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    2019 Offseason Thread

    If you're not in the area too often for any significant amount of time, I'd say your best bet for some great food and drinks is in the Ironbound 5 minute walk away (yes, it's safe), somewhere like Iberia Peninsula, Fornos of Spain, or one of my favorites, Adega Grill (great bar room too) is where it's at. I also like Portucale for some great Portuguese food (shrimp in garlic sauce, grilled octopus, grilled meat, etc.) which also has a bar and should be open late too. A lot of options around, and in my opinion, really quality options; if you dig Brazilian or general Iberian food, there's really nothing in the Northeast, in my opinion, that beats this slice of Newark. And they all have bars of different sizes and shapes if you're just looking to just hop around and get drinks. Iberia Peninsula has fun little outdoor area if the weather's nice too. That's all in addition to the bars immediately around the arenas too, which should be buzzing after the home opener.
  2. haha true that it's what keeps me coming back here, folks!
  3. What I've seen happen with the Hall situation on the fans' end is the echo chamber effect. Enough people in enough corners of Twitter or Facebook groups are projecting enough anxiety at Hall not re-signing yet (and louder and louder), that people are convincing themselves Hall is expendable and should be traded ASAP. Slow your roll, people, it's still early August. Obviously, some real questions can be asked by November/December if he's not signed yet, but let's get to there first. The amount of people beating the drums for reasons we *should* trade Hall is insufferable. First Hart Trophy winner in a Devils uniform, and one of the best wingers we've ever had (still, despite an injury last season). You trust that our GM will lock it up within the next few months, and if he doesn't, plenty of time to say the sky is falling and talk about trade scenarios; not sure where the absolute URGENCY has come from all of a sudden within the fanbase, other than self-inflicted as a point of stress and paranoia, and lazy/dubious reporting of the trade talks by people on Twitter who in the end don't have a great handle on the talks one way or another, but need to harvest "clicks" to their sites for ad money.
  4. Seriously, I can't believe the center depth they're rolling out at the start of the season. I like Zibanejad, always have, but he's a 2C on a contending team. After that, it's Ryan Strome, and Lias Andersson...
  5. From your lips to god's ears
  6. Ehhh, until a few years ago, the extent of our player content and marketing were long awkward videos of exciting figures like Andy Greene and Bryce Salvador answering questions in a monotone voice about their favorite food and movies and stuff lol Jagr was the only person who made us relevant, and we clung to that. Even Parise was kind of a nerd, and Kovalchuk was just a quiet Russian, we haven't really had a personality in a long time.
  7. Really looking forward to a magnetic person like P.K. making the local sports media take the New Jersey Devils seriously. Just picturing him on local sports radio or some of the nighttime talk shows, and I know he's going to be an amazing ambassador, something we sorely need. Make the Devils cool again!
  8. DJ Eco

    2019 Offseason Thread

    I like Vatanen a lot. I think good teams have a couple dependable d-men like Vatanen that can eat big minutes, I don't think he's as expendable as some people here do.
  9. DJ Eco

    2019 Offseason Thread

    If this is to be believed in any capacity (https://www.hockeyfeed.com/nhl-news/rangers-plan-two-contract-buyouts-because-of-salary-cap-hell?fbclid=IwAR3OwnMW2mNF21MzwsqHepTthVeoACMS1LPifBT5p3E_kpcNdsKD_yF2D-E), it looks like they've run out of their usual luck. I guess their big plan was to deal away Namestikov (although most of the fans kept thinking Kreider would be the piece that needs to move) and probably buy out Smith, but apparently no one wants Namestikov's contract; so the article does make sense, don't know that there's any other way out of this but buying out 2 contracts, and even buying out Shattenkirk's won't help them this year because of the structure of his contract. They're screwed (for now, but you're right, someone always seems to step up and bail them out).
  10. DJ Eco

    2019 Offseason Thread

    Add the Rangers now onto the list of cap-strapped teams. Not sure how they get out of this other than trading away Kreider+, which I honestly think would be a bad move...
  11. Pavel Zacha : 10 Taylor Hall : 10 Nico Hischier : 10 Jack Hughes : 11 Kyle Palmieri : 10 Wayne Simmonds : 10 Jesper Bratt : 10 Miles Wood : 10 Travis Zajac : 10 Blake Coleman : 10 P.K. Subban : 10 Damon Severson : 10 Sami Vatanen : 10 Will Butcher : 10 Ty Smith : 11 (+1) Connor Carrick : 10 Mirco Mueller : 8 (-1) Cory Schneider : 10 Mackenzie Blackwood : 11  Jesper Boqvist : 10 Kevin Rooney : 10 John Hayden : 10 Andy Greene : 9
  12. Agree with the ketchup hot take, but I won't even touch the one before that haha
  13. DJ Eco

    2019 Offseason Thread

    Jim Carrey meets Willem Defoe
  14. Same. I think what we're seeing is that we're now able to be a team that can celebrate a legacy; and a very proud legacy at that. Current and future Hall of Fame players, Stanley Cup winners, record-breakers: we have a stable of these high end talents and careers, all retired now and part of our legacy. It's good to have them around and keep them involved with the team to remind the fans, the prospects, and the media that we are a proud and winning franchise full of history and elite players who loved playing here, and enjoy coming back. Tradition is important to hold onto during transitional times like this, and hopefully gets guys like Jack Hughes, P.K. Subban, Taylor Hall, etc. all itching to write new chapters in our story.
  15. DJ Eco

