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  1. I was able to get a ten dollar tix for yesterday's game. First on line and that will probably be the only time that happens for me. I ran upstairs and got on the line. Man was it long. I had heard some dude bought 40 pucks, which I thought kinda sucked. I think they should set a limit so that everyone attending has a fair shot if they choose. Anyway, my puck turned out to be Johnny Oduya. Not a Marty, or Stevens or Parise or Danakyo, but I'm happy to add it to my growing Signed Devils puck collection.
  2. Good. Maybe we can get some commericals or billboards promotion the team.
  3. I'll try for the ten dollar seats.
  4. To me, the 2000 team was the best, but my favorite will always be the 95 team. I can still see Lemiuex holding the Conn Smyth throphy with tears in his eyes.
  5. I'll be there. As an autograph collector I cannot miss this promotion and the proceeds are going to charity so it's a win win. I pray I come out with a Marty, Zach or Stevens signed puck.
  6. I'm thinking of attending the 2/7 game against the Kings and wanted to grab some autographs. Anyone knows what time players start arriving for moning skate before a 7pm game? Even better if anyone can tell me which players will usually sign. I really wanted to get Elias to sign my GU stick, Parise, Shanny, Madden and Zajac. Thanks.
  7. I used to think Somers was funny, but after all these years, he's still using the same lines and the same schtick. I can't listen to him with his love for the Rangers and Mets.
  8. Would be a mistake to trade Johnny O.
  9. I was a fan of the Isles during their glory years and would hate to see them leave the island. Their fans deserve a top notch facility and I hope they get one, but it does look bleek for the Isles.
  10. What about the possibilty of Devs/Flyers at Giants Stadium?
  11. Are you allowed to go down and watch the teams practice before game time? I usually sit upstairs and never tried going down to ice level to watch practice. I'd like to take pics up close if I could.
  12. I enjoyed both Marty's and Chico's book. I was wondering about the book that was sold at the Rock last season. Anybody pick that up?
  13. I've gone for ten dollar tix twice. Once last season for the last reg season game against Rags, didn't get them. This season for Opening day and got them. I made sure I was there extra early (around 9:30) and was the third person on line. Got great seats. Will definately do it again soon.
  14. At this point, I think Clemmsy is better off starting.
  15. I'm starting to think he's out till next season.
  16. I like the Dogs at the Rock. I'll probably go next Sat.
  17. What about Cujo? He's not playing much in Toronto. Maybe we get him cheap.
  18. This stinks like nothing that has stunk before.
  19. I'm not too worried. The offense has been clicking as of late, Weekes in Goal. Sure our D might take a hit with Martin out for a bit, but I think we can survive this.
  20. I think Weekes will be just fine in net. I don't feel too shaky with him in net like I would with that kid that played for the Ice-landers on Saturday.
  21. I really didn't think it was a dirty hit. Like the article said, Sutter had his head down. He'll learn to pay attention next time. It's not like Weight is a dirty player anyway.
  22. I wouldn't be to upset if it came back. I wan not really a fan of the new mask design.
  23. A-I think Mads would make a better Captain then Langenbrunner. B-Tonight just proved, again, that the Rangers are more physical the the Devils. Each time one Devil had the puck, there seemed to be two blueshirts on him to knock it lose. There was hardly anyone around the goal to try a rebound shot, the passing was sloppy and again a Rags player parked himself infront of Marty. Where was Holik or Madden to push these guys down? Were not gonna beat the Rags if we don't get a little more physical and start pushing them around a little more. Hopefully, we can kick the crap out of Atlanta and those ugly unis on Thursday.
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