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  1. Same here. Always hear it clear as day in 117. Not as loud as RRP2, but still audible and noticeable for sure.
  2. I had far too much fun booing Zach tonight. It really brought the energy out in the crowd for the first time in awhile. Definitely a nice change of pace. As for the game, it's sad that I called the blown lead as soon as we went up 3-1. Very frustrating but they pulled it out.
  3. Exactly what I thought reading that. Also, it happens. Sometimes the goalie picks up his guys (the shorthanded breakaway), sometimes they need to pick him up. But we should probably just get rid of him. Not #1 material...smh.
  4. Will be there rocking a Dany Heatley 50 in 07 shirt. Bringing signs for warm-ups as well. If you're gonna be there, be on the lookout for me and my buddy down by the glass with a #50in07 on one side and a Pari$e on the other haha.
  5. I'm not against it in moderation. I'd much prefer if games went 10 minutes 4v4 before going to it so it wouldn't happen as frequently as it does.
  6. Just once before the end of this season I'd love to see the Gelly/Larsson pairing back together. They were SO GOOD together before Larsson went down/got sent down and Gelinas looked at his best. Will it work again? No idea, but I'd at least like to find out.
  7. In what fvcking world do the Devils justify Sestito over JJ? Do they strive to put out LESS offense in big games? I mean sh!t, JJ has at least been drawing some penalties and starting breakouts. Instead we have a guy who is absolutely useless. And Larsson CONTINUES to rot in the AHL. It's un-fvcking-believable.
  8. Cake walk? We just lost to fvcking Florida. A literal cake walk would not be a cake walk for this team.
  9. This. So much this. Last night I can't tell you how many times they just picked up no one in the offensive zone because they were puck watching. Every rebound seemed like they were all staring at Cory and the puck would bounce to a guy behind them for a great uncontested chance. It's really awful to watch at times.
  10. Jeez, no one picked up anyone on that play. Just a bunch of guys standing around. Typical.
  11. Brunner looks on tonight. Two primary assists so far. He just looks confident right now.
  12. Brunner making up for the one he missed before. Good sh!t.
  13. Can we please try to clear out the front of the net? Christ, they've just been getting tons of rebounds and no one is clearing them.
  14. I don't think anyone here is expecting him to be as good as he was in his prime. Hell, I was only hoping he'd be league average and he's not even that. He's among the worst goalies statistically in the league. That's the problem.
  15. Man, I thought I'd want Marty to be a Devil forever. Now I can't wait for him to go away.
  16. LOL! Snow couldn't get a 1st for Vanek and we got a 1st for nothing. Seriously though, great news for the Devils.
  17. PWW

    We Got Rutuu

    fvck it, trade Ryder. The less scorers on this team the better.
  18. Physically yes. So can Henrique, but it doesn't mean you should pencil him in there.
  19. Just because you say it doesn't make it true. Since 2007 he's had one season (10-11) where he played significant time at center. Just trying to get facts straight.
  20. But really, what the hell was he doing out there? You NEED a goal to keep it from being a 3 point game and you have Gio out there? Probably threw Detroit off too haha. It worked but man, weird decision.
  21. No breaks? Detroit put the puck in their own net twice tonight and it's still a tie game lol.
  22. That was not a good goal. Ugh.
  23. What about a Zidlicky to Colorado for Parenteau type trade? I've been eyeing Colorado as a trade spot for weeks. They could use an offensive d-man (or d-man in general) and have expendable parts on offense. Seems like they'd be a perfect trade partner. Pittsburgh could use a guy like Zids too with Letang possibly out for the year.
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