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  1. Ahh yea, tuning out now. Not even going to keep the audio on in the background.
  2. Yea, I am not holding my breath for Holtz either after what happened with Bratt. The game last night was disappointing to me when I saw Nico showing very little emotion over the poor effort on the bench with his head down after shift changes.
  3. Did someone spill ink on your blueprints today or something?
  4. Ps that janky ass virtual jag one ad on the ice is so distracting
  5. Jeez feels like pens have been on the power play from this lopsided play
  6. Damn, kinda bummed over zajac. Best of luck guys Another first rounder is nice but it's going to be mid round at best.
  7. We have earned $5 in commissions from Amazon in the last 7 days, a good bump up.
  8. Thank you VA I got it. Life's been hectic in these last few weeks, I plan to update the new market place app which shows donations on the main page too. It will eventually do it automatically
  9. Ahh, the Mets and the COVID era, this should be a new embarrassing saga for our storied history.
  10. Yea you know being put on the waivers this close to the deadline he was shopped around and got no interest.
  11. Half my teams been out on IR or NA this year. A wasted year for me again
  12. Thanks for the still additional donations today, its been a long day at work so I Hope I reached out to everyone. I found a few widgets that show costs and donation drives. I will see if I can install one so the budget is out there for all to see. Thanks!
  13. Those are both hover over windows. They shouldn't be showing in full until then. Maybe your cache is acting up? I'd refresh browser files
  14. Hi All, first off thank you to the many who have donated! Between Venmo and Paypay a whopping $595 has been donated to the site. This should be good for the next 6-7 months! I will reach out to everyone individually to thank you. The costs are this: 85$ month hosting (VPS on amazon) The forum software is $70 a year for support. Domain name's 12$ $1102 ish a year Hosting is expensive because of the large database side we have (it was 4GB) the last time I looked and the memory usage means most hosts won't even allow us on a smaller shared plan.
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