    2019 Offseason Thread

    I think Shero's got an umbrella over a few trade scenarios and once one domino drops, we'll have a move to announce. Can't help but think we're right in some weird triangle or hexagon that involves either Gusev, Marner, or Laine, and a few different teams; something's gotta give, and once it does, Shero is probably positioned to pick up the pieces. Just the feeling I get given the almost certainty Devils and NHL social media were hinting at about Devils "not being done", it's like they know one big move or another is going to be made no matter what, just a matter of which one.
  16. SD, I respect that you're a big time Devils fan who doesn't live in the area, and god knows our team could use more of those types of fans (maybe Hughes/PK has helped us in that regard). I admire your passion for the team despite not having that local/personal drive that fuels a lot of our own fandom in the NY metro area. Respect. But on that note, you're also missing a lot of that local/personal drive that fuels a lot of the rivalry in our NY metro area. Not saying it's anything like the hockey-crazy cities of Montreal or Toronto, but being a Devils fan around here opens you up to a good amount of (mostly playful) hostility, especially if you work in New York City like many of us do. It's just a feature of being a hockey fan around here, it'll always be within the prism of the NY/NJ rivalry. Older generations of hockey fans were Rangers fans because the Devils didn't exist yet, slightly younger generations of hockey fans are Rangers fans because their dads were, and the wheels of the rivalry never stop churning because of that; especially with Kakko/Hughes added to the mix. There's really no escaping the Devils-Rangers dynamic, our state is so small that you can't escape it. Some of our parents are Rangers fans, our favorite bars may have Rangers paraphernalia, our coworkers greet us at our desks the day after a signing like Panarin, etc., that type of sh!t. Then sprinkle on top of that every non-hockey fan in the metro area that "roots for New York" and wants to joke around with you for being for New Jersey, because our state is the butt of all kinds of jokes. As you can imagine, it gets annoying, and we go into each season with a chip on our shoulder. Naturally, the fans keep the wheels turning, and I can see how it's seen as really dumb from someone who doesn't live here; I get it. But if you lived here, you'd better understand it, I think that goes without saying.
  17. I remember Kovalchuk being top 5 in points leaguewide and people booing him still, even right into the playoffs, that's more my frame of reference in this case. Devils fans are still largely not used to a BIG name BIG money player on our team like that, and it sets a few screws loose in our fanbase.
  18. DJ Eco

    2019 Offseason Thread

    I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but it seems like the Devils have a direct pipeline to the NHL and NHL marketing lately. Outside of the Hughes and Subban press, we're the subject of so much NHL marketing and social media presence, it seems to me our marketing department is carrying out a pretty strong vision and the NHL is totally on board with it. And that's in addition to the already very strong content created by the marketing department in the last year or two. A couple months ago, you may remember Taylor Hall gave an interview about how he likes the flair and some of the personalities and marketing that exists in the NBA. The NHL kind of pushed that story a bit, which was interesting, because I saw it as critical of the NHL. Then we draft Hughes and go get P.K. Subban, which is the NHL headquarters in NY's pipe dream, to have figures like that in this market. The amount of press both have gotten since is obviously commensurate with that, just wait til they're in New Jersey, and the NHL offices, all their marketing and PR, all their sponsors and resources, etc. are right across the river. Rangers still have Lundqvist as a brand figure, but not much else (Panarin and Kakko was huge talents, but they aren't the potential media darlings some of our guys are); and in a quick few years, we have Hall, Subban, and soon Hughes that will be captivating the local and national press. Now, that brings us to Monday, free agency day. It came and went, relatively quiet day from us, and yet, NHL is still pushing Devils stories: https://www.nhl.com/news/new-jersey-devils-plan-to-keep-adding-to-revamped-roster/c-308177034?tid=281072352 In a few of these stories, they're just kind of parroting the fact that the Devils aren't done, and we're "still going to make a splash", etc., stuff that seems more like they're passing along Devils intel, rather than just blind speculation. Almost like Shero has a couple deals in place with a few finishing touches, and they're preparing us for it. And then a day after that, you got this article, which takes the cake for me: https://nhl.nbcsports.com/2019/07/03/golden-knights-could-give-up-a-gem-if-they-trade-gusev/ That article kind of paints Vegas into a corner on Gusev and has a closing line like this: "In a bolder league like the NBA, I’d be certain that all of the teams above, and more, were straining to take Gusev off of the Golden Knights’ hands. The risk is just so small compared to potentially significant rewards. I’m not sure if there would be as many suitors in the less-creative, more conservative NHL, but all it takes is one team to trade for Gusev to mean a move happens. The Golden Knights would be wise just to remain Gusev’s team, instead, but we’ll see." ^^ It's almost like we wrote it haha
  19. Yeah, for 6-7 years now, we've had to watch in horror anytime Flyers (or Preds last season) came to The Rock, because Simmonds would cause absolute mayhem in the crease every PP. Year after year, setting up in front of our goalies, and no matter how strong our PK numbers were leaguewide, it never seemed like we had an answer for Simmonds and the Flyers. I don't know the numbers throughout that time, but it seemed like he or his PP units would always score on us. Glad that's other teams' problem now! I'm all for limiting his minutes at 5v5 and giving him PP specialist duties.
  20. The dude is a gem, and so funny, he's totally going to put a lot of butts in the seats. I can already see it now though, one losing streak and that very predictable percentage of toxic NJ fans are going to default to him as an easy scapegoat and trot out the "less social media" nonsense like he's studying for SATs. I'm going to enjoy the ride until then though, he's giving us some entertainment in the offseason and getting me pumped for September!
  21. Absolutely love this deal. Rather $5 million for 1 year than $2 million for 3 years honestly, and I think this has all the chops to potentially be one of the better moves made on July 1 down the road.
  22. DJ Eco

    2019 Offseason Thread

    Infuriating And they're saying he "left money on the table"
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