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  1. I really like Carrick’s game - I think he has some potential - he was a leading playoff scorer of the Toronto AHL team a few years back
  2. Blame for this monstrosity should be evenly divided in three: 1) Management - you can’t tell me there haven’t been at least a few NHLers to sign in the off-season. Even if they weren’t household names but couple of solid 3rd liners who could play 2nd if asked to would alleviate some pressure on young kids and/or Hall. Why old, “out-of-touch with modern NHL” Lou was able to find some to bolster the depth? Why not go after DeHaan? Even during the season - for example Niederreiter was available via trade 2) Coaching staff - seems like every team is outcouching them collectively. What does Grier even do? How does Hynes not adjust at all on the road all season long? 3) Players - other than Coleman and Nico everyone from the “wave of the future” either not progressing or regressing
  3. Sending Blackwood down was stupid - sure team, every team who has a chance to ride a young promising goalie does it regardless of standings. I mentioned Philly the other day, look at Binnington in St Louis. It gives any team a good shot of energy in addition to forcing them to pay attention to details defensively. Carry 3 goalies, it’s not the end of the world - just don’t send best goalie of the three down
  4. Hasn’t Elliott disappeared off the face of the Earth with phantom IR for eternity?
  5. Can anyone explain why Philly gets to ride Hart to make their young guys feel good about themselves and win like 8 in a row while Blackwood is sent down
  6. Panarin, Bjorkstrand, some no name defenseman as usual the mighty trio to fear
  7. Is Mojo returning from another concussion? “Upper body injury due to a hit” sounds very much like it
  8. There were enough NHL-level players on the market available last to sign a few of them. Old “senile” Lou - went out and signed Komarovs and Fillpulas. Sure they aren’t big scorers but good depth players to have to roll out on the third line in a regular scenario or to have some depth when injuries occur to move different players up and down the lineup. So, it seems to me if Hynes is absolved of anything “given what he’s given to work with” the rest of the brass should be held accountable for at the very least overestimating the internal talent pipeline
  9. This team shouldn’t be this bad - there’s enough talent to be performing like say Habs this year, this was almost 100 point team last year
  10. PZ is still young enough to develop like Bo Horvat. If you look at BH stats first couple of years they are pretty bad but he slowly developed into a reliable NHL center though nobody will confuse him with Auston Matthews.
  11. Did Lou ever explain why he kept 2012 pick? As far as I remember there wasn’t even a sniff at that time that 30th pick in 2014 would be awarded.
  12. Can we get Santini in already, at least he hits - the other teams score goals at will, they literally don’t break a sweat to break down our defense
  13. PacificDevil

    Fire Hynes

    Doghousing JQ just because he didn’t get any points was a mistake. Rewatch those first few games and the Wood-Zajac-JQ line had some solid chemistry, no glaring defensive shortcomings by JQ - why break it up move everyone up and down the lineup, Hynsie?
  14. Something realistic to do - recall Zacha and JQ, put Zacha between Bratt and Johansson and JQ with Zajac and Wood seemed liked these lines with some chemistry earlier (pre-season, early season respectively)
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