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  1. Sure, ill tack it onto the hosting donation drive...lol. Sounds like Reddit isn't far behind with the pricing fees. Maybe we will get some new blood once twitter and reddit fade away.
  2. It is turning out this is on Twitters end after all. They are limiting API Calls from sites now and it is low enough that we are hitting it quickly. We might have to just copy the tweet text for now on
  3. I concur, somethings broken. I opened a ticket with forum people
  4. Thank you, I was wondering all day. Glad to hear and hope his health is smoother from here on out.
  5. We of all fans should know being down 0-2 doesn't mean that much
  6. You could see it in the Hughes brothers and Nico's eyes, they want to be back and they want to keep going further. The next decade should be amazing for us to watch.
  7. Watch it be some miraculous slush fund that will pay for the infrastructure part of the plan and all is well.
  8. That almost seems too convenient
  9. At first I thought another Texas team was too much but look at all the metro teams and they are thriving. It could work.
  10. Nemec says "great" alot. The great Nemec. Glad he recognized his defense weakness and was working on it. The Devils D corps are going to be great next year.
  11. MB3, prayers to your son and hopeful for a full recovery. I sincerely hope your son gets to live a full life. Way down in importance, I am glad the three of you found each tolerable off the forums. But as others have said, this place has been way more enjoyable without the three of you taking over all the threads. Best of luck to you too Mfitz, since I see you just attempted to register too.
  12. Not a great start, don't the mets usually start hot and get everyone's hopes up before fading by August?
  13. Luke was so good, he is going to be a superstar like his brother. And shout out to mcleod, he really stepped up this post season. He was downright an anchor for the team to stabilize from at points.
  14. Graves was a mess, serious thought to action delay in his play
  15. Same with Akira on that one goal right through his fivehole. Hope he can bounce back (and VV since they are our tandem)
  16. Well, it was a good run, that none of us were counting in in the beginning of the season. Going to be interesting to see what was ailing Jack and maybe even VV.
  17. Lets go Devils! One game at a time!
  18. Vanacek has something going on, he seems to lockup or react slowly, muscle injury or mental? I don't know
  19. Yea out of the metro is best, if he is a generational talent he could haunt us for a decade
  20. Well, heres hoping he has a good game and doesn't spot them two quick goals. The Devils aren't going to score 8 goals every game to cover poor tending.
  21. So glad I don't have to focus on this this year (or any time soon).
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