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  1. If Tarasenko can regain 80% of his previous play it will be worth it. I have young hockey friends who idolize him, he will be a boon to the Devils offense.
  2. Too late to look back to Carolina Dougie, they replaced you
  3. Who wants to start the Dougie watch thread, guaranteed 200 pages.
  4. Ahh thanks, that threw me for a loop.
  5. I agree, lets try and keep the twitter mentions to people with checkmarks or credentials.
  6. Politics are for that scary sub forum...damn I haven't been there in awhile...nah...ill forget it exists again...yes...
  7. It is a sequel, I am pretty sure that is dan akroyd answering the phone at the end after they watched the old skool Ghostbusters commercial Just watched it closer, damn it has Bill murray, Dan akroyd and their old receptionist in it I forgot her name
  8. I wondered about that too. That stinks, guess we wait another day unless the Canes give up today and do a trade and sign.
  9. That's pretty good, thanks for the info
  10. That is about to happen in my neighborhood, literally across the street from one of the best pizza places in the area. Like who the hell wants Dominos in Jersey? Its like getting dunkin donut bagels, what's your malfunction?
  11. OH I agree, I have a cousin with two 13 and 16 year old daughters and what they say and their friends wear would have gotten our generation the belt out back. Some people don't have a filter though and I'd prefer not to chase anyone away with obnoxious sexual innuendo or crass remarks.
  12. Also a friendly reminder, keep it PG13 everyone.
  13. For second round onwards. The#4oa thread is too encompassing at this point.
  14. Seems alcohol took over a few conversations here ... I hope.
  15. I just said the same in chat. Hes going to get mauled.
  16. Durrrrr, I completely forgot about the ESPN Network change, and I don't have them in my Streaming plan. Doh!
  17. That is insanely bad by Philly, the 1st and second and an NHL player?! How do they even balance that in their minds?
  18. That's true, even Hall was invisible and then exploded once he got to Boston.
  19. Are you guys like secret twinsies?
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