrew – 10th (UDX drafted)

Novak – 15th (FA)

Bengals – 15th (FA)


Stafford – 7th

Flacco – 6th


Green-Ellis – 4th

Gerhart – 15th (FA)

Hunter – 12th (CRASHER drafted)

R. Williams – 12th

Bell – 15th (FA)

Jennings – 2nd

Cruz – 15th (FA)

Lloyd – 3rd

Graham – 7th

Akers – 15th (FA)

Ravens – 9th

49ers – 15th (FA)


Newton – 14th

Rivers – 2nd

R. Bush

S. Greene

J. Stewart – 7th

Spiller – 8th

M. Morris – 15th (FA)

Marshall – 5th

Fitzgerald – 1st

S. Johnson – 3rd

Nelson – 15th (FA)

Witten – 4th

Nugent – 15th (FA)

Lions – 14th (Masked drafted)

Falcons – 14th (VALUE drafted)

Waiver Wire Whining


Roethlisberger – 6th

Tebow – 15th (FA)

Gore – 1st

Mathews – 4th

Thomas – 3rd

K. Smith – 15th (FA)

Tomlinson – 10th (MJ drafted)

Ringer – 15th (FA)

Ca. Johnson – 2nd

T. Smith – 15th (FA)

L. Robinson – 15th (FA)

Gonzalez – 7th

Crosby – 13th

Packers – 8th

Masked Marauders

Brees – 2nd

Bradford – 6th (RSC drafted)

Turner – 1st

F. Jones – 4th

Benson – 5th

Murray – 13th

Woodhead – 11th (Laflamme drafted)

Addai – 6th

Branch – 10th

J. Jones – 15th (FA)

Britt – 7th (IR)

Gresham – 15th (FA)

Chandler – 15th (FA)

Gostkowski – 12th

Cowboys – 9th

Wack MC’s

Dalton – 15th (FA)

V. Young – 15th (FA)

Peterson – 1st

Blount – 3rd

D. Williams – 4th

Starks – 9th

Bowe – 2nd


L. Moore – 10th

Douglas – 15th (FA)

Ballard – 15th (FA)

D. Clark – 5th

Hanson – 14th (UDX drafted)

Steelers – 7th

Jaguars – 15th (FA)

Dynamo Nation (formerly Smirking Revenge)

A. Smith – 15th (Swamps drafted)

McGahee – 8th

Mendenhall – 1st

Jacobs – 6th (Manta drafted)

K. Williams – 15th (FA)

S. Morris – 15th (FA)

Best (IR) – 3rd

R. White – 2nd

Colston – 5th

Breaston – 14th (CRASHER drafted)

Burress – 8th (VALUE drafted)

Little – 15th (FA)

V. Davis – 6th

Keller – 11th (Clown drafted)

M. Bryant – 14th (RSC drafted)

Bills – 15th (FA)

Sworn Defenders

Ryan – 4th

Freeman – 6th

Palmer – 15th (FA)

P. Manning – 2nd

Foster – 1st

Tate – 9th

Tolbert – 7th

Grant – 5th

Moreno – 3rd (VALUE drafted)

H. Miller – 15th (FA)

S. Smith – 9th

M. Williams – 4th

R. Wayne – 3rd (Masked drafted)

Doucet – 15th (FA)

Janikowski – 13th

Giants – 14th

Big Blue

E. Manning – 6th

Cutler – 8th

R. Rice – 1st


McCluster – 15th (FA)

Ingram – 4th

Austin – 2nd

Gaffney – 15th (FA)

Baldwin – 15th (FA)

S. Rice – 7th (IR)

D. Jackson – 3rd

Garcon – 11th

Finley – 5th

Bironas – 15th (Laflamme drafted)

Rackers – 14th

Patriots – 9th

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And in case nobody gave red the draft rule book, you can make draft pick trades during the draft. Hell, you can even trade draft pick spots if you want (it's been done before) - i.e. MJ trades his first picking spot and a 12th round pick to CRASHER for his ninth picking spot and a 4th round pick. The only stipulation with trades is that there have to be an equal number of players/picks each way.

There haven't been a lot of trades the last couple of years though so hopefully people check their PM's before they pick, cause that's usually where trade offers get made. And each pick has a twelve-hour time limit though the clock gets frozen between midnight and 6 AM, so theoretically you could have eighteen hours if the last pick before you was made at 9:30 PM, then the clock wouldn't expire on you till 3:30 PM the next day.

And for further reference, here's the screename match with the team name:


Sworn Defenders - aylbert

Dynamo Nation - redruM

Masked Marauders - Masked Fan

DR - devilsrule33

Big Blue - DevilsMJ

LOTCB - same

Wack MCs - RSC

Swamps - me

Long Island Iced Z - VivaLaflamme

MantaRavens - MantaRay

Waiver Wire Whining - CRASHER

Thought we declared our keeper when we declare our draft position? no?

Likewise, no reason not to do keepers and draft position at the same time before the rest of the draft like last year...it'd be pretty silly if say, dr wants to keep Rodgers but someone ninja-drafts him before he can keep him because he's a little back in the first-round draft order. While red picks his spot 11th and it doesn't matter since he doesn't have a first-round caliber keeper.

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You DECLARE your keeper when you pick your SLOT.

The way Crasher stated doesn't make sense. Say, I pick slot 6... Say Foster goes 1st overall... then pick 6 comes along, and I declare my keeper as Foster... uh-oh. :D

We always declare our keepers before the draft, not during the 1st round.

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Be realistic, you KNOW who you're keeping when you declare your spot :P

and the last two years when the person who picked #1 went he made his first draft pick anyway, so it didn't matter.....and yes, the draft starts MONDAY, let the nitpicking begin......

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and the last two years when the person who picked #1 went he made his first draft pick anyway, so it didn't matter.....and yes, the draft starts MONDAY, let the nitpicking begin......

I love when you're so clearly wrong, yet try to make it like you're not...

see: RSC from last year. I see a draft slot, I see a keeper... I don't see the 1st overall choice :)

I will take the 1st draft spot, and my keeper will be Hakeem Nicks, who was an 8th round pick last year.

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I know Aug 13 is the set the draft order, but when do you propose the actual draft date?


MJ could select his position and keeper right now if he wished too.

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I'm 12th because I made fun of the selection process, aren't I? CMON TRANSPARENCY

If I was gonna be transparent I'd have it so me, laflamme, LCB and Brian all pick in a row....oh wait....3 of us can....WHAAAATTTTT???? B )


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shall we begin the OMG WE WON'T FINISH IN TIME panic buttoning already?? :P

Pretty sure that pushed off last weekend.

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:lol: he PMs me when it's his turn

Masked is keeping D.Murray (Dal) and is gonna pick 2nd

and in the immortal words of Sanborn.....CMON MANTA!!!!!

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