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  1. Whatever the case of Nas relying on good goaltending you cannot discard that a) he brought certain amount of stability and calmness into their game b) made adjustments for them be more offensive minded at the expense of giving up more chances but one could argue it utilizes team’a strengths a bit (skating, while giving Blackwood more shots to face doesn’t necessarily mean it’s worse - some goaltenders feed off of that - Varlamov in Colorado few year sfo comes to mind) c) finally Nas is coaching a team compared to beginning of the season not having Hall, Coleman, healthy Vatanen - and having t
  2. Losing at the end of the long road trip happens to much better teams all the time. I’m really curious how they’ll respond against the double set of blues on Friday and Saturday after 2 days off
  3. For every Sabres rebuild there’s Colorado rebuild it’s absolutely normal for fans to expect something in-between in 5 years at the very least, meaning playoff bubble team with young guys developing year after year not regressing
  4. I’ll give Shero a lot of credit for leaving no stone unturned to improve the team to make it playoff caliber, unfortunately at the end of the day the cornerstone pieces he brought in of that supposed year after year playoff contention never materialized (vats, hall, mojo)
  5. We don’t know what would happened playoff-wise with Henrique instead of Vats in full 2017-18 season. Devils had a great record by end of Nov. ‘17
  6. In retrospect Henrique-Vats trade bad one for Shero
  7. Picking on journeyman goalie for being journeyman goalie acquired for 7th rounder on a bad team doesn’t make any sense. It’s not Domingue’s fault he’s been put into position to start 2 out of 3 goalies against strong offensive teams. Let’s put the blame where it is - the team construction is flawed, even with Nico and Vats and hypothetical great coach this is not a playoff team. The defense is not a cohesive unit, the forward group is competent but doesn’t have enough horses to overcome bad defense. Most young guys like Butcher are not developed properly, regress and lose confidence from const
  8. Too bad Shero couldn’t get a simple 4 team trade done for Hall: Hall to Coyotes, we get the Zucker return, Minny gets the Hall return, Pittsburgh gets Zucker
  9. Going back to the actual game - I find it incredible that Cangi made a note that Devils going to the power play with 4 forwards and 1D when they were about to give up the shorty. I mean notch it up for Nas’ learning experience but who in the right mind doesn’t have contingency 2D safe power play plan for a large lead late in the period
  10. One can argue either way on Ray. I think he was was a bit unlucky that some of his moves that looked very good on paper didn’t pan out - like Mojo, Grabner a few more come to mind. You’d think that they all needed to pan out in order for this franchise to either have won a playoff series by virtue of getting a higher seed (they sure weren’t Tampa-level) or be much better team last 1.5 years.
  11. If I remember correctly Zacha never lighted it up in Sarnia either, but bottom line Devils desperately need Blackwood to be franchise goalie from that draft, if that were to happen and Zacha develop an identity of serviceable 3rd line center after Nico and Hughes the draft would be considered OK
  12. 2017-2018 team seemed solidly on the upward trajectory and then somehow things went downhill: 1) Last year was the first year the team started to tune out Hynes - there’s no way the close to 100 point team from 2017-18 should have been that bad 2) Goaltending got terrible 3) None of the solid 2017-18 rookie class made any significant strides/regressed 4) No significant organizational depth was injected (Joey Anderson was neither significant nor depth) I think main mistake Shero made was taking too optimistic view on the upward trajectory based on 2017-18 and kinda did
  13. By method of elimination we now know the team is badly constructed
  14. Nose with an NHL goal yesterday after 14! in AHL
  15. https://www.google.com/amp/s/nhl.nbcsports.com/2019/12/02/things-look-dire-for-hynes-devils-after-7-1-loss-to-sabres/amp/ - even random hockey writers can’t comprehend how things wouldn’t look “dire” for Hynes in a normal world
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