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  1. If Devils went off the board in 2017 and got say Heiskenen Shero would have been lynched on this forum. The only thing in question was Nolan vs Nico. I would say this giving Nico C put way too much burden on him. He can’t turn around the franchise by himself like Matthews or McDavid can but it seems like the added pressure totally dragging him down. He can still definitely be very good player but definitely needs wingers of 1). sniper, 2). power forward
  2. If we had drafted Makar and Colorado drafted Smith (different years I know), Makar would have been like Smith and Smith would have been like Makar
  3. 11 games below .500 equaling last season’s final record
  4. You mean 2017-18? The best Devils team in a decade
  5. Everything seems like a bad timing since 2015: 1) The So-so results of the loaded 2015 draft (Lou era still) 2) 1OAs don’t end up being McDavid or Matthews but somehow consensus 3OA - 4 OA(Makar, Heiskenen) becoming stars 3) Schneider falling off the earth exactly at the time things started to look a bit promising (2017-18) 4) All reasonable on paper top 6 for 2nd rounder type of improvements on paper never working out (Johansson, Gusev) 5) Guys drafted further like Boqvist that are highly rated not really becoming anything special
  6. Nowadays once the season starts it’s almost impossible to make any moves to improve the badly constructed teams, the time for moves is almost exclusively 1) Trade deadline 2) Off-season. Fitz has been active in both for 2 years, nevertheless there’s just not enough in top 6 talent in the org even if bottom 6 depth is reasonable. Probably better coaching would help though
  7. How about if this was a high school team and not an NHL team this all would be all nice and cool
  8. Somehow they do play much more composed when Nas is a head coach, I may be in minority but maybe give Nas the rest of the season
  9. Nas is now 21-16 lifetime and a head coach, better than some of the fancy head coaches like Lindy Ruff and John Hynes :)
  10. If coaches aren’t the problem and players can’t execute properly someone is responsible for not properly evaluating players. Like a few years ago Boqvist was a no-miss prospect that Shero specifically said other GMs calling non-stop to inquire about Boqvist and that means something about Boqvist potential. I’m not picking on Boqvist but then how are we to believe Nico is on course for many years of Selke considerations and Hughes + Holtz will terrorize NHL McDavid + Draisatl style
  11. If one is the biggest supporter of Ruff you can’t trade the whole team, look how much better Vancouver playing after firings with the same lineup
  12. Can there be any more epic embarrassment than Lou’s garbage collection of Zach Parise scoring short- handed
  13. On top of everything Metro is brutal being 10 games above .500 would get you just a sniff of WC
  14. Lindy running them into the ground in practice before cross country travels didn’t make any sense, it’s not like these players have great physical or mental stamina
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