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  1. By method of elimination we now know the team is badly constructed
  2. Nose with an NHL goal yesterday after 14! in AHL
  3. https://www.google.com/amp/s/nhl.nbcsports.com/2019/12/02/things-look-dire-for-hynes-devils-after-7-1-loss-to-sabres/amp/ - even random hockey writers can’t comprehend how things wouldn’t look “dire” for Hynes in a normal world
  4. It can’t be that each veteran player fell off the cliff, each young player can’t realize their potential, and the team on the whole is completely out of synch. Some of these players like Severson and Hischier who should be taking next steps in their development had a very strong World Championship - though it’s not the strongest tournament nonetheless it’s a good barometer that they should be on upward trajectory
  5. Babcock would be worse - this team right now needs a babysitter who’s going to feel sorry for them first - like Lemaire was in 2010
  6. Does this team get coached what to do upon losing defensive draw on PK?
  7. Picking on Gusev and Boqvist for “lack of understanding the North American game” is pure scapegoating when the whole team plays like bunch of sore losers.
  8. PacificDevil

    Fire Hynes

    In the imaginary world if this team had 0 coaches and players themselves ran the lineup and game plan decisions they would put together better lineup and better game plan, like “hey Goose you’re pretty offensive minded guy let’s get you in with Trav and Boqvist” type of lineup
  9. Don’t you know the Wood-Rooney-Hayden line is the greatest thing since the sliced bread
  10. Boqvist has been in the doghouse since the 4 min penalty vs Florida that led to the 6th goal. 2 wins since then also didn’t help his cause. The only way he slots in is another forward injury
  11. PacificDevil

    Fire Hynes

    That’s the main thing - it’s almost like a fan revolt against status quo losing because a) 5 year rebuild is way too long for NJ Devils b) everything was supposed to be lined up this year to be done with rebuild for the foreseeable future
  12. PacificDevil

    Fire Hynes

    Even if one think Hynes does nothing wrong and it’s all players’ fault you can’t fire 23 players
  13. What is the Hynes system really? I don’t remember another team with an ambition to be a playoff team with such a small amount of sustained pressure offensively, can’t get out of their zone for centuries and every time plays develop everyone makes the worst possible decisions or in worst positions for the play to develop into a scoring chance . Today I counted at least 3 or 4 times in a row they went offsides on in 3-4 minute span. You give the team with this amount of talent to DeBoer they make playoffs hands down
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