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  1. my new abbreviation hatred is SZN... everything is "Its xyz SZN!" now
  2. Just checking, there is a bug related to a new feature. Support is looking into it
  3. Goodness people. The discussion of the vaccine is simply IMPOSSIBLE. Look at any other forum or social format, it always degrades into name calling. The Athletic, Hockeyforums, reddit, facebook etc, it is so toxic to read that I find myself skipping the whole discussion. Do you really want that here just so you can state the same thing over and over?
  4. Thank you Has. Look, I am not blind to what is going on with Blackwood. The problem with the vaccine discussion is that there is no discussion. Everyone has their political mind made up and if someone is not of the same opinion then they are sub human no matter which side they are on. Personally, I can probably claim to be one of the first dozen on these forums to have been vaccinated because of my hospital employment, the vaccine works.
  5. Sterio and D118, despite numerous people telling you to top and drop this topic I requested to not be discussed, you continued. The next Covid/vaccine post I see from either of you will see you sitting on the sidelines until January. I don't enforce many rules besides PG13 and topics that spiral out of control every time making the forums unreadable (politics, jerseys and now Covid.) My job is directly tied to Social media sphere and as you know with Facebook and instagram going off today it has been a bad day as it is. Thank you.
  6. The problem is some people go from 0 to raging lunatic in one post and everyone responds in kind. This isn't conducive to readable forum topics.
  7. https://www.njdevs.com/forums/index.php?/topic/136539-prospects-thread-2021-21 new season, new thread
  8. Ahem.. No more vaccine discussion. Thanks
  9. Mercer has been all over the ice tonight. If he keeps this level of play up, there is no way they can send him back
  10. Okay...then... I am thinking of adding Covid vaccine choice to the list of no go topics on this area of the forums. Hell No Go Topics: _______________ Politics Jersey Authenticity Sterio's love of Lou / PK. Covid Vaccine.
  11. Unfortunately I have family with recent health issues and can't go in person either. We all know more than half will not wear masks and top it off with yelling and cheering; that's a no go for me dawg. Sucks.
  12. Amazon doesn't show any personal info, but if you are outright claiming that was your purchase...well
  13. I know this is a emotional topic and it affects our entire walk of life but please try and keep it civil. A reminder that politics are rightly banned from the main area of this forum.
  14. Ahh brutal, wondered why I got the notice of the donation this morning. Sorry man!
  15. Congrats on a good hockey career Travis! Now, If he could teach the younger players how to get under Crosby's skin too that would be great.
  16. Pre game streaming begins at 6:50 Will be on newjerseydevils.com And njd.tv
  17. https://www.nhl.com/devils/news/devils-announce-2021-prospects-challenge-roster-i-release/c-326161438 All games will be streamed on newjerseydevils.com in promotional partnership with MSG Networks: Friday, Sept. 17, Buffalo vs. New Jersey, 7 p.m. and Sunday, Sept. 19, New Jersey vs. Boston, 1 p.m. Rosters below
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