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  1. This movie was amazing, It has been awhile that an action movie was that entertaining. But...you guys should have warned me...not to get attached to anyone 🥹
  2. I'll wait til then, I have enough streaming service bills. Thanks for the recommendation!
  3. Is that full season out? I heard that's good too
  4. We're going tomorrow, been hearing it's original gen awesome
  5. On one hand I'm glad the Devils have the depth to cover another star injury but this is ridiculous with the injuries this season! Nico, Jack now Dougie?
  6. That is fine, big roster changes I would prefer be in their own thread so it isn't buried. Hope Nemec does well!
  7. I am on the Schmid train now, if they aren't going to trade for a hot or on point goalie VV isn't cutting it right now. This adherence of Ruff to VV is bordering on bizarre.
  8. Thanks Dew, it is basically free money for the site. A few of you use it with regularity, thanks for that!
  9. Happy thanksgiving all, the weather turned out pretty decent here in NJ to hang outside between meals.
  10. LgD! Merge goes by timestamp,other ones gone
  11. Man, we are 2 more injuries from being a bottom dweller team at this rate. What a twist of fate.
  12. The hype train has definitely derailed at this point. Wish they could put a couple of solid games in a row.
  13. Got really sick overnight and hit 102 fever. Never had fever dreams but let me tell you it's bizarre! Missed the game Woke up this morning to the Hughes news, hoping its a short term thing.
  14. I am friends with the family (Hes a jersey kid). He is pretty sorry about it, and most of his jersey family was at the game. I don't think it was intentional.
  15. Lgd, let's get a good showing from the goalie tonight
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